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Neptunefull name
4 Yearsage
Spring of birthdate
Extra largesize
Lawful Evilalignment
42 inches tall - Teal fur - Amber eyes
Looking like he was just pulled from the depths of the ocean, this man is cloaked in various shades of teal. The lightest hue covers his muzzle, throat, chest, stomach, and the underside of his tail. The color gradually gets darker as you move up toward his back. The darkest shade of teal form some of the only real markings on his body. This darker hue covers the top of his tail and forms a small line up toward his shoulders, covering his shoulders and scruff. The darkest shade forms more distinct markings on the front portion of each shoulder and on the tip of each ear. That same color also forms a loose upside-down "V" shape between his eyes that flows down around the base of his muzzle. A light smear of that first, lightest hue splashes under each eye, trails out toward his cheeks. Each of his toes is also dipped in the lightest teal shade. His eyes offer the only other color on him, holding a warm amber hue. He is a massive creature, reaching 42 inches tall and boasting a thickly built frame. He has deep scars along the back of his neck from several deep bite wounds, but they are usually mostly covered by his thick fur. appearance
The only one that can care for me is me.
One can only take abandonment and misplaced trust so many times before it finally makes them break. Neptune has built a wall around himself to keep himself from being hurt again. He tends to have a hard time giving his trust to others completely because of this. He takes great pride in his training and being able to care for and defend himself. His younger years have left this man traumatized and if he does decide to let you get close just know that decision was not made lightly.

Learn from the mistakes of others and don't make them yourself.
Despite his inability to trust others, he is loyal to a fault. Because he knows too well how much betrayal hurts he will avoid causing that pain in someone else at all costs. He's also highly aware of his own actions and can come off as very calculating at times because of it. Every action has a plan and a reason. Whenever the situation does call for quick decisions or ambiguity, he'll always trust his own gut and feelings rather than the voices of others.

Sometimes tough decisions have to be made.
For Neptune there is no black and white when it comes to what is right and wrong. Everything is a shade of gray and varries by situation. He isn't overtly cruel to anyone, but he won't go out of his way to to be exceedingly kind either. Everything is a shade of gray. He can be easily impressionable at times and isn't above going with the crowd as long as it seems to make sense to him.

Make it all worth my time.
He will only truly trust and follow someone if they have proven to him that they are worth that trust. He craves structure in his life after going so long without knowing where he might end up the next day. A firm hand may seem like the hardest thing to agree to for him, but it could also be the most beneficial. He could care less how someone looks, if they are strong or weak, or if they are outwardly good or evil. He is attracted to individuals who put in the work and earn their place in his life. personality


Prior to coming to Ardent

The history of Neptune's parent's is a fairly uneventful one. Nothing was out of the ordinary about their meeting or romance. They happened to cross paths when they were very young, back when his father still lived in a pack with his family and his mother was a loner with her family. They met up again a couple of years later by complete chance and hit it off. Not long after that she was pregnant.

The birth went as smoothly as could be expected from a loner with only her mate that had very limited healing knowledge there to help her. Neptune was the largest of the two pups in his litter, but neither of the pups were small. That was thanks to Neptune's father's size. Neptune took after him in size and coloring, but got his eyes and markings from his mother. His mother came through it all fine, but Neptune's sibling wasn't so lucky. A few days after he was born he mysteriously passed away.

Only a couple of days after Neptune's first trip out of the den, his mother decided to make a quick trip away from the den to stretch her legs and catch a little dinner for herself and his father. Neptune fell asleep while she was gone and his father realized she had been gone quite a while. Since Neptune was fast asleep, he slipped out of the den to go see if he could find her and see what was holding her up.

He woke up to a completely empty den and when he poked his head outside it was pitch black. He could only barely see the world around him from the starlight. He huddled up in the back of the den to wait for his parents, but then morning came and there was still no sign of them. He waited another day before he finally left the den on his own. He never did find his parents or figure out what happened to them.

After coming to Ardent:

Neptune found and ended up losing several "guardians" during his formative years. The well meaning wolves that helped him and looked after him along the way always ended up getting split from him until he finally was completely on his own again by the time he was a year old. In a half-hearted attempt to find any trace of his parents, he tried to retrace his steps back toward where he was from. It was difficult to do since he had not made the trip since he was a pup, but he had no where else to go so he set off in a direction that felt right.

This decision only landed him in more trouble. He met a young woman around his age in his travels, a solid white girl who was amazed by Neptune's blue coloring. She came to find him every day and they would talk for hours or help each other with their training. Because of this he stayed where she would be able to find him, but she insisted he should never come to her pack. She wouldn't explain why, other than saying that her father was very strict and he wouldn't like that she was out here with him.

Neptune thought that she was over exaggerating, but he followed the girl's directions. One day they were sparring and as he went to lunge toward her he felt a large pair of jaws clamp onto his scruff and jerked him back and tossed him onto the ground. When Neptune looked up he saw a massive wolf looming over him that had solid white fur just like the girl.

The father, who turned out to be the alpha of the pack, forced Neptune to come back to the pack with him. Whenever Neptune refused or tried to get away the man would grab him by the neck and pull him back down to the ground. Neptune was tall and fairly heavily built, but the extensive travel had slimmed him down quite a bit and he wasn't nearly as skilled in fighting as this man was. By the time he got to the pack he had several large gashes along the back of his neck and the fur along his shoulders was damp and clumped together with his blood.

There was an open common area in front of a series of caves where the larger man drug Neptune to and shoved him down onto the ground. He could hear his friend begging her father to stop in the distance. Wolves of the pack came filtering out of the dens, all of them various shades of tan, brown, gray, black... None of them as wildly colored as himself. Only a few were solid white and he saw them on either side of his friend, one of them holding her back and staring at him with a wide, confused expression.

He could barely understand what the man was saying to the pack as he stood over him. He felt the alpha's paw on his neck and eventually everything went dark. He woke up the next day in the middle of the empty area, his head pounding and his neck burning with pain. He slowly sat up, but he couldn't move too far. There was a thick strip of leather tied around his neck right behind his skull, pulled tight enough that he couldn't pull it off and made to where if he tried to pull it he'd end up just choking himself.

That evening an older woman covered in a mix of gray and blacks came to him with herbs and began to treat his wounds. Before he could ask she told him that she had gotten permission to treat your wounds, but that's all she could do. The next night she came back with a bit of food and a large leaf full of water with a similar message. She could bring him this, but nothing else. This went on for a week, alternating between food and herbs. He tried to ask who she was, why she was doing this, what was going to happen to him, but she never spoke another word.

One night she hurried toward him with nothing in her mouth. He was confused at first since he had come to expect her to have something with her. She pulled the make shift collar he was wearing loose and jerked it over his head, freeing him. He was so stunned that he didn't know what to do at first and he glanced behind her and saw a pale silhouette that nearly glowed in the moonlight near the entrance to one of the dens. He tried to ask her the same questions over again, but the woman just shushed him and told him to hurry and leave in a hushed voice, shoving his shoulder with her head.

He struggled to his feet and ran off, unsteady and stumbling at first but regained his balance as he woke up his underused muscles. That was when he made his way back to Ardent if for no other reason than he didn't know where else to go.

In the days that followed everything seemed like a blur. Something snapped and he couldn't decide what to believe as fact and what was a lie. His thoughts pulled him into two different directions until he finally pushed everything away and settled in a feeling of numb disbelief.

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