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Ankaios Aerisfull name
Kai, Kaiosnicknames
5 Yearsage
Autumn of birthdate
Neutral Evilalignment
Ankaios is a man of middling height. He is no giant, but he is not particularly puny either, standing at 36 inches tall and weighing in at just over 160lbs. He boasts a modest frame, and elegant gait, and languid grace seen more frequently in felines. When he walks the earth does not shake, but he likes to think that the world stops and stares. When he speaks, the bass in his tones does not rumble and roar, but his voice is easy on the ears all the same. He is exceptional in many small ways... And then there is his coat.

Kai's plumage (called such due to his tendency to preen like a proud peacock) is a vibrant motley of fiery hues. He is magma come to life, a mix of scarlets, reds, oranges, golds, russets, charcoals, and red burnt so thoroughly it is nearly black. His eyes are a vibrant, glowing gold. A smattering of stars dapple throughout, proving his lineage. The youth has always felt bestowed with good looks, and whether you agree or not he'll act like you fell in love with him at first sight.
I heard you tellin' lies
I heard you say you weren't born of our blood
I know we're the crooked kind
But you're crooked too, boy, and it shows

REGAL: Kai is bestowed with a quiet sort of arrogance. He does not expect others to grovel before him, but if they were he would hardly complain. (After all, it's no less than he deserves.) When he walks he imagines himself lithe and graceful, when he stops he imagines himself backlit by a glorious sunset, and when he speaks he imagines that his words are imbued with sagelike wisdom, and he has been known to get offended when other's don't imagine the same. He may have the manners to keep these thoughts on the downlow, but his ego is a precious and delicate thing all the same. He is not the sort to leap into violence at a slight (he's too good to sully himself with the likes of you) but a cold shoulder isn't out of the the question.

Some get dealt simple hands
Some walk the common paths, all nice and worn
But all folks are damaged goods
It ain't a talk of "if," just one of "when" and "how"

RESERVED: Kai isn't exactly a fountain of exuberance. His strongest emotions might be expressed with the lifting of his brows, a downturned lip, a flicked ear or the swishing of his tail. He is hardly extroverted, not from an overwhelming shyness or anxiety but because he probably doesn't think you're worth the bother. He much prefers his own company. He may find you utterly charming, or utterly infuriating, and you may not know the difference. He is not the sort to speak unless spoken to, not the sort to seek out the curious stranger in the woods, not the sort to lend a helping hand if you're not in his immediate path. He expects others to come to him if they need something, and even then they might get little more than a slow blink.

So, collect your scars and wear 'em well
Your blood's a good an ink as any
Go scratch your name into the clouds
And pull 'em all... down

INTELLIGENT: To put it bluntly, Kai is pretty sure he's smarter than you. He might not say it out loud but don't be surprised if he acts like it. He doesn't mean to patronize, but sometimes it just happens. After all, it comes so easily to him! And he is absolutely never, ever wrong... As long as you're asking him. And don't bother trying to prove him otherwise either, there's really no use. When it comes to his own laurels he's as stubborn as they come. The bright side is that if you can bring yourself to fluff up his ego a bit he'll tell you anything you want to know. Conversation with this boy tends to be laced with barbs and bristles of what he thinks is wit, but is probably just offensive.

The thunder plays it's drum
The air is heavy with the smell of storms
And I sit beside my brother and I feel him shake
As he laughs himself right back to sleep

REALIST:: A nice way to say "not an optimist." He may not always assume the worst is bound to happen, it just seems like it always does! If you try to prattle that "hope" stuff at him the best you'll probably get is a scoff and at worst he'll probably rattle off a list of much worse alternatives which are in his mind far more likely to occur. Truthfully, Kai has a problem with overthinking, and its much easier for him to default his mindset to "bad" instead of "good." Its hard to hope, but its easy to brace for impact.

But I smell their blood
My finger's trace their faces in the wood
I hear their voices somewhere in my bones
I feel them sing along when I'm alone

DETATCHED:: Truthfully, all this male cares about is he, him, and himself. His family holds some significance for him in comparison to strangers but in negligible compared to most. His birthplace and the culture he was raised in taught him that everything is temporary, and that everything can be taken from you unless you have the power to fight back. As such, Ankaios has detatched himself from most of his surroundings, and seeings pesky things like "feelings" as almost entirely unecessary. Unfortunately, there isn't much of a creamy center left under that hard outer shell, and he really isn't the sort for close friends and companions. He will make allies if they suit his plans and purpose, and he will break those alliances for the same reason. He does not take betrayal personally, and vengeance is something of a foreign concept for him unless his ego or own mortal form was put at risk.

Shadows dance around the room
I know their names
I carry their blood too
They sing forgotten songs
But I know the words
They've been with me since I was born
As I grew I danced with them too


parentsAbelus x Caecina


Healing : 11.10.15
+10 - Receive a lesson from another character

Intellect : 02.13.17

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Ankaios Aeris vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Large
Build: Light


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