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34" | 130 lbs | Light | Silky Fur

Please note that Ana does not yet have the accessories that are in her reference image.

Ana is, without a doubt, the most gorgeous creature to ever grace the eyes of mortals, according to her at least and she'd dare anyone to tell her otherwise. A coat of pure ivory covers the majority of her body with tiny spots of pink skin showing through in the areas that her fur is sparse. There's hardly any color to her, but the part that sticks out most is the soft sandy hues along her face and sides before it blends into the ivory once more. There are markings there as well - brindle on her side before it fades away into nothing and markings below her eyes as well. Her nose is a soft pink color as well as her pawpads and her eyes resemble that of a very beautiful flower. The iris is a soft pink while her pupil is the cherry red of an albino.

She's rather disappointing in terms of height, but the shortness seems to suit her. She's by no means tiny, but compared to her dire wolf lineage she certainly is one of the shorter of the bunch. While most of her family stands at a hefty forty to forty-five inches in height she's merely thirty-four inches and she keeps a light figure. Her body is slim and she's obviously more agile than the majority of her family. One could speculate that she's smaller because of the fact she's an albino, but judging from her twin brother it's truly hard to fully guess. Her fur matches her pretty figure and is sleek, shiny, and silky - a sign that she's almost always well fed. appearance

I'm here to smoke cigarettes and fuck shit up.

Ana is the lunar child, crafted from the rays of the moon. Where her sibling is raw fury and power, she's the epitome of elegance and grace. She is perfect in every way possible and in her eyes she has no flaws. Flaws would mean she's a mortal and she's already proven that she's not. She goes out of her way to make it a point that she's higher on the totem pole than anybody and there isn't a soul who could convince her otherwise. Not only does she think she's the greatest thing ever, but it translates over into her actions too. If issued a challenge, especially by a mere mortal, she'll go out of her way to prove that she can do it ten times better.

If her head were the size of her ego then Ana's head would have popped by now. It pairs rather nicely (awfully) with the mentality that she can accomplish anything better than anyone else. She can only recognize herself and her family as worthy of even looking at. The Abraxas name means everything to her and, like most of her family, is eager to ensure it's continued existence through breeding. That's not to say she'd be an easy female to woo either. She has high standards (she really does think she's one of the most beautiful gods after all) and she wouldn't just carry anyone's pups. They would have to prove themselves her equal, or even her better, if that's possible.

Ana is a tiny creature therefore she's not as ready to act as though she has the brawn to back up all her actions. She's a smart little thing with a quick wit and a sharp tongue. She eagerly looks for ways to tear down wolves from the inside out by preying on their weaknesses. One little slip up in revealing any personal information and Ana is on it like white on rice. She'll hurt your feelings before you even have time to blink. Witty banter isn't the only thing she specializes in though - when it boils down to a fight Ana is just as ready to prove herself as the rest of them. She's fast, she's agile, and she's got grace. She'll kick your ass with style and you won't even know what hit you. Needless to say she prefers mind games over actual battles though and will only enter a physical fight if she is in the mood to get her fur dirty. If she does then you'll know you've successfully pissed her off.

More than anything, Ana adores her family. Her twin, Adra, comes at the forefront of this love/adoration. By herself Ana is a handful, but together the pair are a monstrosity. A single snake with two heads, the pair thinks themselves unstoppable. While she absolutely adores her brother, she holds the same love, respect, and arrogant-like worship for the rest of her family as well and will happily sing their praises. She'll do anything for all of them.personality


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childrenBy Dragon Ancora

Proserpina (f), Ardat Lili (f), and Belial (m)

Adopted: Abyzou (f)

siblingsLittermate: Adramalech (m)

3 yo: Amon (m), Pyralis (f)

Extended FamilyNieces/Nephews: Malleus (m), Archon (m), Ronovae (f), Seth (m) Astaroth (f), Lilith (f)


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Anamalech Abraxas vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
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