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Yale is under no unsure terms a remarkably handsome wolf. His pelt is an elaborate display of golds, russets, and ink black. Black fur covers him from his shoulders to his mid back, interrupted only by a broken russet blaze near his shoulders. The black fur fades into a rich russet dorsal stripe, framed by black ticking, that carries to his tail, the tip of which resumes the ebony shade. His neck is a warm mixture of russet and cream that breaks into the major color of his pelt; russet and golden cream, around his face. His chest carries a bird mark- a common trait in the Beaufort line, stark white on top juxtaposed by black underneath it. The top of his crown is framed by black which covers his ears but stops abruptly at his eye line. A single black blaze of black cuts over his muzzle just above his nose.

Yale's eyes are almond shaped and colored an almost undetectable shade of lilac. His fur is curly not unlike a fleece and is immensely soft to the touch. Although he doesn't care much for his looks he believes cleanliness is close to Godliness, and for a man as spiritual as he is, Godliness is something he strives for. He towers among most wolves at 45 inches but his frame is perfectly proportioned. His legs are the same length as his torso but are very muscular giving him a medium build capable of both speed and hard hitting attacks. He has a small tuft of fur on his chin that resembles a beard, ehich curls at the ends like the rest of his fur. Another unsual feature is the color of his nose, which is unusally pale, sometimes appearing faintly blue but usually simply appearing grey

-Height and Weight-

45 in. 180lbs


Frankincense and morning dew


Yale was born into a family that worships the god Ley, and he has kept faith with the god his entire life. Each morning Yale wakes up before dawn to pray to the god with a choir of howls until the sun has risen. He strictly follows and enforces the ten laws of Ley, asking him to do otherwise is akin to asking water not to be wet.


Yale is fiercely loyal and protective, he is fully prepared to fight to the death for anyone he loves or cares for. He is however easily distrustful and earning his loyalty might be difficult for anyone outside of his faith.


One of the laws of his religion asks that he never speak lies, as a result, from a young age he has forced himself to be honest. His opinions are always earnest regardless of whether or not they’re hurtful, but if he has wronged someone or acted against the wishes of a higher authority he will openly admit to it. He expects the same behavior from others and as a result he has become somewhat naive and easily manipulated.


Yale holds himself to a strict moral standard that appeals to good natured wolves. In following the laws of his religion he has become virtuous, protecting the weak and being as humble as he possibly can. His upbringing was one of high class among wolves, who were taught in fighting as well as scholarly arts such as debate.


The highborn wolves of Bromos are taught in the old forms of courtship; from reciting poems to dancing and any woman that catches his attention is privy to these actions. His beliefs on women however are somewhat archaic but unlike most of the tenants of his religion he is willing to change his opinion on matters from low-birth to women that may prove to be stronger than him.

Direwolf Pass-5/23/17


Worship no other gods those that do have forgotten the face of Ley


Other species are unclean do not mingle with them he who mixes with the unclean has forgotten the face of Ley


Honor thy father and thy wife, see no other man as father and no other woman as wife. He who abandons their father and wife has forgotten the face of Ley


Speak only the truth as it is known, he who speaks lies has forgotten the face of Ley


Rise in the morning to meet the sun, he who shirks the responsibility of worship has forgotten the face of Ley


Be as a mortal and be humble, he who places himself on the seat next to Ley has forgotten the face of Ley


Follow the will of Ley as has been made known to you by the anointed to fail the will of Ley is to forget his face.


Defend the weak from the wicked, the slave from their master, the younger from their older. He who favors the strong to the weak has forgotten the face of Ley


Condemn the thief, the adulterer, he who kills without cause, he who lays with the young, he who lays with the unclean and he who refuses to take a wife. To let the sinful walk the earth free of volition is to forget the face of Ley


The responsibility of the wife is the husband's. No child shall take this responsibility from their father. A child who steps in the place of their father has forgotten the face of Ley



Yale was born the second son of Lord Harrow Beaufort and his wife, Lady Kirin, the princess of Ozark. For generations the Beauforts served the monarchal family Everiath. The Beauforts, reknown for their loyalty to the crown had been made the strongest family in Bromos just under the Everiath's.

As the second son Yale was never intended to rule after his father and was therefore sent to a seminary to train as a holy soldier under the high priest Mihal. By the end of his second year yale had been made Grand Templar and First Leignary of the Holy Order of Ley. It was around that time that his sister Wyvern had been discovered performing abortions on females who had mated out of wedlock or had affairs with males. Disgusted Yale's father cast her out of his home, and stripped her of her title. She was given the name The Black Shuck of Bromos for her heinous acts against their god and has been known as such ever since.

In his third year, just as his brother- the rightful heir of the house Beaufort- was to be named lord, it was discovered that he had been sleeping with a peasant female who had become pregnant and demanded her child be named the new heir of the house Beaufort. Their father ordered Yale to kill the female and the bastard son but even after finishing the infant's mother he couldn't bring himself to kill the innocent pup.

To avoid a scandal involving his rightful heir Yale's father ordered him to claim the bastard child as his own, and was subsiquetly banished for mating out of wedlock. His title was stripped and as soon as the boy- Triton-was old enough to travel the two were forced to leave Bromos and never return

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childrenTriton -Adopted son
parents-Father- Harrow Beaufort VI

-Mother- Princess Kirin of Ozark

siblingsHarrow Beaufort VII, Quillin Beaufort, The Black Shuck of Bromos, and Pixie Beaufort


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Fighting : 05/23/17

Intellect : 05/23/17

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Yale Beaufort vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Dire wolf
Build: Medium
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