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Bloodstains, ball gowns;; - Dea - 01-10-2018

They had finally made it back, and rather than being relieved to see that his wife and daughters returned to him in somewhat good condition, the demonic king had instantly decided berrating and belittling her mother for leaving was the best route. Dea adored her father, but sometimes he was too harsh for words. She was more concerned for her mother and so was her sister Zeivah, but they knew better than to stand in the way. To defy him was to risk dying, and Dea was not yet ready for testing her father in the least. Angry, and hurt beyond recognition at her father's less than pleasant reception of her, Dea moved back out and away from the wreckage of their new home. Mother had told her that she and her father had lived there once, but they angered a near by pack and had to leave while Mother carried Dea and her siblings inside her. As a result, the girl was curious about what might have held their interest for so long.

She would always be a creature of great curiosity, how else would she learn more? Pink colored eyes scan the terrain surrounding the hulking metal wreck of their palace, dark-coated ears swiveling about on her head as she caught the sounds of snowbirds and waterfowl from a distance. It was still solid white where they lived and cold as hell, but she didn't mind it. The wind snatched at her coat, but she was still close enough to the entrance that she could call for help if she needed. Not that she would, even at only a year old, she was taller than her mother and almost her father's height! She could take on the world if she wanted to, reason told her it was a bad idea though. Something sunk in her chest, making her feel heavy with dread, though she thought it might only be the worry for how her mother was being handled.

She kept her senses on full alert as she moved over the icy terrain of her home, sniffing around and trying to pass the time with thoughts of anything that wasn't directly involving her parents. Maybe she would get lucky and something would come along to distract her.
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RE: Bloodstains, ball gowns;; - Nabis - 01-10-2018

Nabis had begrudgingly decided to search the northern lands, it seemed his brother had had very little success with his searching up here and some part of him hoped he'd find something more exciting, if only to show up Dae a bit. As he had scanned the hellish white landscape his attention had been drawn to a hulking form on the horizon and curiosity got the better of him. As the man approached it he also drew in a feminine form and a hungry grin spread across his face. There were scents of many wolves around here, similar enough he suspected a family might be around but he had little reservations about that.

"And just what is a pretty little thing like you doing out here in such a harsh wastelands?" He asked, his voice silken. Little was, of course, a relative term she was clearly bigger than he was even from the distance he maintained but she was a slim pretty looking creature.

Taking back the crown

RE: Bloodstains, ball gowns;; - Dea - 01-10-2018

There was nothing that could be done about her father's behavior toward her mother, or her boredom it would seem. But, as she circled around the hull of their ship, Dea heard the voice of a male stranger calling out to her. Dark ears slid back on her skull and she turned her head to find a wolf who was about the same height as her mother, and her mouth cracked open in a wide grin. He'd called her little, and pretty! How a wolf could be so incompetant that they both insult and praise a princess? "And just what is a pretty little thing like you doing out here in such a harsh wastelands?" The male had asked, and Dea was more than ready to open her mouth and retort. "I could ask you the same thing." She said in an innocently teasing tone. Obviously he was shorter than her, and seemed lighter built as well, but he was at least easy to look at.

The question would be what kind of wolf he would turn out to be. If he would try to hurt her with her father looming so close, yet so distracted. Or if he was a passing stranger looking to make friends, which could both hurt and benefit the young princess. Only time would tell, she supposed, and she would wait to see what he would do before she reacted.
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RE: Bloodstains, ball gowns;; - Nabis - 01-11-2018

Nabis smiled as she retorted, spirit! He liked that. "Fair point." He said dipping his head slightly to the side as he acknowledged her words. He screwed up his face in an exaggerated thinking expression."Hmmmm... Well..." He looked at her and smile again. "Let's just say I'm looking for something to amuse me." He openly ran his eyes over her form, though he didn't let his gaze to linger in anyway. He would be the absolute gentleman right now. "I believe that makes it your turn."

Nabis took a moment to cast his gaze at the frozen hull over her shoulder. He could just make out a hole punched in the strange substance and Nabis could only guess that this was likely where the girl made her den. He wondered idly what it was like inside, how his growl would carry in it's strange cavernous depths. He guessed he wouldn't have the chance to find out, not today anyways.

Taking back the crown

RE: Bloodstains, ball gowns;; - Dea - 01-12-2018

As his lips parted to reveal the ivory of his teeth in a rather handsome smile, Dea watched him as he spoke his answer to her question. The male's eyes slid openly over her lean form as if sizing her up, then his mismatched gaze moved over to the hull of her home. Dea lifted her earth-hued tail over her hips and puffed her chest out proudly. "This is my home, but...I don't suggest you wander inside. There is a demon here. He would eat your heart just for talking to me, probably mine too." Her gaze turned dark, glinting with a wicked humor, "I call him Father." Bright pink eyes looked him over in much the same manner as his had, and she danced on her paws a bit.

"Anything you do for fun? Aside from sneaking up on others in the snow, I mean." She gave a soft, almost flirtatious giggle and moved further away from her half-sunk dwelling. She found herself oddly bored and wanted to seek out something a little edgy to do. Perhaps, she could instigate a fight with someone. Hell, she wondered if the boy would oblige her in a bit of a wrestling match, or if they could go hunting. Anything to kill this need to be away from home. Her last few seasons had been spent on survival and nothing else but getting home, without even pausing to see the world around them! Now she had to get out and find what else this world had to offer, there wasn't a choice for the young princess. Besides, she wasn't exactly pleased with the events of her homecoming, and she needed to let off some steam.
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