Ulric Adravendifull name
5 Yearsage
Spring of Year 10birthdate
Dire wolfsize
Lawful Neutralalignment

While there is many things that make this man unique, the most noticeable is is size. This massive wolf stands at 45" tall and boasts a thickly muscled physique. An intimidating and formidable wall of wolf to those who he has deemed his enemy - a cuddly teddy bear of a fuzz ball to those he loves. This gentle giant inherited his fathers ghostly pale gaze. His eyes are completely devoid of color, leaving just a pale, silvery gray behind. Starting just under his left eye, a thick scar runs across his left cheek - a remnant from a fight he won’t soon forget. His coat is all a mix of neutral browns and tans. All of the hues are on the cool toned side, somehow avoiding almost all of the warmer red-hued tones from his mother's side. The lighter of the tan shades covers the top of his head, down the back of his neck and ears, and covering the tops of his shoulders and back. This fades into a darker, deep, chocolate brown on the rest of his body. That same dark hue tips both of his ears as well. A few touches of warmer color show up on his chest, the upper portions of his forelegs, and around the perimeter of his face. The first light tan covers the toes of his front paws, making him look like his paws were dipped in paint. The rest of his markings aren't so distinct. Dapples of light and dark colors are sporadically dotted on the front portions of his shoulders and all around the top portion of his rump. A few dashes of this colors form indistinct markings down the back of his neck and right behind his elbows on his sides.


Ulric understands now that not everything is able to be balanced, but he still strives to keep his actions as neutral as he can. He never wants to cause more harm than good. He also has a difficult time with any unexpected or sudden changes in his life. They might bother him more than it might bother others purely because he always tries to bring his life into equilibrium and keep a fairly firm control over it all. The laws and structure of a pack setting are a comfortable place for him because of this. He likes to have a rhyme or reason behind how the world works.

Despite the unexpected turn that his life has taken, there are some ideals that he still clings to. He still looks to the wolves around him that are leaders and protectors for inspiration and guidance. He views wolves that put their lives on the line for others as heroes and he wants nothing more than to walk in their footsteps. He will throw himself into battle without a second thought if it will benefit someone else. His own safety is at the bottom of his list of priorities. As long as there is a way to keep his family safe, he will put his body though hell to get them there. His view on heroism has darkened over the years, seeming far less shiny and beautiful than it used to be. There are less thoughts in his dreams of proud knights in shining armor and more of bloodied battle fields with hard won fights.

In Ulric's eyes there is nothing more beautiful than the creation of something. The birth of any animal, the building of a pack, or even just the satisfied feeling from finishing a new den are all things that Ulric aspires for. That is something he admires in healers that use their skills to build others up and heal them. He understands that sometimes pain and death are necessary in life, but he appreciates the creation of life much more than the loss of it. Something that he craves more than anything is to have a family of his own and bring more beautiful life into the world, but he hadn’t been able to focus on his own desires enough to do it. With a life that fully revolves around the protection and care of others, he his own needs have fallen to the wayside.



Born Spring of Year 10
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parentsRoza Adravendi and Ganta Lore
siblingsPhilomena Lore
Extended FamilyRoza's side:
Grandfather: Leo Adravendi
Grandmother: Svetlana Xanilov
Step-Grandmother: Carletta Morales
Uncles: Alfred Adravendi, Lionel Adravendi
Aunt: Heather Adravendi

Ganta's Side:
Grandfather: Sin Hellstrom
Grandmother: Arietta Lore
Uncles and Aunts: Forsaken, Paradox, Enigma, Obscoro, Shiro, Silva, Sheerun, Arcadios

Fight Form

Ulric Adravendi vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Dire wolf
Build: Heavy
Skills: Intermediate Fighter & Advanced Intellectual
Specialty: N/A
Ulric Adravendi vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Dire wolf
Build: Heavy
Skills: Intermediate Fighter & Advanced Intellectual
Specialty: N/A


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