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Basic Reference

The younger child in a litter of two, Aramis will prove in appearance to be the polar opposite of his sister. His fur will be as black as a starless night sky. He will have no markings at all, his entire body appearing to have been dipped in ink. As a pup, he will be a few shades lighter due to the downy quality of his fur, but as he matures and his coat grows thicker, it will darken to the most unmistakeable black. This description may give the impression that, in appearance, Aramis is unremarkable and easily forgettable. In reality, he is anything but. In low light, his coat may appear to be only black. But even then, it will have a faint shimmer to it, like the feathers of a raven. Only when he is old enough to leave his den and step into the light of day will the fullness of his beauty be revealed.

Aramis has a coat that is iridescent, behaving almost exactly like labradorite. Like this beautiful mineral, his fur shines a brilliant blue when it catches the light. When the light hits his fur directly, the resulting shade of blue is as lively and bright as the sky. When the light is more indirect, the blue is darker, like a sapphire or the mysterious depths of the sea, blending briefly with muted green and purple tones. These varying shades of blue ripple magnificently across his coat, shimmering with every movement and every stir of the breeze. This iridescence gives both Aramis and Aurielle a very otherworldly appearance, and no doubt their parents were surprised to see such a special pair of children.

His eyes are almost identical to those of his mother, a clear and untouched sky blue. However, his eyes look even more striking in comparison to his ink black coat, creating the illusion that his eyes are far paler than hers. Nevertheless, it does not go unnoticed that his eyes perfectly compliment the hues in his iridescent fur.

Beneath that spectacular surface, Aramis is of surprisingly average stature. He measures at a decent 33" in height, and his build is nothing to boast or complain about. He is not quite as bulky as his father, but he did not inherit the lightness and frailty of his mother's figure, either. Instead, he is a neutral ground between the two. He has a broad chest and a strong back, with a fair amount of muscle to carry him along and keep him warm in the winter. And yet, his long legs suggest that he may have been built more for speed and agility than brute force. Indeed, he is very elegant and graceful, even when simply walking from place to place. He holds himself proudly, knowing his birthright as son of the Archangel, but never takes it too far. His compassion far surpasses his pride.

Both Aurielle and Aramis were blessed with beautiful and very expressive facial features, but Aramis makes far less use of them. Though he is the type to feel emotions quite strongly, he has an enduring mask of calm and rarely lets on that something is troubling him. Admittedly, this is not helped by the fact that he is also soft-spoken, like his mother. Where words fail, body language and expression may as well, and one might only be able to guess at what thoughts are in his mind.

His voice will never reach the deep baritone of his father, lingering instead at the bottom of the tenor range. However, it will possess the same warmth and rumbling quality, sounding sensual without really meaning to. He, like his father and sister, will be fluent in both the Old Tongue (Gaelic) and the Common Tongue (English).

Aramis has enough love in his heart for everyone. Whether it be family, friend, or stranger, he will always try to be there to offer support in times of need. He has an incredible amount of empathy for others, and will never hesitate to be a shoulder to cry on. He is kind. He is gentle. He would never want to harm another with words or with actions. He avoids confrontation at almost any cost, much like his mother. Aramis sees more value in the art of healing than in the art of war.

Closely related to his compassion is his sensitivity. Aramis is very good at reading others, and this makes him good at matters of diplomacy. Of course, he would much rather use these skills to help a friend than to flirt with the dangerous world of politics. Still, he knows he may find himself in such a situation one day, considering the status he was born into. To say that Aramis is sensitive is also to say that he is easily hurt. With such a big, welcoming heart, it is no wonder. He lets himself be vulnerable, which means heartbreak is definitely a possibility. But that is a price he is willing to pay. It is important to note that even when Aramis is upset or emotionally wounded, he will not easily show it or open up about it. He would rather keep it to himself, and continue to put on a brave face. He doesn't want to let anyone down as a result of his vulnerability and emotionality.

Aramis learned from his father how to be a perfect gentleman, and he is always respectful, especially to women. He knows the weight that comes with his name and knows that anything he says or does might affect his family. So he always tries to be mindful of this and make decisions that his parents would be proud of. Though Aramis doesn't like violence or war, he is still an honorable man and knows that it is his duty to protect his family and his pack in any way he can, even if that means laying down his life.

Being the fiercely loving man that he is, Aramis is very protective of those he cares about. This is especially true for his family, and most of all his mother and sister. Though he knows, of course, that Aurielle is perfectly capable of defending herself. If Aramis ever finds a woman to love and to marry, he will be just as protective of her, if not more so. And gods help him if he ever becomes a father. He will worry constantly about his children and their safety and well-being.

Like his mother and father, Aramis is intelligent. He loves to learn new things, whether it be history or language or healing. He learns quickly and is also very innovative. The art of crafting fascinates him, and even as a pup he may be found trying to craft little tools out of rocks and other crude materials.

This is the trait that perhaps makes Aramis most like his beloved mother. Just like her, he is a bit reserved and soft-spoken. He often thinks for a little while before he speaks, which means that his words are always meaningful and deliberate. Aramis enjoys good conversation, but with him the conversation is usually a bit unequal, meaning he listens more than he speaks. This trait will make itself known at a very early age, because though his sister will be a bit shy as a pup, Aramis will be even more quiet and reserved than she. This will always be the case, as if he is living in the shadow of his firstborn sister. But unlike the bitter princes and princesses in the stories, Aramis is very much content to stand behind Aurielle and help her in any way he can.



Autumn, Year 10
Aramis and his sister Aurielle are born to their parents Solveiga and Regulus Adravendi.

Spring, Year 11
Aramis and Aurielle leave their den and explore!

Summer, Year 11
After being kidnapped by a band of criminals, Aramis and his mother return home. Physically, they are safe and sound. But emotionally, they have been deeply shaken.

Summer, Year 13
In the time that has passed since returning home, Aramis has been healing emotionally. He has tried to help his mother do the same, but he realizes she may never fully recover and her health is now fading. This motivates him to snap out of his trance and do something to help her. He gathers the courage to leave Valhalla territory in search of a cure.
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