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Clay I

Clay Wreckagefull name
5 Yearsage
Summer of birthdate
Dire wolfsize
True Neutralalignment
45 inches, 200 lbs, & Medium build

He happens to come from the largest size of the Wreckage line, his father being extra large in size and his mother large yet her bloodlines ran Dire size. He was born at a vary large size compared to his litter mates. He stands at 45 inches high, one of the bigger Dire wolf sizes and stays around 200 pounds. He keeps himself leaner to give him speed and stamina over weight. So most will consider him of medium build, but still fairly intimidating with his height. Deep chest provide the male with a deep voice, not one that others fear, but instead his voice is softer and lets others know he means no harm. This voice can also be scary when one is able to tip him into an angry state. His voice is comparable to real life actor Sam Elliot.

His pelt is rich in color and easily shows his relation to his cousin Storm Wreckage. His pelt consists of black, three different shades of grey, and white. The black color mostly covers the lower half of his body which includes legs, chest/abdomen, neck, lower part of his tail, and also most of his face. The three shades of grey cover the top of his body and together their mix give him kind of a Roan look. Lastly his white markings are found in four different spots. Two of those spots are on his legs his right front leg having a partial sock on and his left rear leg a vary tiny sock that only covers just above his toes. He has a white patch on the lower part of his chest and his last white mark is a white tail tip. His eye color is a faded orange color one that some may see in the colors of a sunset.
Clay had always been quiet, even from his childhood. He bond with his litter mates had been stretched due to his massive size. He was afraid to play with him because he feared that he would hurt them. He was always there though, watching over them ready to jump at the first creature who was to rough with them. His protectiveness started with his sisters, they were much smaller and fragile in his opinion. When his sisters strayed from the clan they always had Clay trailing them, ensuring that no harm would come to them. He never could fully explain why he felt such a need to protect them, perhaps it was due to the size difference. Then again he grew protective over his entire family, cousins and all. He doesn't like bullying, abuse (mental, physical, & emotional), and he hates seeing others hurt. He has the biggest soft spot for women and for children.

Being a quiet creature he doesn't often speak unless spoken too. Don't take it as him being rude, it just he has always felt out of place growing up and being so large compared to the rest of his family. Though the male is a great listener because he does like the attention from others. He has grown accustomed to being dumped on (as far as others problems) He always used to hear the issues his sisters had growing up. He will never complain because he just enjoys the company he gets. He may not be a problem solver, but most times others are just relieved to talk about their problems and feel better afterwards.

He is a reserved and a private creature choosing to keep his life matters to himself. He doesn't like to disclose information because he is always weary of others. He wants to keep his family safe from harm and he fears if he discloses to much to strangers that his family could get harmed. He is also partly a shy creature and a teddy bear to those he is vary close with. He is vary observant and patient. He could sit all day and watch prey for the perfect opportunity to attack. He also finds watching others somewhat amusing also, you can learn a lot by watching others. He also learns a lot when he observes things leading him to be a rather intelligent creature.

He is a big softy, but there is another side to this male. It takes a lot to make this male angry, but when you do your better run. He is a calculating fighter despite how angry he can get. Built like a tank he can be a hell of a force to mess with and you better think twice about messing with his family, friends, or his pack (if he ever joins one). He is loyal to those and will fight to the death and has no problem in doing so.
- Dire wolf pass - Gift from Keno


Clay's father is part of the original Wreckage bloodline a brother to both Rosebud & Bluebelle. He was on the large side just as his father before him. Flint and Clarice didn't meet how most of their family met their mates. Clarice was a loner, a battered women with a dark past and she met Flint when he was out on a hunting trip. She was rough around the edges at first, but soon the two fell hard for each other and settled down. They had two litters before Clay's litter was born. Up until Clay's litter their pups had been normal sized ranging from medium to an extra large size. When Clay was born his mother's family bloodlines began to show. He was extremely large compared to his other siblings and his litter mates were dwarf sized compared to him. Clarice's family had dire size in their bloodlines. A mutation compared to the rest of his siblings.

Clay felt like an outcast from his siblings, but being direct litter mates with Morgan and Anna he had felt the closest with the two of them. He grew protective of them and always careful how he played with the two of them never wanting harm to come to them. Though his family never treated him differently Clay always felt different due to his size and always felt as though he didn't fully fit in despite all the love that he had received from his family. His role in the clan was a hunter and a guard and he was vary good at his job. With the recent partings of family he had been sent fourth to ensure everyone is safe and to also do some scouting. The family clan is moving much closer to Ardent and they need to ensure it will be good lands to settle in. So with his orders in tow the large male set off to find the clan's parted members and to scout.
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parentsFlint Wreckage ♂ x Clarice Bates-Wreckage ♀
siblingsOlder Siblings
Cobalt ♂ & Jasper ♂
Mica ♂ & Crystal ♀
Younger Siblings
Morganite ♀ & Annabergite ♀
Extended FamilyGrandparents
Aiden Baine-Wreckage ♂ & Willow Wreckage ♀
Uncles & Aunts
Hurricane Wreckage ♂, Rosebud Wreckage ♀, Hagan Taint-Wreckage ♂, & Bluebelle Wreckage ♀
Hail Wreckage ♂, Sleet Wreckage ♀, Storm Wreckage ♀, Frostbite Wreckage ♂, Anemone ♀, Violet ♀, Sakura ♀, Arum ♂, Zinnia ♀, Magnolia ♀, Jonquil ♂, & Larkspur ♂
Second Cousins
Tempest Wreckage ♀, Cloudburst Wreckage ♂, Corentine Wreckage ♀, Derecho Wreckage ♀, & Tyranis Wreckage ♂


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Clay Wreckage vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Dire wolf
Build: Medium
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