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That ain't dancing, Sally - Malleus - 12-27-2017

With great care Malleus picked his way across the field. Every which way he looked there were plants of value just waiting to be crushed underfoot. So plentiful were they that he couldn't walk in a straight line. The titan took two steps forward, one to the left, another forward and then two to the right. His efforts brought him maybe a yard closer to his goal. He would be getting nowhere quickly, it seemed. That was alright. He had all the time in the world.

Up ahead, the very thing he wanted, waved gently in the breeze as if inviting him closer. Boneset. Good for colds, aches and pains and a plethora of other things. It would be a good thing to have on hand. Now was the perfect time of year to collect it too.

Yes, yes, yes. One of the almighty conquerors was dancing (more or less) through a field looking to pick flowers. But hey, if you lived with a band of marauding ruffians you needed to learn a thing or two about tending wounds. Since the release of Lydia, the Empire was in need of more capable healers. Unless he managed to find and capture one, him and a handful of other semi knowledgeable healer types would have to serve the pack, hence his current tiptoe through the tulips.

RE: That ain't dancing, Sally - Iskra - 12-27-2017

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She was free of the bite of winter in Boreas, and on her way to see the man who'd piqued her interest. In classic Iskra manner, she had decided to take a short detour first, and found herself prancing through pretty flowers and herbs that meant nothing to her. They smelled vaguely familiar, but, she wasn't the healer type so she happily trampled right over everything in her path as she made her way through the foliage with an easy grin on her face.

Ahead, she was aware of the presence of a male. Having caught his scent on the wind, the red woman took her sweet time in approaching. The plants really got crazy when she passed the smattering of trees and entered the open clearing. Spying a man with a mottled dark pelt - who appeared to be sashaying his way through the pretty plants without a care in the world - Iskra laughed without bothering to keep her voice soft. On a whim she loped over, stopping a short distance away and pranced sideways, legs crossing over each other as she moved smoothly and seemingly effortlessly through the plants. Her strides matched his and she grinned, tail wagging.

RE: That ain't dancing, Sally - Malleus - 12-27-2017

A laugh on the breeze caused the titan's eyes to widen in surprise. His head jerked up and he looked around in search of whoever was finding his situation so humorous. In an instant he found her; her coat so vibrant and eye catching he could see nothing else. A spirit! His thoughts went to Pyralis and the spirit who'd sired her children. If he had his guess that particular spirit also looked like fire incarnate, given how flame-like Asharya's coat was.

The woman glided closer and began matching his steps. She grinned at him and her mood was so contagious he couldn't help but grin back. So that was what he looked like right now, huh? Pretty silly. Usually that thought would have caused him to immediately stop what he was doing and try to salvage his dignity, but here, with the plants that were so precious and the spirit who was so beautiful, his dignity shuffled to the back of his list of priorities.

Finding the whole situation ridiculous and funny, Malleus couldn't help but laugh. After a few moments he planted his feet and straightened, willingly admitting defeat in their little dance of silliness. "Alright, alright. I give up. I'm ridiculous. Although I can't say I regret trading my dignity for a dance with a fire spirit."

RE: That ain't dancing, Sally - Iskra - 12-27-2017

Sashaying with easy, carefree movements, Iskra couldn't help but giggle at the way the guy moved. He was so tall and large, when he tried to move with gentle grace it just looked kind of funny. Of course her laughter was meant all in good fun, Iskra wouldn't dream of ruining a good time after all. Sure he looked a little goofy, but he was having fun, right? Iskra hoped so.

She beamed when he laughed, and twirled in place, all four paws rotating around the same spot. When she came to a standstill, he had also stopped and Iskra decided whoever he was he at least seemed to be kind of fun. That was always a good sign, she couldn't stand hanging around anyone who was allergic to a good time. "No, not ridiculous at all! I love it when I meet a wolf who can have fun," she assured, "After all, it's fun to dance like a live flame, no?" So maybe she was all too ready to play into this fire spirit business, but what was the harm in humoring someone a little? Not the first time she hard that kind of talk, anyways. Wait, was he related to that woman somehow? Leaning forward and studying him curiously, Iskra decided it was entirely possible. "So, what's your name, fancy feet?"

