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Lucifer Leviathan Asmodeus full name
Levi, luc, Satan, Titan, Hades, Hellfire nicknames
6 Yearsage
Autumn of birthdate
Dire wolfsize
Chaotic Evilalignment
Bisexual sexuality

This beast is one of pure muscle and height. He is of pure male testosterone and it reflects in his scent. He smells usually of musk and pine forests, though he does adopt a different scent when his ravenous hunger has peaked enough for him to kill another wolf. It is the stench of death and blood, of despair upon his own species. One that speaks of rotting flesh and bloodied corpses. His eyes speak of his extreme cruelty and his demonic heritage, being just as red as the fresh blood of his prey. They are cold and uncaring for those around him. His pelt is of a mixture of tans and browns, layered with the darkest on top of his back and the lightest cloaking his paws. The top half of his face has the tell tale signs of his bloodline, a white covering that his line has always called the bone mask. It is what marks him and makes him an Asmodeus, especially when coupled with his blood red eyes. On his chest is a scar upon the right side, it stretches across his breast and back to the beginning of his shoulder. No fur grows in the scar and he displays it proudly. Height: 45 inches Weight: 215-225 lbsappearance
The first thing anyone should know about Lucifer is that he is the epitome of evil. There is nothing the male holds dear, nor that he thinks he cannot kill. A death is something to revel in, especially that of another wolf. The body of such should be consumed, allowing for their strength to fade into his. The stronger they are the more prized they may be. A female that can hold her own should be implanted with demons herself and given the opportunity to feed them later in her life. He fears no creature, nor death as it is inevitable eventually.
While he may be a very fearless man he is far from stupid. He is skilled in both combat and the noble arts. He can converse with nobles easily and has an amazingly kind heart when he wants though few ever see that due to his views on the world. Those views are that the world is full of nothing but cruelty and that he should be just as cruel to any that give him cause to be. That cruelty doesn't always need to be invoked either as all creatures will be cruel eventually so if he kills them before that then he has done the world a favor.
there is a mask this man has that hides everything. That mask is one that gives away none of his pain or even his happiness, only anger and hatred ever emerge to the surface. He is plagues by mental disorders, the two being bipolar disorder and conduct disorder, both severe in nature. It causes him to be violent, fearless and heartless. He can tend to be possessive as well. He hates sharing what is his without receiving a payment of some form in return. His payment can either be in flesh or in sex, he might even consider enslavement though he will honestly not bother if the other doesn't peek his interest at least a little bit. In order to do that it might take a miracle though it could also take something small and simple. He is a sensual beast for certain and will screw anything that moves and is canine otherwise they would be impure. He also is an avid cannibal, though sometimes eating another wolf can seem like an aphrodisiac for him.personality
Dire wolf from donation

Speaks latin, Greek, Gaelic, Common tongue, and French

It is uncommon for the Asmodeus line to not have a white mask and red eyes. Their eyes can be any variant of red but to have any other color of eye as a base is highly unlikely and would mean the child likely would be viewed as being an angel and would likely be targeted as the Asmodeus is a line that believes themselves to be Demons. Lucifer notes himself as the demon king because he is the largest of his line and is the most prominent of the line in muscle mass. The line is also noted for being cannibalistic and haunted by mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder, and Bipolar disorder.

Lucifer is prone to extreme violent behavior due to his Bipolar disorder and conduct disorder. He can be a grade A asshole though because he has extreme mood swings he can also be a gentleman so he is set as a chaotic evil character but has tendencies to act as a lawful evil character, sometimes even bordering nuetral to good.


