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The night will burn with the fire of the gods

base + blackish red
eyes + glowing yellow
height + 32 inches
weight + 115 pounds
build + For a wolf, she's pretty decently sized - not too tall, but not too short either. On the grand scale of sizes, she's about right in the middle. Her build is one of sturdy fighter, though lithe and graceful.
mutations + light phosphorescence on her orange markings, and stronger phosphorescence on her yellow. Her eyes also carry that trait, glowing softly.

markings + Dark red and black mar a smooth gradiant across her body, equal on both ends; the red is most clear on her sides and back, and the black is most clear on her face and legs. She has red nose strip on her muzzle, as well, that extends about halfway up. An orange-red colors the ruffles on the side of her face and her ears. Bright orange is what stands out most on her face, because it also glows softly. This orange is in a thick marking above each eye, and a smaller marking that just barely graces the lower edge of each eye. Her eye dots are a clearly glowing yellow, but then they streak back up her head in the orange. She also has yellow speckles on those orangey-red ruffles on the side of her face. Her mouth - just the front - is bright orange.

When you first reach her neck, it's a black color with a hint of red in it. It's splotched with the same glowing yellow markings that were on the side ruffles, and then (much like a human collarbone) there's two strips of orange that are on the middle of her neck. These also have the yellow spots. As her neck turns into chest, the black-red color lightens to the familiar orange-red with yellow spots, until you reach her belly. Her belly darkens once more and is remarkably bare of any markings.

On her back, four stripes of orange are on either side; one starting at just behind her shoulders, the other about two-thirds down her back, the third on her hind legs about 3/4 the way down her back, and on her butt above her tail and then coloring her butt fur. Each stripe also has phosphorescent yellow spots. She also has a strip on either side of the top of the tail, looking like a gentle V that also is orange and yellow. The underside and beginning of her tail is a solid black-red.

Her legs are also unique; all four legs end in a paw that's dipped in brilliant orange, but each has a different gradient. Her right front leg start solid black, then past the ankle joint fade to red. Her left front leg is just completely solid black with an orange paw. Both her hind legs start off as red, but then fade to black... and then to red again!

Covering her body are light yellow speckles, much smaller than the spots. These speckles are on the front of her neck, her back and sides, her tail, and her paws.

A daughter of gods; she is our queen

queen + A queen of admirable lineage, Ardora is nothing else. She is regal, noble, and imperial; she carries herself with dignity and pride. She does not let the barbs of wolves or other creatures affect her, and is quite impervious to the scorn of others. She is a queen, a goddess, and you should worship her as such; do so, and she might treat you with great respect and care.

cold + Ardora is not one who easily succumbs to emotion. She is very distanced from others, and prefers it that way; in her mind, nothing good ever comes out of being very emotionally attached to something. Obviously, there must be emotion, but it should not cloud the mind. She has a heart of stone, and it would take one with great will to break through it.

logical + A queen must use logic. This, of course, is the motto of Ardora. If it is logical, she will do it. If it is not, she will not. She will be kind when need be; merciful when the situation calls for it. But when the situation calls for the opposite of such things, she has no hesitation. She has no problem killing, maiming, or torturing those who threaten her people, and will not hesitate to do so even if the creature in question was once family.

dutiful + Everything is secondary to her mission. It hold the utmost importance, and she will do whatever she can to complete it - no matter what it calls for. That being said, she has no desire to needlessly endanger others. She has no qualms about removing wolves who are in her way, but does not seek to end lives or hurt others. She is one who would be more than willing to sacrifice someone she loves and cares for in order to secure a dozen other lives. On the same paw, she's also one to be willing to sacrifice a dozen lives for one wolf who is of utmost importance to her beliefs, kingdom, or mission.

Age updated 4/7/17, Autumn Year 9 royal title + Seraphine
gods + Uldormün - god of fire and light; leader of the panthon
Svelmina - goddess of ice and darkness
tribe + Il'daran misc


we will burn .them

She was born a queen, from the very start. Born in a tribe that worships gods of fire, her fur singled her out among all the other wolves. She was a god among the tribe; a living, breathing, child of the gods. She was the embodiment of fire. This was the hope that the tribe - which had been slowly dying - was looking for. She was highly respected and her mother doubly so for birthing her. It was decreed at a young age that she would become queen - after all, that was befitting for a child of the gods, no?

Taught lore, how to read prophecies and communicate with the gods, she ascended quickly to the throne offered to her. She ruled it with ease and power; all in the tribe were more than willing to follow her. It was a time of prosperity and hope for the tribe, who saw an increase in everything - from hunting capabilities to fertility. Ardora was known as firm but just, and definitely a wolf whom you wanted to not make enemies with.

All was well - more than well - until foreign wolves came to their lands. At first, the tribe tolerated their presence and granted them lands beyond their own, in the forsaken waterlands. These foreigners were more than okay with that; after all, they saw the tribe as quite crazy to be living in such proximity to a volcano. Ardora spoke with them and dealt with them, learning their language and their culture. She disagreed with their beliefs and the way they ruled, but she dealt with it; they were not, after all, blessed by the gods like they were. They were not led by a child of the flame. These foreigners did not hold the same views as Ardora, and soon began to become fearful of the tribe, who was quite prosperous. The rituals - which the foreigners did not understand - scared them, and they called for more of their wolves and started to plan a way to get rid of these barbaric and uncultured wolves. More came, and soon wolves of the tribe were being harassed about their gods and beliefs. Tension grew, but the foreigners outnumbered the Tribe. The foreigners, seeing their advantage, launched an attack. Ardora gave the command to flee, sacrificing pride in order to keep her people alive.

During the massive attack, much of her tribe was separated and splintered; Ardora herself went in search of her wolves, hoping that they were alive still.

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