RE: That ain't dancing, Sally - Malleus - 01-01-2018

The fire spirit was quick to defend him from himself. Her words were kind, but they didn't change his mind. He was ridiculous; this situation was ridiculous; there was no getting around that. But it was okay. Malleus was perfectly content to be silly this time. How many opportunities had he had in his lifetime? Only one incident recently; he thought back to his time on the beach with his cousins. It was likely that that day was the only one of its kind since his childhood. As far back as he could remember there hadn't ever been time for trivial, silly things.

In response to her question he nodded warmly. "It is. Although," he said tentatively, fearing he might blow his chances with this spirit but nonetheless pressing on, "Perhaps not as fun as watching the embodiment of fire dance."

She asked him his name and he gave it almost without thought, so proud was he of his family name. It was almost a knee jerk reaction. "Malleus Abraxas." Their mission was to spread their name; to fling it as far as the east was from the west. He'd been brought up on the idea; raised on the undeniable superiority of his blood. Conversation, as small a thing as it was, was still a step towards their goal.

Not forgetting for a moment while he was in the field in the first place, Malleus resumed his careful stepping in the direction of the boneset. "May I ask you your name, Lady Fire?"

RE: That ain't dancing, Sally - Iskra - 01-02-2018

She grinned at his words, offering a flourishing bow and a wink, "That's me, child of fire and the stars, the very spirit of fun." It was way too fun to play along with this spirit stuff. After all, what was the harm in humoring a recurring theme? She hadn't heard a whole lot of better explanations for the funny starry coats her family had. Maybe it was true. Haha, nah, but it was still amusing to entertain the possibility. She'd rather be a fun spirit than any other kind though.

She narrowed her eyes as he introduced himself and more carefully inspected his appearance. Padding around him in a semi circle, the nebulous fae took it all in, leaning towards him and looking very serious for a bit. Partly to determine if her eyes deceived her, and partly because she thought it was funny to keep him waiting and wondering why she was doing this. Iskra never would change. At least she hoped not. Straightening and nodding a bit she at last announced, "I think I've met some of your relatives. Pyralis, for one. And some others. At this rate I'll be bumping into one of you every few feet someday," she joked, laughing at the idea of a world littered with mottled wolves. What a sight. But geez, did they all have to be this tall? Who told them they could be so tall...

Realizing he'd asked her name she quickly added, "Iskra Aeris. Bringer of fun times and endless trouble." Throwing in a mock bow just for kicks, she trotted after they guy as he walked. "So, what brings you here to this fine day, Malleus? Just smellin pretty flowers, or pickin 'em?"


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RE: That ain't dancing, Sally - Malleus - 01-11-2018

The woman's behavior shifted after he introduced himself. Curiously he regarded her as she circled him. Perhaps, he mused to himself, this spirit knew of his family. If that were the case that had to be a good sign, right? The news of his family's successes being discussed by the celestial beings could be nothing else.

She seemed to be working up to something as she looked him over. Maybe deciding how he compared to other members of his family? He wasn't sure if he should stand up straighter or what, but he felt a sudden blossom of anxiety in his chest. Much like how he felt about his father's opinion, the spirit's opinion of him mattered. He wanted to do his surname justice and while he did the best he could, there was always a nagging suspicion in the back of his mind that he simply wasn't good enough.

In the end, much to his dismay, she withheld judgement and chose instead to tell him about the other members of his family that she'd met. Surely that wasn't good. Was her naming of Pyralis a subtle hint that she was comparing him to his aunt? That didn't bode well. When she mentioned bumping into Abraxas he forced a chuckle and joked dryly, "That's the plan." Casually he added, "If you wanna retake the heavens you gotta rival the stars in number."

"Just smellin' pretty flowers or pickin' 'em?" He snorted and then chuckled. "Picking them. I'm a healer and this field is full of hard to find medicinal plants. Speaking of," he motioned towards a spindly weed with yellow flowers whose stem she was about to step on and possibly snap. "If you step on that one, I might have to shed a manly tear or two."

