Tier 2 Fight Guide

Fighting has 4 rolled categories, each rolled 1 to 100: Attack, Defense, Agility and Perception.

Attack is how well you deal damage, Defense is how well you can take a hit, Agility is your ability to evade and move quickly, and Perception is your knowledge of the terrain/observational skills during a fight.

A 100-sided die is rolled for each of those sections, giving you the base scores for each section. Character-specific bonuses can then be applied to each section as a percentage of the rolled score, and then each section (with their bonuses) is added together to give you your final score. This is for the entire fight, not per round, so don’t wait on the judges to decide a round before moving to the second one!

Age Under 1 year: -15% total score
Under 6 months: -30% total score
Size Toy height: +10% Agility
Extra-small: +10% Agility
Small: +5% Agility
Medium: +5% Attack
Large: +5% Defense
Extra Large: +5% Defense
Dire wolf: +10% Attack
Small species: +10% Agility
Large species: +10% Attack
Paleo species: +10% Attack
Build Emaciated: -5% Defense
Light: +5% Agility
Medium: +5% Attack
Heavy: +5% Defense
Obese: -5% Agility
Accessories Offensive Battle Accessory: +10% Attack
Defensive Battle Accessory: +10% Defense

(Max of 1 each, subject to staff approval.)

Companions Battle companions: +10% Attack per
Flying companions: +10% Perception per

(Max of 2 total, unless a third is gained via. Specialty or event. Any combination of the above. Large companions or companion upgrade pass must be purchased. Winged companions can be considered battle or flying companions. Boosted companions add 10% additional bonus per.)

Mutations Offensive Mutation: +10% Attack for the first mutation, +5% Attack bonus for each consecutive
Defensive Mutation: +10% Defense for the first mutation, +5% Defense for each consecutive
Perception Mutation: +10% Perception for the first mutation
Agility Mutation: +10% Agility for the first mutation
(3 max per character for fight bonuses, earned via. donation/site event, subject to staff approval.)

Injuries (Temporary) Minor injury: TBA
Moderate injury: TBA
Major injury: TBA
Disabilities (Permanent) Moderate Disabilities: -15% total score
(Partial blindness, partial deafness)

Severe Disabilities: -30% total score
(Full blindness, full deafness, missing limbs, spinal deformities)
Skill Modifiers Fighting Skill
Intermediate: +10% total score
Advanced: +15% total score
Expert: +20% total score
Master: +25% total score

Hunting Skill
Novice: +5% Attack
Intermediate: +10% Attack
Advanced: +15% Attack
Expert: +20% Attack
Master: +25% Attack

Healing Skill
Novice: +5% Defense
Intermediate: +10% Defense
Advanced: +15% Defense
Expert: +20% Defense
Master: +25% Defense

Navigation Skill
Novice: +5% Agility
Intermediate: +10% Agility
Advanced: +15% Agility
Expert: +20% Agility
Master: +25% Agility

Intellect Skill
Novice: +5% Perception
Intermediate: +10% Perception
Advanced: +15% Perception
Expert: +20% Perception
Master: +25% Perception