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Because we can - Leto - 01-12-2018

Spring had brought more reasonable temperatures to Boreas, and so it had lured Leto back north. She could have just stayed in Auster despite the unusually cool temperatures and the rain, but knowing that her siblings had been in the northern continent all winter had her steps turning that direction out of a worry she would never actively admit to. Sure, last she'd known Arry was in a pack, but packs fell all the time. Who was to say that hers had even made it through the winter? Then she'd have been left all alone to hunt for herself in that nasty northern snow. And Iskra, who for whatever brain-dead reason, had saddled herself with that useless little mute creature and would have to provide for BOTH of them. Considering the brat's actions at HER hunt she couldn't imagine that it would be easy to have it around when someone was trying to gather enough food to keep two wolves alive and well in freezing temperatures.

It had been a long, solitary dry season in Auster for her though, and worried as she might be for her siblings Leto had decided to take some time for herself while she was up here. She'd spent a pleasant night with that Chaos Saxe right before she'd gone south, and that certainly seemed like a fun way to reacquaint herself with "civilization" after so long by herself. So since it only took her a little out of her way she'd meandered toward the mountain range that Chaos had said he called home. Weaving her way along the winding mountain paths until she found an abandoned den (from when Chaos' pack had lived here? Or was it just another loner's den, perhaps a loner who had fallen to their doom in the treacherous mountains? It amused her to wonder) and was able to strew the interior with the tools and products of her trade, which luckily for her included some comfortable furs and hides that she'd bundled everything else in for the journey. Returning to the cave entrance she tilted her muzzle to the sky and called out for the sabretoothed former alpha.

RE: Because we can - Chaos - 01-15-2018

Chaos had been passing a pleasant time hunting smaller game along the mountain paths. With his owls to help him it wasn't difficult to find good meals even when winter snow made the Maw treacherous, but now that it was spring it was even easier. The mountain goats that made the mountains their home had kidded - they were difficult to get to but the owls were able to herd them or even knock them down if they were careful not to brush too close to the walls of the mountains, so he'd managed a few pretty hefty meals already this season.

But now a far greater temptation pulled his attention away from the possibility of a meal, in the form of a rough call from a ways down his mountain. He'd not heard the howl before in particular, but he'd recognize that voice after the blissful night they'd spent together at the end of autumn. He eagerly turned away from his hunt and loped down the path that led the fastest towards where the call had come from. He was aware of his companions' amusement as they winged away elsewhere to give him privacy - and likely to take the opportunity for a private moment of their own. They'd been talking wistfully about starting a family of their own, and though owls didn't actually start setting up their nests until autumn and didn't start laying until just after the winter solstice, he didn't doubt they'd want to get some "practice" in. Well, let them be amused, and let them have their fun.

Curvetting up to the entrance of a cave he thought vaguely might have belonged to one of his or Ivory Ridge's old pack members, he grinned invitingly at the small form framed in rock. "If it isn't Leto Aeris. Did you miss me that much?"

RE: Because we can - Leto - 01-15-2018

It didn't take long for Chaos to show up - he must have been as eager as she was for a reunion. She wrinkled her nose in a teasing grimace at him. "Yeah, missed you like I'd miss a mangy coyote. Your ugly mug's been haunting me and I had t' see if it was as bad as I remembered." She paused for dramatic effect, seeming to study him intently. "Nope. Definitely worse than I remembered." At that moment, a stiff wind was channeled up the mountain pass and right through her Auster-thin coat. She made an undignified sound at the cold shiver that shook her. Well, spring it may be, but they were still in the mountains, and a mountain in the springtime was still COLD. "Ugh, you might be used to this shithole, Chaos, but I'm freezing! Come in out of the wind and warm me up." Without waiting for a reply she trotted back into the cave out of the wind, trusting he'd have no reason to protest her taking charge.

RE: Because we can - Chaos - 01-15-2018

"Ah, but you're even prettier than I remember," Chaos retorted charmingly to her playful insults, fluttering his lashes in mocking imitation of a coquettish lady. "You tempt me to abandon the whole mountain hermit thing and trail after you like some lovesick little puppy. Always under paw, bringing you presents, singing terrible love songs outside your den every night..." Laughingly he trailed after her into the cave, making calf-eyes at her and simpering. "Oh, Leto, beautiful Leto - Let me warm you with my words. I've composed a sonnet for you. Your dewy red eyes, your luxurious night-strewn pelt, your..." He leered and wiggled his brows. "Your shapely rump."

RE: Because we can - Leto - 01-15-2018

He followed her without protest into the cave, though not without a solid stream of words tumbling from his lips. Leto couldn't help the braying snort of laughter that escaped her at the mock love-speech, and stuck her tongue out at him over her shoulder. "If you keep that up you aren't going to get anywhere near that shapely rump," she taunted him back, tossing her blocky head. But she immediately sniggered again. "Yeah I'm not fooling anyone, we both know I came here looking to get you to fuck me again. So what do you say, Chaos? You wanna have some fun or just make kissy faces at me and write bad poetry?" Settling down on the furs and hides she'd spread out, she patted them invitingly, a challenging gleam in her blood-red eyes. As much as she enjoyed her banter, she was much more in the mood for the physical, and she wasn't going to play coy when it came to getting what she wanted.

RE: Because we can - Chaos - 01-16-2018

For a moment Chaos' brows twitched upward in surprise before a wide grin spread over his muzzle. After their last encounter maybe he shouldn't have been surprised that she was so straightforward. She knew what she wanted and she pursued it - he could respect the hell out of that. More so in this case, he could enjoy the hell out of it. "As you wish," he simpered, moving to join her on the furs. Stretching out beside her, he draped his foreleg over her shoulders and drew her closer to his chest, arranging them both so they snuggled spoon-style in comfort. He planted a series of nibbles, kisses, and nips along her ears and neck down to her shoulders, enjoying the sounds of pleasure the smaller wolf made as they moved against one another and took what each of them wanted.

-fade to black-

RE: Because we can - Leto - 01-16-2018

Leto took amusement in the way surprise flitted over his features at her bluntness, and she returned his slow grin with a predatory one of her own that said very clearly that if he didn't move quicker she was going to pounce on him herself. But it didn't take him more than a beat to get over his surprise and catch up to her. In deference to their size difference he simply curled around her rather than trying to stand over her like some colossus. That sort of thing would have been just ridiculously awkward and stupid with over a foot of difference in their heights, and she had no patience for fools regardless of how physically needy she was feeling.

He nibbled his way down her neck, and she arched against him with appreciative noises. Oh yes, this was what she'd come all this way hoping to find. And she took what she wanted, and gave as good as she got, because what consequences could possibly come of this?

-fade to black-