height: 18 inches
Weight:55 lbsmisc


Lucifer was born to a small woman, his size and siblings sizes giving her a few complications, though all survived and were healthy despite these complications. His mother was of blue blooded nature, and desperately in love with his father. It was so much so that she was drove to the point of blindly doing as he said, when he said. His father was cannibalistic in nature and forced her to adopt similar tastes, though she had at a point never tasted such a thing. She bore this man, who had kidnapped raped and beat her into a form of Stockholm syndrome, 3 children. Two daughters and a single son. His father abruptly dubbed him Lucifer Leviathan Asmodeus, though a darker intention was hidden beneath his actions. It was only but a mere seven weeks that Lucifer and his siblings were with their mother, who was scolded each time she had tried to show him any form of love. In those few weeks there was a noticable outcry for attention for the young male, so much so that he had grown jealous of his smallest sister for even an ounce of notice from their mother. It caused him to lash out at her, merely ending her life in a few moments when his mother turned her back. It was the start to his madness, a thing his father had underhandedly been working for. As he reach seven weeks old, his mother was escorted away by his father's guards. He can remember the screams she released, the pleas for air as she was killed by his own father. He had seen her usefulness reach its end and that was when he had ended her life. After such the child was introduced to his father's empire, though a sister still stood and would receive more attention. His jealousy over such things drove him to end her life as they neared but a few months old. This still changed nothing and in the absence of his mother's presence his father began to grow more and more angry towards the boy. It ended in at a mere 4 months Lucifer began to undergo daily beatings from the man. He drove himself into silence and to hate every order the man uttered to him. Defying him always ended in beatings and to do what he was told made him resentful, though Lucifer still loved the man and cared for him as his father. His father lost his pack by the time Lucifer turned a year, and food grew scarce for the pair. After failing to hunt on one occasion Lucifer saw fit to take from his father's stash of old rotting carcasses seeing no problem with taking the oldest of them. His father upon noticing took it from his hide, scarring him, though when he would not stop beating him, something within Lucifer snapped. He turned upon his father, killing him quickly. He swore to never feel again nor to care for another ever again.
As he began his long journey and training of his own emotions he was to come across a young female much like himself, though when he would later meet her again neither would remember it. He was a much kinder male when she met him, though he had temperamental problems that caused his to snap at the slightest challenges and wrong words. Though these were mainly just snappy words and temper tantrums. They traveled together for some time, though after departing of her company did Lucifer even begin to start his harsh changes. He began his reign of terror, murdering many and raping those he saw fit to. Those that submitted immediately and didn't speak much he saw fit to keep around though their company grew old and he would murder them as well. He gained quite the bounty on his head and never was the name they used for him the same. Though one thing was always the same, they would call him a beast. He knew though he was a demon and the king of them. The asmodeus line was always full of demon kings. His trekking brought him into the lands of ardent, where at two and a few seasons he intends to wreak his havoc and create a pack like the one his father ran. It is in ardent he meets a female named Vianni who intrigues and infuriates him, he is quick to claim her as his mate and intended queen. He mates with her and begins to try to force her into having Stockholm's like his mother in an attempt to gain the one thing he wants and has never truly had, love from another.
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mateVianni(deceased) and Kaitlyn Agatsuma

childrenNova Agatsuma {♂}, Argus Agatsuma {♂/♀}, Adore Agatsama♀️, Azazel Agatsama♂️, ?[Lucifer x Marina]
Marek Nero Asmodeus {♂}, Zeviah Lynae Asmodeus {♀}, Dea Asmodeus♀️, Baphomet Asmodeus♂️ [Lucifer x Vianni]
Belua Agatsama-Asmodeus {♀}, Gary Agatsama-Asmodeus {♂}, Aikia Agatasama♀️, Leigh Agatsama♂️, [Lucifer x Kaitlyn]
parentsNira Visilim (deceased) and Rykeros Asmodeus(deceased)
siblingsNone surviving or known to him


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FIGHTING : 01.29.17

Intellect : 07/01/18

Fight Form

Lucifer Leviathan Asmodeus vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Dire wolf
Build: Heavy
Skills: Beginner Fighter & Beginner Intellectual
Lucifer Leviathan Asmodeus vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Dire wolf
Build: Heavy
Skills: Beginner Fighter & Beginner Intellectual


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