Setting, Map, and Seasons

The entirely of our site takes place on a set of two continents, as well as a collection of smaller islands - these continents are called Boreas and Auster.

Although Boreas and Auster are unconnected except to one another, it is assumed that other lands are accessible by water for wolves to freely travel to and from. There is no set lore for the worlds beyond Boreas and Auster, and you are free to have your characters come from whatever kind of world you choose.

Boreas Boreas, the northern continent, holds the largest population of wolves on Ardent. Weather-wise, the far north generally replicates arctic weather, while the lands in western Boreas are far more desert-like; likewise, the south and east of Boreas are generally more mild through all the seasons, the coastlines nearing tropical weather in the late spring and summer seasons. Snow can be found almost anywhere in the winter, besides the far west and far south except on occasion.
Auster Auster is the smaller of the two continents, only discovered in the Summer of Year 4 after a massive storm ravaged the lands and revealed a sand-bridge. It is generally regarded as less populated. Auster's climate is generally much milder overall, with snow being a rarity no matter the time of year. The seasons are nearly the opposite here - autumn is quite warm and temperate, bringing plentiful foliage and prey, while winter is the warmest time of all (though also can bring droughts some years!).

Time Period

Ardent is set in the future, long after humans have gone extinct - and while some have heard of them in tales, they are largely things of the past. No living wolves have ever met humans. Only faint remnants of them are left behind, in trinkets that are found scattered and buried about the lands, and in the few remaining structures of theirs that nature has largely taken over.


Ardent has no site-wide plot, though occasionally events might occur that affect many or all of the characters on the site. Players are free to create their own plots and drama as they wish. Many of the largest site plots have included things like pack takeovers, raids and sieges, and large fights!

Many of the original characters from the site's beginning came to Boreas when a volcano erupted and destroyed their previous home.