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This woman is beauty and death wrapped up in one delicious frame. To start, she is a dire wolf female, which makes her larger than most males. She stands at 43 inches tall and weighs in at 210 pounds. Naamah is a well-built female, without being overly bulky or skinny. Her body shows both strength and grace in every part of her body. Thick, soft fur covers her like a plush doll, the thickest parts being found on her neck, back, sides, underbelly, and tail. Naamah sports a dark slate gray coat that is almost like a pitbull blue only darker. Upon her face, the backs of her ears and her entire tail are all a dark black. White makes an appearance in the form of eyebrow marks, under the eye lines and on the very tip of her muzzle. Her eyes are wonderful and brilliant to behold, highlighted and shadowed by her decorative mask. The right eye is slightly lighter than her left, but both are varying shades of red that come together to create a magnificent display of garnet.
** Adaptable - Naamah is a wolf who is capable of many things. She is quite the clever chameleon when it comes down to it. Depending on the situation, Naam is whatever she needs to be to survive. This is the name of her game above all else. Able to keep whatever tactics she adopted for long periods of time without losing herself to the role.

** Enigmatic - Naam likes to keep her secrets close to her chest, never playing her full hand. There is always an air of secret and mystery when talking to her. It is almost as if she has all of life's answers, but the right questions haven't been asked.

** Brutal - When she is set on making pain, Naamah is a pro at delivering. She comes at her prey and opponents with everything she has, coming unglued and morphing into another being altogether. Every fight she goes into, she seeks to make the most damage she can. She will often delay the moment of death for her prey, crippling and maiming before she kills. Naamah's line is also notorious for culling the weak pups out of their litters, Naam is definitely one who sticks to this rule. If there is ever a pup born with a defect, even if it presents later in life, Naamah will kill and eat that pup. (Players will not have the opportunity to adopt these pups, as they will not live long anyway < / 3 - but, they will be NPC or temporary characters!!)

**Obsessive - Naamah tends to fixate on things she deems important to her. She will stalk to the ends of the earth and she will always find her obsession. The thoughts of whatever she happens to fancy at the time consume her and she becomes rather irate if her focus on them is broken.

**Predatory - Whether it is for food or other purposes, Naamah will look to exploit others for all she can. She is always on the lookout for an angle to work, some way to cash in on what others have or to take away to create utter panic and terror.

**Faithful - Once you find your way into this woman's heart, by whatever miracle, she will show you an undying love. With that comes an unshakable loyalty, utter protection and a wolf who would be willing to die for you should she have to. This woman is infallible when it comes to her love and affection, and once you gain this, you have a friend until she dies. She will never betray a friend, and will is not the type to have multiple mates. She is a wolf one can count on to get a job done, keep a secret, and never have to worry about betrayal in any form.

**Multiple personality disorder - Naamah coincides with another entity inside her head that calls itself "Lilith." Naamah will often communicate with her other personality inside her head. When Lilith is out to play, Naamah's voice will become thick, lower, and colored with an even richer Latin accent that is more pronounced than her normal lilting voice. Lilith is vicious and will stop at nothing to see her targets destroyed. Most of the time the two work together inside Naamah's head, and they have made a mental pact that they have to agree on their choice in a mate. They are under the impression that their children will be the Plagues of Wolf-kind, so they must choose the father carefully.
Naamah speaks Latin exclusively, while she knows the common tongue, she doesn't use it unless it is absolutely necessary. She has a very rich Latin accent as a result.

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Small Companion:
- A leucistic magpie that was given to Naamah by Vianni. It is a male, with ivory and pale grey feathers and mean ice blue eyes. His full wing span is 2 feet long. He helps Naamah to find prey, scavenges her meals, and collects trinkets of bone to decorate the den he now shares with her.


Not much is known about Naamah other than a few things she has let slip. Her parents were downright terrifying to the girl, and as a result, the goddess Lilith made herself known to Naamah. The spiritual ancestor and her descendant became very attached to one another, to the point where the goddess was able to make the pup her vessel. Not long after their bonding, a particularly harsh run in with Naamah's father, Lilith could stand no more abuse and she became a physical manifestation through Naamah. At one, Lilith turned on Naamah's father and killed him during his attack on her. Lilith then turned on their mother, who had been just as bad, if not worse than Naamah's father. After she was done, Lilith receded and comforted the young Naamah. After this, Naamah became what her parents were to her, with one difference. The dark cloaked lady would never harm a creature she loved. It was a vow to her and to Lilith, to be so cruel to a wolf she held close to her heart was a disgrace and showed a weakness of the mind that would not be tolerated.

Having come into the world of Ardent, Naamah is a native of Auster who had gone dormant for a while. Now, she has resurfaced and is currently aligning herself with the shadowy god, Amon, and his large and rather prestigious family. After multiple run-ins and an almost constant flow of surprises, Naamah is courted by Amon. Without the aid of the shadowy god, the woman manages to run into family member after family member, which leads her to believe their pairing was fated and she allows Amon to court her. Over the winter, Naamah enters her heat, and Amon helps her create her first litter!
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mateNone, but Amon might kill you XD
childrenAaliyah & Gaios Abraxas (x Amon)
parentsAbaddon & Jezebeth Nocturne (deceased)
siblingsNone, culled at birth.
Extended FamilyNone.


Intellect : 05.31.17

Fighting : 02.07.16

Fight Form

Naamah Nocturne vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Dire wolf
Build: Medium
Naamah Nocturne vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Dire wolf
Build: Medium


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