Circe Abraxasfull name
5 Yearsage
Winter of birthdate
Dire wolfsize
Lawful Evilalignment

Eyes - Teal
Scent - Herbal
Build - Circe isn't dainty by any stretch of the imagination. She's not a lumbering, heavy-footed, androgynous beast either. 'Strong' would be a good word to describe her. While heavy, she moves with a grace and sureness that belies her immense size. Her features are proud, her carriage is regal, and while she might not be the mainstream definition of femininity, she is nothing if not queenly.
Coat - Slate dominates. Black markings, swirling outwards like the arms of a hurricane, mark her back from shoulders to hips. A scattering of silver markings run from her shoulders to the middle of her back. That same silver rings her neck and connects, via a trail of flecks, her crown to the bridge of her nose. Her belly, the backs of her legs, the underside of her tail and the tips of her ears are all silver as well. Below each silver lined eye is a miniature version of the black markings on her back.

Circe moves from situation to situation like mercury, her shape ever changing. There are enough battle-hungry types in her family and so it is with the Abraxas' overwhelming strength in mind that Circe presents a more diplomatic front. When it suits her she is benevolent; a gentle, understanding soul in a sea of conquerors. Likewise, when it suits her, she can be just as heartless.

It is the belief of the Abraxas that each godlike wolf has a gift to contribute to their heavenly mission. Some are born warriors, others tacticians, and some still, like Circe, are sirens. Circe is as crafty as she is beautiful. Her mission is to convert mortals and her tools are seduction and genteel manners. She is never unpolished in the presence of others and always, even in her darkest moments, appears refined and put together. Circe embodies the proud Abraxas spirit and she exudes sophistication; so good is she at this presentation that lesser creatures might find themselves feeling quite small in her presence.

While some might find the notion of such a proud creature repellent, Circe combines her pride with gentle grace and kindness, and it is for that reason that unsuspecting mortals might find themselves unwittingly ensnared by her charms. She'll gently twist and twist until the object of her attention is convinced that s/he is indeed a lesser creature, that they are in the presence of greatness and that they are lucky to find themselves in such a position.

To round out her do-good facade, Circe is a seasoned healer and sorceress; and the two professions go hand in hand with her. She doles out medicine and “magic” alike and it can be difficult to tell where the doctoring ends and the charade begins. Circe is well versed in remedies and poisons, and she'll happily call upon the gods to cast down curses or bestow blessings. Now, whether or not the gods actually cursed someone or she slipped them a little nightshade when no one was looking is another matter entirely, but if the end result is still a dead foe, does the truth really matter?

Companion: Gwydion -- Equatorial Spitting Cobra -- male -- vent to snout length of 50" - black with black eyes

In her own way self-centered way, Circe is devoted to her family's cause. She'll go to extreme lengths to see their plans to fruition as doing so furthers her own success, and it's this facet of her personality that has shaped her particular skill set. She markets herself as a sorceress and claims, among other things, to be able to tell fortunes, offer blessings and call down curses. She's manipulative and always on the lookout for mortals to convert, and because of this, her tricks often lean that way. For her I'd like to find followers, both for Archon's band and personal ones for herself as she fancies a crowd of devotees. She'll treat her harem (males and females are welcome equally) with the utmost care and groom potential members lovingly, but make no mistake, she doesn't act out of concern for their well being. Circe craves love and adoration, and she'll do anything to ensure the object(s) of her affection feels those things for her and her alone.


Proselytizing for the Fallen God
Meeting lots of people
Giving Abraxas history lessons
Performing ceremonies (bless wolves, curse wolves, pray for rain, etc.)
Crafting items related to divining or religious items

Collecting herbs
Prescribing herbs to a patient
Poisoning someone
Giving/receiving lessons
Crafting items related to healing
Treating ailments/tending wounds
Aiding in a birth


Mortal pups to kidnap and raise as followers of the Fallen God
Wolves to seduce (male and female)
Wolves to drug, kidnap and hold captive ;D (she'll ply them with drugs and alcohol, it'll be a great time)

If you want to plot, please send a PM to this account or find me on Ardent's Discord!



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parentsAmon x Kori
siblingsArchon ♂, Malleus ♂, Ronovae ♀, Lilith ♀, Aaliyah ♀, Gaios ♂
Extended FamilyNieces: Felicity, Amaris [Malleus]
Nephews: Aureus, Pyrrhic, Eligos [Malleus]

Uncles: Kaine, Apollo, Adramalech, Andras, Phenex, Typhon
Aunts: Kasdeya, Razi, Pyralis, Anamalech, Nowa, Nura,
Cousins (all): Seth, Proserpina, Mephistopheles, Kefka, Shilah, Seiran, Ashiel, Asharya, Maeva

Fight Form

Circe Abraxas vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Dire wolf
Build: Heavy
Skills: Intermediate Intellectual & Advanced Healer
Circe Abraxas vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Dire wolf
Build: Heavy
Skills: Intermediate Intellectual & Advanced Healer


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