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Divo Sveta Lunashka-Morningstarfull name
Marvel, Didi, Polarisnicknames
2 Yearsage
Winter of birthdate
Extra largesize
Chaotic Goodalignment

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The north star has fallen from the heavens, gifted a lupine form. Derma of startling density and plush softness covers the entirety of her body. Thickest around her neck and down her chest. Picturesque elegance. Crystalline hairs capture the light that lands upon her, casting thousands of tiny rainbows upon her form. Unusual for many wolves but not for her lineage, thick hair grows between her toes to protect per rosy pads from the cold.

Svelte body is the very picture of grace and sophistication. A titan in terms of size, she is in fact a delicate creature. Lean bodied and built for speed rather than strength. A long line of hunters has found itself culminating in this descendant. Powerful tendons wrap about infinite limbs, epitomising strength. Massive paws disperse her weight perfectly on snow. Lean neck stretches from her shoulders, strong for such a dainty wolf. Perched atop that neck is a chiselled crown. Tall and sculpted auds, filled to the brim with thick fur. Cheekbones sharp as daggers draw the eye to her face. The hint of mortality was lent to this stellar creature in her bobbed tail, forcibly removed in her youth.

Drained of pigment, the unique condition of albinism has claimed the star. Hollow hairs carry no colour at all. All but a splash of colour across her left cheek, dove grey extending down her cheek and along her muzzle. It crosses over her left eye as well.

Heterochromatic optics are gifted only through a freak occurrence of nature. Right eye, drained of all colouring, is a rosy shade of ruby. The left is the typical Lunashka shade of mercury- pale silver.

Low and husky vocals leave her hard to box in. Tones vary between her moods; higher pitched when uncomfortable, and lower when she is content. This paints different pictures for different encounters. A heavy Russian accent is a burr in her throat, evident in everything she says.

In the autumn of year 10, Divo acquired a pair of emerald green feathers in her Rite of Rebirth. They are worn in the fur in front of her left ear, hanging along her cheek and ending near her jaw.

DEE- voe SVET- ah Loon- ASH- kuh MOHR-neng-stahr / MAHR- vuhl


Shy: A soft spoken creature, she is not often found in a large crowd. Interacting with others takes her some time. Often she is interpreted as awkward, which is not an incorrect assumption.

Dreamer: The world is full of possibilities, and she loves to imagine it all. From childhood onward, she is almost always full of ideas and plans. Whether they are good or not is another question entirely. This also leads her to be quite the inventive creature, frequently coming up with strange little creations here and there.

Chivalrous: Always well mannered, she has learned the art of politeness through extensive teaching from her mother and her mentor. Allow others to walk in front of you where necessary, offer the first bite of a meal to your hunting partner, and the like.

Crude: Somehow Marvel learned bad words. A lot of them. When there is no sign of authority, she will use them with reckless abandon. Cursing and going into vulgar details, Marvel is not for the faint of heart. In fact, she is quite creative with her atrocious language. Inventive, even. Descriptions of gore and violence spill easily from her jaws.

Dislikes Authority: Bossing Marvel around it a tricky task. Generally, only her mother can manage anything remotely close to it. She tends to ignore the warnings of leaders, and outright question them more often than not. When something is fishy, she's going to call it out. Fuck the system, right?

Opinionated: Marvel has thoughts in her head. A lot of them. Many of which pertain to the world and its many workings. She loves to share them. Possibly a bit too much. Loudly. This annoys pretty much everyone around her, more often than not. However, disagreeing with her is more likely to provoke an extension of whatever tirade she's launched into.


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background pattern courtesy of Gasara of DeviantArt

Born Winter of Year 10 (November 24th black friday) misc



Born the middle child in a litter of three, the child was named Divo Sveta Lunashka-Morningstar. A long name, from a long lineage. It is obvious from the moment she is born, pink as a rodent's child, that she is blessed. Her mother frets, knowing that there are no holy wolves in the area to teach her child the ways of shamans. She puts it out of her mind, and focuses on rearing her pups. Alongside two sisters, and myriad half siblings, Divo grew up in the Dreamer's Col, in the north of Boreas. There is not much to be said- lessons were learned, games were played. It was a happy, and simple time.


Lirika, knowing that their father will take good care of the children, departs. Headed for the motherland, to retrieve a shaman that can teach young Divo the ways of the holy wolves. It is during this time that Samael decides to leave the north behind, heading along the coast at a slow pace. His plan, to bring rise to a band. His destination, Auster. Samael wants his children to see what the world has to offer, and is concerned for their futures. Being put into boxes so young is familiar to him, and does not bode well.

Lirika returns with a woman named Olya, a bearish female with a kind smile. The reunion is warm, with boisterous and happy children racing across the plains to meet her. Samael, however, is rather cold. Wary of the strange woman. He does not intend to release his children from his care. Rather, he intends to have their mother and her shaman join his ranks. Divo and the rest of the children are blissfully unaware of the strife, and delight in their family being whole once more.


Olya begins quite early at teaching Divo, who is now better known to most as Marvel. Right away, she finds a remedy for the child's near constant case of sunburn. Fumitory- mashed into a paste, applied to the skin. It seems to work well, and the child can stand to play in the sun for much longer than before.

At some point over the season, Divo decides to swan off on an adventure. What was intended to be a short trip away from the family, turns into something else entirely. The pale child winds up on the shores of western Boreas, with a strange island in the distance. The small land mass is called Scaled Island, but no one has told this to Divo. Upon its shores, strange beasts lurk. The experience is traumatic, and quickly goes awry. Seeking an escape to the main continent, Divo wanders into the small archipelago on which the resident group of saltwater crocodiles make their bed. It isn't long before they stir, and find themselves within snapping distance of something tasty. One such beast takes a liking to the fluffy white tail dangling in front of its nose, and takes a bite. Fearing for the future that may never come, Divo has no choice but to pull and pull with all her might.

The young shaman washes up on the shore with blood on her rump, and seawater in her mouth. No sooner does she stumble into unconsciousness, than Lirika and Samael come barreling onto the scene.

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parentsLirika Vera Lunashka-Bane x Samael Morningstar
siblingsLirika x Samael: Dominika, Darya

Hadraniel x Samael: Sathanus, Leviathan, Mammon

Lailah x Samael: Asmodeum, Beelzebub, Belphegor

Daffodil x Samael: Micah, Forfax

Extended FamilyLunashka:

Grandparents: Aurora Porcelain Anima Lunashka x Magnus Bane

Uncles: Svetovid


Grandfather: Abba Jehovah

Eldest Uncles: Gabriel, Raphael, Michael

Younger Uncles: Barachiel, Jegudiel

Aunts: Uriel, Selaphiel


Novice Intellectual (20)
Beginner Healer (10)

Fight Form

Divo Sveta Lunashka-Morningstar vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Light
Skills: Novice Intellectual & Beginner Healer
Specialty: N/A
Divo Sveta Lunashka-Morningstar vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Light
Skills: Novice Intellectual & Beginner Healer
Specialty: N/A


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