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Dumois Rosariofull name
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Spring of birthdate
Lawful Neutralalignment
Flamboyant homosexualsexuality

Dumois considers himself a wonder to behold, his fur is silky in texture and incredibly soft, he regularly consumes herbs to keep his fur brim and healthy. His coat is violet with a royal purple saddle and an undercarriage of the same color that frames his forelimbs at the shoulder and his hind legs at his thigh. The only disruption to this pattern are two acid yellow stripes on either side of his flanks that connect over his spine and a large X marking over his chest. The nape of his neck is the same deep violet as his saddle and underside but ends just before the base of his neck and climbs over his crown in a sharp widow’s peak. His eyes and the sides of his muzzle are framed in the same deep purple and end just before his black lips. Curiously his paw pads have taken on the same vibrant yellow of his stripes, but his nose, lips, and skin are a normal black. His eyes are bi-colored, acid green with bright crimson in the center, his pupils however are slitted not unlike a snake’s and although they can widen slightly they are usually very thin and hooked.

To hear the whispering voices of his Loa Dumois consumes toxic plants and wormwood, and although the method is effective he has developed sever acid reflux. His teeth have therefore become stained yellow and are brittle which makes him an inefficient fighter. He prefers to settle disputes through civility and language as a result. Although he tries to keep his fur clean and masks the scent of his condition by chewing mint and rolling in roses it’s not uncommon to see bile drip from his mouth or see vomit caked on his muzzle after he enters what he calls “The Crossroads”

-Height and Weight-

-28 in 98lbs-


-Roses and spearmint-



Dumois thinks he’s god’s gift to both women and men and sees no reason not to act the part. He’s openly affectionate to anyone that doesn’t decline his advances. Although he’ll pull back if he senses he’s making someone uncomfortable his first instinct is to be openly flirtatious to anyone who approaches him regardless of how few or many are present. Although he is only fully attracted to males he'll flirt with females but turn down any physical advances they might make


To match his vividly colored pelt, Dumois is known for his extravagant and often charming behavior. He can be very charismatic at times and often flaunts his preciously cared for fur. He prides himself on his showmanship and his trances in themselves can be quite a spectacle for his audience. Frequently he sings a song in a long-forgotten language when he is alone, he claims the song is passed down from a teacher of his craft to a student and a verse is added to the song once the student’s training is complete and they first enter The Crossroads.


Proud to a fault, any attempts to critique his behavior or reinterpret his visions is usually met with snide comments. He often deflects critical comments with sarcastic and often insulting comments of his own assuming he doesn’t dismiss them outright. Any doubt or skepticism for his trances is often met with offense, although because of his inability to fight at most he will ignore his malcontent after a harsh tongue lashing. Calling him a witch or calling him cursed is usually met with deep and aggressive offense.


Although he knows consuming the herbs to bring on his trances are hurting him he refuses to acknowledge it as a problem. Attempting to convince him to change his stance once his mind is made up rarely works out well and, without sufficient pandering, is usually counterproductive.

Dumois believes he can communicate with spirits of the dead through deep trances brought on by consuming toxic herbs, the “Whispers” he hears are wild hallucinations caused by the plants he consumes or figments of his imagination, he has no mental illness to speak of

Open Character pass and Minor Fantasy Feature: completed 5/2/17misc



From the moment he was born Dumois was labled cursed, his eyes and strange coloration, vastly different from his siblings and parents convinced his family and their pack that he was a demon made flesh. The laws of his birth pack forbade the killing or neglect of pups and it was because of those laws that he could live. Although the pack believed he was entitled to life they didn’t believe he was entitled to happiness and so his family and all pups born within the pack grew up learning to ostracize him as much as possible. For the first year of his life he knew neither the comforts of friends or the love of family and largely had to fend for himself, he was so unwelcome that he hadn’t even been given a name. Eventually he simply kept his distance from the pack, hiding within the borders of the packlands until he was old enough to leave


His harsh upbringing had made him bitter and reproachful of strangers. He became very reclusive and only left his den when he absolutely needed to. Unfortunately whenever he did leave his den he gathered a lot of attention, and news of a snake-eyed hell spawn traveled far, eventually becoming something of a legend and in some packs even an apparition to scare young pups into good behavior. It wasn’t long before news of the “Demon” reached an elderly Voodoo priest by the name of Valentin Rosario. Valentin sought out the young man and told him that his appearance wasn’t a curse but rather a blessing from the Loa. Valentin believed that he would be the greatest Voodoo Priest to walk the earth and would be able to travel The Crossroads and reach the Loa at will. Dumois, who before Valentin had never known kindness, agreed to become the elder wolf’s student and was given a name, out of respect and love for the man he took on Valentin’s family name as well.

-Year 2-

Valentin taught Dumois everything he knew before dying of old age. Dumois, now a fully-fledged priest of his own left their home in search of another in the hopes of becoming The Traveler Valentin believed him to be. Valentin had effectively reassured him of his importance as a blessing, and built the once reclusive wolf into a self-confident (If not Cocksure) young man. Although he no longer considers himself a curse or a freak, hearing it from others still leaves a deep wound in him, especially if it comes from someone he’s particularly fond of.

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parents(Adoptive Father) Valentin Rosario


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Healing : 05.02.17

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Dumois Rosario vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Small
Build: Light
Skills: Novice Intellectual & Beginner Healer


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