Chasmophyte Hisoka Agatsumafull name
4 Yearsage
Winter of birthdate
True Neutralalignment
It is plain to see that the boy clearly take after his mother. From his main coat color, to his markings, and his one eyes he has inherited it all from his mother's side of the family. Though his colors do not match his mother's completely it comes from her grandparents from his mother's side. It starts with his main coat which starts off as a dark grey color towards the top of his body. As you go down towards his paws the color fades out into white. His markings are almost the same as his mother, the rainbow pattern paints his head and back which is a clear giveaway of who's child he is. He also has decreased pigment in his nose, making it a dark pink instead of black. He also has one Red eye and one Green eye.

He will grow to be a rather large boy getting taller then his mother, but not by much. He will grow to be 39 inches total, one inch taller then his mother. Instead of being a build like his mother he gets his build from his father. He will be tall and lean making him quick on his feet. It makes his reflexes quick and sharp which could help him in fighting (if he decides to take it up). His build is really the only thing he shows from his father's side and the boy tends to keep himself fit a lean because he likes having quick reflexes.
Chasm is a vary family oriented person especially when it comes to his mother. Since the abandonment of his father & Brother and since he was swept away by storm, Chasm feels he needs to be closer with his mother. He feels as though he needs to make it up to her and to show her that he will not leave again and that he is better then his father and brother. He is loyal to her and to those he trusts, which trust does not come vary easily to him. He is weary of others because of his father turning and leaving when his mother trusted him it makes the young boy struggle with trusting others that he doesn't know. It takes a bit to built trust with this male, but once you do you will be glad you did.

The boy is what you can consider laid back and possibly even a bit shy. When meeting another he tends to not speak unless spoken too and keeps his distance. Being still young if his mother is with him he will tend to hide behind her until he feels it is safe enough. to come out. He is an observant creature watching things from a distance and learning what he can. He feels safe doing this because it's easy for him to escape if spotted. As he ages he will grow to be more laid back and reserved, keeping his more sensitive emotions hidden from others and putting a brave happy face on.

He has anxiety, that steps from his mother's mental instability. Luckily this was the only thing he had inherited in that way. It at first wasn't all that bad, but what happened with his father and his brother has made his anxiety swing into a stronger hold on the boy. Hence when he he finds his mother again he will not want to leave her side. He also suffers from vary slight depression, but who knows how this will go as he ages.
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Name: Bones
Gender: Male
Breed: Tasmanian Devil
Height: 12 inches tall


Born Winter, Year 8

Born into a life of two loner parents Chasm, spent his first few months of life not know what it was like to live within a pack. He was vary close with both his mother and his litter mate, Apathy. His father was in the picture, but he enjoyed traveling, hunting, and just didn't spend as much time with him.

The day his father and brother disappeared, it was early morning and he didn't know what woke him up, but when he did he discovered they were missing. His mother was still sleeping so he got up and slipped from the den. He saw his father off in the distance. He ran towards him trying to catch up with the two of them fearing that he was missing out on a lesson. He could never catch up and as he was pulled further and further from the den getting back would be impossible.

He didn't remember how long it had been, but he had lost sight of his father and a loud and rather viscous storm appeared. He was forced to find shelter and wait out the storm. Problem was now he was lost and didn't know how to get back to his mother. Upon this time the hungry pup stumbled upon a feisty young bachelor Tasmanian Devil and they formed a rather odd bond. The devil kept him fed and in turn Chasm gave the devil company. It took them roughly around a month before they made it back to the den, but Mother was no longer there. Also there was no scent of his father or brother left. Now the boy wanders with Bones hoping to find his mother, at least.
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parentsLiar Walker ♂ & Marina Agatsuma ♀
Apathy Walker (♂)

Shizuo Falkenrath (♂) (Shiranui Falkenrath x Marina)
Kaitlyn (♀), Nixie (♀), & Yoshiko Adravendi (♀) (Nako x Marina)
Nova (♂), Argus (♀/♂), Ochitsu (♂), Azazel (♂), Adore (♀) (Lucifer Asmodeus x Marina)
Ash Walker (♀), Greed Armada (♂), Vadim Armada (♂), Ramsay Armada (♂), & Amara Armada (♀) (Liar Walker x Abelinda Armada)

Adopted Siblings
Ren Agatsuma (♂)
Extended FamilyAgatsuma side
Nicole Agatsuma ♀ & Niako Agatsuma ♂ (Grandparents)
Spencer Agatsuma ♂ (Uncle)
Aldric Fabre ♂, Isabella Quinn Fabre ♀, & Oriana Fabre ♀ (Cousins)
Belua Agatsuma-Asmodeus ♀, Gary Agatsuma-Asmodeus ♂, Lyle Agatsuma-Asmodeus ♂ (Nieces/Nephews from Kaitlyn)
Baldwin Agatsuma ♂ (Adopted Nephew from Kaitlyn)

Walker Side
Zero Walker ♂ & Anette Walker ♀ (Grandparents)


Beginner Hunter (0)
Beginner Intellectual (0)
Hunting : 05.04.17

Intellect : 05.04.17

Fight Form

Chasmophyte Hisoka Agatsuma vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Large
Build: Light
Skills: Beginner Hunter & Beginner Intellectual
Chasmophyte Hisoka Agatsuma vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Large
Build: Light
Skills: Beginner Hunter & Beginner Intellectual


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