RE: That ain't dancing, Sally - Iskra - 01-12-2018

The way he got so quiet, so uncertain, as she paced around the poor boy was delightful. She could practically see him squirming, though it was all in sudden sense of apprehension and the way his general look kind of changed. It was always way too easy to mess with someone's head with this simple action. Someday she might consider being nice to those who were easily flustered or messed with. Someday. Not today, though.

"Interesting plan," she mused with an arched brow. She wasn't quite sure if he was messing with her or not. "I suppose you're right..." she took the opportunity to look at her nebulous coat, studying it and the many starry speckles that littered it, then looking back at him and giving him a shit-eating grin. "That could take a while though."

Listening to him, and stopping in her tracks at he spoke, Iskra glanced down at the plant sitting just below her raised paw. Looking from him, to the flower, then back, she smirked and drawled, "What'll you give me not to squish it?" She really couldn't help being an ass sometimes. It was just waaay too enjoyable. Standing with her paw poised, she gently patted the top of the plant while eyeing the mottled man before her with those bright sapphire blue eyes.


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RE: That ain't dancing, Sally - Malleus - 01-17-2018

My this spirit was feisty. Her cheeky grin didn't go unnoticed. He might have been worried about her thoughts on how he stacked up against other members of his family, but that wasn't going to stop him from playing her game. Malleus shrugged, the corners of his mouth briefly depressing as his expression turned mock contemplative. Would it take them awhile? "The Abraxas have a...can-do spirit, if you will." He tsked quietly, and rolled his eyes before parting with the words, "Ever heard the saying 'breeding like rabbits'? I don't even know how many cousins I have."

"What'll you give me not to squish it?" Feisty, feisty, feisty! Gods above he was out of his element. This spirit was going to be the death of him; he found her confounding and yes, enamoring. It was a position he'd never found himself in before and his need for her approval wasn't dissimilar to his need to have his family's approval. Never before had he felt that way about anything else. It was at once a frustrating and intriguing feeling.

Drawing upon all the playfulness he possessed (which admittedly wasn't much) Malleus widened his eyes in mock worry and fixed his gaze on the flower she was caressing. Okay, so he had the look down, but what did he say? Flirting, teasing, whatever this was, was far outside his comfort zone and he wasn't sure how to proceed. "For that plant?" He hemmed and hawed a moment, pretending to sweat over the answer, and then finally parted with the words, "I would give anything, but I'm afraid I have nothing to offer but my undying gratitude." He wasn't happy with that answer so he added, "Unless there's something in particular you want..."

RE: That ain't dancing, Sally - Iskra - 01-18-2018

Now both brows rose as she listened to his response and a certain level of skepticism appeared on her face. It wasn't to the extent that she appeared mocking or rude, but she couldn't really decide what to make of this boy and his family's grand endeavors. They were surely a breed all their own. Part of her had to admit that the strategy they seemed to employ wasn't a bad one as hard as it might be to admit. These might be wolves to keep and eye and an ear out for. "I see. Seems like as good a strategy as any, till you run out of unrelated wolves and things get a little awkward," she mused, a half-smile still on her lips. Seemed like her family was doing the opposite as far as she knew. Her parents fell off the face of the earth, aunt Caia had no kids she was aware of, and only Artemis had biological pups out of the three sisters. Much as she loved Arwen, the kid wasn't blood and therefore the Aeris line seemed relatively small compared to someone whose family had innumerable relatives. What would that even be like?

Letting out a little hum, Iskra let herself ponder his response very slowly, drawing out her reply as long as possible because man it was fun to do that kind of dumb stuff. "Gratitude? Mh, methinks this is not satisfactory at all." Tapping the plant with her paw again several times, careful to be gentle but still pushing the thing around, Iskra let an idea roll around in her brain, in no rush at all to save him from the suspense she'd all too happily leave others in all the time. "Well... I do have a sort of idea," she began, words falling from her lips in a slow, thoughtful drawl, "Mkay, so, what if you... owe me a favor? I won't make you trade me one for just one plant though. I'm a pretty good navigator and an avid wanderer, I'd be more than happy to either find and bring you uncommon herbs or take you to places I find them growing." It was a unique proposition, but not a bad one for a healer. Iskra didn't like committing to one thing in a trade anyways. Having options for repayment and a recurring deal sounded way more interesting.


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