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Amethystina Indigo Elementasfull name
Amethyst, Ammienicknames
2 Yearsage
Winter of birthdate
29 inchesheight
Neutral Goodalignment

29" | 90 lbs | Light | Medium Fur

Ammie is, without a doubt, quite abnormal looking. Not only does she stand out from a crowd, but she doesn't quite match her siblings or father either. Instead she inherited different colors, courtesy of the Elementas line, and is cloaked in dark purples. The mushroom she was named after, Amethyst Deceiver, suits her rather well.

Ammie starts off with a base coat of dark purple and not much deviates away from that. She has a lighter more blue-based undertone on the bottom half of her face, down her neck and chest, and under her stomach where it comes to a halt. It's not overly noticeable, but it adds a nice faded variety to her pelt. Lighter purple markings accent her cheeks, down the top half of her neck, and form almost stripes down her back and tail. And even lighter purple accents some parts on her stomach, haunches, and a very small portion of her face.

If one looks closely they're bound to notice the perfectly round spots that coat parts of her. They vary in shades and are scattered across her stomach and the top portion of all four legs in dark and light shades. The only reason they're not overly noticeable is because there are more vibrant spots elsewhere. Other than purple a bright neon blue pops up. It coats the inside of her ears and the tip of her tail for the most part, but it's elsewhere as well. Dots ring the underside of her ears, the outside of her ears, the base of her tail, her stomach, and her shoulders. All are bright blue and have a lighter color surrounding them that makes them appear as though they glow. Anywhere the blue spots pop up there are always five of them and they're in a line and go from small, to medium sized, down to small once again. Her eyes are a similar strikingly beautiful blue.

Ammie's build is nothing astounding. Much like the small little mushroom she's rather tiny herself, but not overly so. She's light and lean and only comes up to twenty-nine inches to the shoulder and weighs ninety pounds when she's had a proper diet. She doesn't have an amazing muscle mass, though she's quick and has good muscles of a runner and powerful lungs. Her fur is medium length, neither too short nor too long, and soft to the touch. She keeps herself well-groomed and respectable most of the time, but isn't afraid to get dirty. More times than not she comes off as dainty and well mannered and can be underestimated easily.appearance

Ammie can come off as rather confusing if you happen to catch her at the wrong time. Most of the time she's a calm and laid back wolf. She's down to earth, has a good understanding of most things, and overall is a joy to be around. She's very caring for others and tends to be overly conscious of their feelings, how her actions effect others, and so on and so forth. This is where she tends to be rather self destructive - she goes out of her way to try and make others happy. She'd sacrifice a limb if she were able if someone else needed it more than she did. She has tendencies to go out of her way to accommodate for someone else even if it's something that will make her unhappy in the long run. If she loves or cares for you then she'll make any sacrifice she deems as necessary.

She's a confident wolf for the most part. She places her trust in others and you'd have difficulties finding a wolf she doesn't at least try to like. She does her best to try and find the good in everyone and won't rest until she can find at least one redeemable trait in them. It's perhaps another one of her fatal flaws, but she can't help herself. She believes she can fix anything broken and won't listen to anyone try to tell her otherwise. She's responsible, tends to act a little older than she seems, and is honest. Generally speaking she's a good wolf.

Which is also where her personality starts to get confusing.

Despite the fact she tries to be mature, she also has a tendency to be spontaneous and not think everything through. Once she's gotten an idea in her head she's absolutely got to carry it through despite the consequences. She tends to be a bit rash with her decisions and half the time it's bound to backfire on her. She'll get herself in situations and will often have to get someone to help bail her out of them too. Most of the time though she'll believe her decisions were worthwhile or for a good cause.

Perhaps another downside to her (depending on how you look at it) is that Ammie can be very stubborn. She's generally very understanding, calm, and patient, but if you've done something to upset her then you must be satan himself. You've either killed someone or done some horrendous act for her to dislike you. Her calm nature disappears completely and there's not a force on earth that can get her to change her mind about hating you. personality


Born Winter year 8
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Amethystina Indigo Elementas vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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