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Let's Try To Remain Anonymoose - Cloudburst - 01-12-2018

OOC: I need at least 3-4 or more characters to get this hunt going to claim skill points! I'd like to get this done quick and this thread will be priority for me till it's done. Please only reply if you can finish it in a timely manner!

He was returning from beyond the pack borders when a familiar sound caught his attention. Ears perked, the young male carefully and quietly followed the sound, and as he got closer to the beast, he couldn't help but grin. A rather large bull moose had wandered into their territory, and he was excited to see it. He had seen them often during his excursions beyond the land, but he was always by himself and dared not risk hunting one down on his own. He had seen the beasts have a go at one another, particularly the males, and knew how violent they could be when they wanted to. He'd watch it for a few long moments as he tried to form a plan in his head. Would his pack mates be willing to hunt this down? It was pretty big, and with Winter gone, it would be much easier to hunt without the threat of a blizzard.

Yes...they could use this meat and whatever else they could get from this beast. Carefully and just as quietly, Cloud slunk a good distance away and howled for the pack. He was far enough away to where he wouldn't startle or alert the moose. As he waited for the others to answer his call, he climbed up onto the low branches of one of the huge trees that made up this part of their territory, and he sat and waited...

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RE: Let's Try To Remain Anonymoose - Naudir - 01-16-2018

dark mists are cloaking what the eyes can see

Naudir's sleep had been restless. The dreams were coming to her with a greater and greater frequency but alas she could not determine their meaning. With her thoughts scattered she had not been dedicating as much time to Dauntless as she wished and she meant to correct that. She was out patrolling the packs borders when a call from the Master Sergeant caught her attention. It wasn't the urgent call to arms and it caught her curiosity. She barked sharply to her companions and the three of them took off toward the call. When the arrived Cloudburst was perched on one of the low branches of a particularly large, gnarled tree. She dipped her head in greeting. "What is it, Cloudburst?" Her companions perched up in the tree nearest to her.