Caeli Elementasfull name
Cay, Ellenicknames
5 Yearsage
Spring of birthdate
True Neutralalignment
Evelyn <3player

Height: 30” | Weight: 110 lbs

Like she was plucked from the sky itself, Caeli very much represents her element, if you think of the stars as such. Across her back is a sea of purples and soft pinks, looking like the aurora boralis is constantly on display on her black pelt. There are three distinct places where the colours swirl downwards, on her belly, on the front of her neck, and down towards her font legs as well. The purples hardly touch her tail, fading very faintly down towards the paler coloured tip. Her most easily recognized markings are those on her face. Around each orange eye is a swatch of purple, an oblong 'c' shape wrapping around each of her eyes. There is a break in the soft purple where her eyes meet her nose, peaking off in a round shape in each corner. Under each 'c' shape is a single purple line, not quite straight. They swoop slightly up with the natural curve of her face. There is a smaller line atop each eye marking as well, much shorter than the one on the bottom. Each of her cheeks are marked with the same colour of purple, sweeping with the natural flow of her fur.

That is not where Caeli's markings end. Besides the purple that adorns her body, the rest is covered in an inky black. Only where her fur is black, there lay several white flecks. They look like stars in the night sky, there is no way to know just how many cover her form. They range in size as well as shape, some more oblong than others.

Caeli's body shape is slender and feminine, her curves more pronounced than most. At times she can look too skinny, although she remains a healthy weight. This woman is all legs as well, her long limbs make up the majority of her height. Built more for running and climbing than hunting, this quiet woman is far from a fighter.appearance

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Cool - Confident - Quiet - Observer - Wise - Whimsical/Story teller - Night Owl

Over time, Caeli has learned where her real skills lay. She has calmed down from her earlier antics in life, and has settled more into her role among her family members. Maybe she had been trying to hide away from who she truly was, but never the less she finally feels like she has come into her own skin. Some things never changed though, she still remains calm and more quiet, not being the first to speak up. She observes first, and then speaks later. She often sits behind the crowds to just watch, learning a lot more that way.

Caeli feels like she has a lot to fix from her past, and that she has become a lot more wise. Maybe its due to old age, or perhaps just truly finding herself. She adores to share the things that she has learned with her family members, and more so with the pups. She has not lost touch with her more whimsical side though, and has a lot of fun creating stories to tell others. Caeli is a true night owl, she sleeps most of the day and usually wakes up when the sun is going down. If she is up with the sun, she is generally groggy and can be a touch grumpy. Even though she is a calm and collected woman, she can still have her more moody moments. She tends to feel down when she cannot see the stars in the sky, she feels very connected to the celestial bodies. personality


parentsIridescent and Opaline
siblingsGlacier, Voltage, Terrae, Serefina, Gale, Locha, Arcus, Selini, and Solaris
Extended FamilyThe Elementas Family


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Caeli Elementas vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Size: Medium


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