Ra Ithurielfull name
5 Yearsage
Spring of -birthdate
Extra largesize
Lawful Evilalignment
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Flowers in Chania

"All great things must first wear terrifying and monstrous masks in order to inscribe themselves on the hearts of humanity."

42" & 190 pounds
scent consisting off rain, honey and a wood undertone

Twisting and twirling, a mass of earthen pigmentation will reveal a beast of pure beauty and untainted perfection; an inccubus, groomed jacket unable to fault, tendrils of the finest silk, pale golden eyes to absorb your soul. A whirpool of browns and creams creeping elegantly upon each fluctuation of bone structure. He stands broad, pride bursting from his muscular chest, beaming with power as he proudly struts his conformant. Unusually long tail will flounce towards the earth, lengthy ribbons reach ambitiously for its touch, brushing with elegance at sweeping topsoil as the fiend moves. Curled strands hang gracefully from the tips of elbows and ears, drawing further attention to the golden chains adorned with golden coins that wrap around his hips; a symbol of his physical wealth and regality. He is the embodiment of a Deity, elongated tendrils of silk surrounding his neck like a lion mane stand to further prove it to the nonbelievers. His presence is enigmatic, a God upon mortals, a pull which gravity subdues in mercurial infatuation – an engrossing figure, whose handsome civility meets the ravishing discord of shameless turbulence. There is no denying his company, his presence is always shown by eerie light balls and sparks forever floating around him, pure energy, the power of the Sun following a Deity traped in a flesh suit.

What happens when you pour intelligence, level-headedness, passion, ferociousness, calmness, liberalness, headstrong tendencies, inquisitiveness, and ambiguous habits? Trouble, under the disguise of a single masculine name. Ra to be precise. He’s a man who is well learned in the ways of his trade. Though by no means all knowing, the man seems to be a fountain of knowledge, both useful and useless, with a tidbit of information for any situation. So vast is his knowing of the psyche however, capable of drawing out heated lust or chasing down desire with a dose of cold water and the ease of talented expert. A predators knowledge, a how to guide for catching and manipulating prey. He's a predator that stalks the cattle of his dominion. A cold hearted creature, he hurts his prey, playing with them until they break, spread out into pieces across the grass. His claws sink not into just flesh, but the mind, the soul, the psyche. His game, his favourite encounters lie not on open fields, but on the stage of mental and intellect. He revels in unraveling the weak minded fools, playing with their emotions and thoughts. But, wherever his attacks may fall, each are savage, cruel and all consuming. Yet even with these tendencies that may make him appear incapable of serenity, there is very little in this world that can ruffle him. Courtly and polished, he is at the surface, a gentleman of class and fervor, Ra presents himself in veracious fashion. Flawless eloquence, calm rapture, immaculate appearance -- he is a cavalier in the eyes of personas, the benign employer of truths and biases. The enticer, a spector of propositions, keen words in four varying tongues come forth, pressing momentous premises into the psyche of tthe crowd. He has seen things that would make most cringe, and because of this, he finds that many of the ongoing occurrences in everyday life to be… quite bland. Aloof, trained to take whatever is thrown at him, There are only a few select things that will throw him into a panic; being alone, the thought of falling from control just to name a few. That being said, there are very few things that he truly, wholeheartedly enjoys. There are even less things that he loves. But he is passionate, he is driven, when it comes to anything that he takes an interest in. Obsessive, all consuming in his want. His need to see it through. He is slow to trust, and even slower to love. But when he does, it is an all consuming love.
Mutations: Elongated Tail ; Lion-Like Mane ; Eerie golden bioluminescence to his fur
Accessories: Gold chains that have many gold coins attached to them

Flowers in Chania misc


B e g i n n i n g

Repetitive notion of time represented by ticking of clock resumes itself in insane, silently loud form against boundaries of consciousness. Tick-Tock goes the clock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, in an everlasting rhythm, over and over again. Notion of time unable to be grasped within knowledge of simple lupine. A fairy tale, it tends to always start with 'Once upon a time' and end with a 'Happily ever after'. A maiden in turmoil finds her prince and face their forbidden love through the trials tossed along their boundless journey. But lo' with the unfortunate endeavors, lives tend to squander and scream as they are blinded by their desires and wishes callously turning their world into a black plague. Only dreams wander in the basking comforts of such trite wishes, hardly ever to become true. Ithuriel. Song. A breath, a whisper, a hum. This was the name of his family. Ithuriel. From their lips came words of an age-old kind; a tangle of syllables and vowels. Quickly, they'd skip loose from smiling lips. He remembered them, vaguely from his conception. His parents, and warmth from his mothers. Two. Number two. He had two mothers. How odd. Incestual marriage, his father married his two sisters, they were sisters who fell in love with their own sibling. Another man came into picture and took their happiness away. They desired a child, two children four children, many children. The first one was Anubis , the biggest, strongest, they thought. Twins, she had twins. A boy and a girl. OH, what a j o y f u l l day! The baby girl was named Amunet, "hidden goddess". The boy was named Ra, by the Sun God. His facade was adorned with beauty, acutely handsome features and isabelline-white skin hidden by earthen tones of browns and creams, matching his fathers pelt and royal bloodline. A earthen incubus. Ghastly stare invokes pale gold; eyes framed in thickened, liquid lashes that pool ceaselessly above highly, sculpted cheekbones. His smooth ribcage dips exquisitely; diving into a delicious waistline, sinewy hips. Male and powerful. The second one to give birth months after was her beloved sister, Abasi. She birthed a beautiful baby boy and named him Horus, meaning "strong in battle" however that was not truth. And a beautiful baby girl which was named Iseueri. Horus was the most delicate and fragile from his siblings, like a doll; like a flower, he was the wild rose. Always sick, always weak but that never stopped him from smiling. With the Pharaon Osiris death came the plaque that corrupted and tormented them all. Their Grandfather, Sobek, came to the throne exiling the noble Queens and newborns into the wild, outside their own Empire. The dessert was cold and arid, the prey was scarce and their mothers thinned down day by day; famine. As months went by they began to ask where was their father, he was never present. Poor children, if only they knew that their father died and their own blood let them to rot in this dessert, without water, without food. They were children born of a long egyptian, now degraded aristocraty, royalities; and they were versed and fluent in the latin and egyptian language. They were raised with the knowledge of luxuriant lifestyles, yet of a sensual kind; they lusted for wealth, sex , fame and power as their mother and all the family trained them in politics, mannerism and etiquette. They were a passionate breed, vain and sinful; incestuous relationships were silently accepted as normalcy.

W I N T E R - Y E A R - X

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mateGretchen Moriarty
childrenGretchen Moriarty: Sekhmet ,Setekh ,Nepthys
Isis Ramesses: Amun Ra
Osiris Ammon Ithuriel
Isis Neith Ithuriel
Iseueri Ma'at Ithuriel ~》Sister
 Horus Ithuriel~》Brother
Anubis Ithuriel ~》 Brother
Amunet Ithuriel ~》 Sister
Extended Family

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Intermediate Fighter (35)
Beginner Intellectual (10)

Fight Form

Ra Ithuriel vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Size: Extra large
Build: Light
Skills: Intermediate Fighter & Beginner Intellectual
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Ra Ithuriel vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Light
Skills: Intermediate Fighter & Beginner Intellectual
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