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Andras Abraxasfull name
Tar tongue, The Ripper of Bromos, The Nightcomer, Heart Eater, Old Golden Eye, The Meat Grinder, Andynicknames
8 Yearsage
Winter of birthdate
Dire wolfsize
Chaotic Evilalignment
Any hole is the goalsexuality

From birth Andras was considerably large, his littermates were completely dwarfed in comparrisson and he often remarked that he had torn his mother asunder when she gave birth to him, a fittin beginning for a male so capable and known for killing and ripping wolves apart. He now stands at a terrifying height of 45 inches and weighs close to 250 pounds of sheer muscle and shaggy matted fur.

Compared to most of his family, in particular, his littermates Andras is no marvelous beauty or has no particularly spectacular markings or fur color. In fact most of his fur is muddy brown with scattered points of white and a slate black sheet over his back. Like all Abraxas, his fur is dappled with ticking, some black some white like the wings of an owl. His golden eyes are framed by dark winglike markings under his eyes making his eyes pop out from the rest of his body.

By far the most curious thing about Andras is the color of his tongue; ink black and his gums, an almost burgundy shade although whether this is genetic or was caused by some foreign substance is unknown

-Height and Weight-

45" 260lbs


Cold air and faintly of rotting flesh

"I'm going to conquer and kill and spread bastard children throughout the land like wildflower seeds!"


Andras believes he is the fallen God's gift to the earth. Born a remarkably handsome dire wolf Andras has every reason to believe everyone wants him and those that don’t just want to be him. He has never wasted an opportunity to tell those around him that his lineage is Godly, and believes that mortal wolves- who he calls “Terrans” are his to use as he sees fit. Any attempt to bring him down from his high-horse is usually met with laughter and the judgment that they’re simply envious of his prowess. Within his own family he believes that he's lived the most fulfilling life by spreading the Abraxas name like wildfire across the world rather than bothering with the next generation


While on the outside he may seem wildly compulsive, internally, Andras never makes a move until he’s weighed his options and taken necessary precautions. He makes several risky decisions but each of them is carefully calculated before they’re set into motion and he is always sure to minimize evidence as much as possible unless he wants to be found.  From years of experience, he’s learned how to react to different situations, and what behavior is necessary to get the result he wants. While his impulses tell him to take what he wants when he wants it, he’s learned to delay gratification for a greater end.


Andras has never had a sympathetic thought in his life. He has never had an emotional connection to anyone and likely never will regardless of their relationship to him. Most of the people he associates with are only in his life because they serve a purpose to him, ulterior motives are the basis for his relationship with his family and anyone else he might keep handy. While he is partial to those that inflate his already inflated ego he will abandon them completely once they have fulfilled their purpose to him or he grows tired of them. He loves no one and defends no one.


If pressed for violence Andras will happily oblige. While he tries not to react violently around those that he might need later he is prone to outbursts of extreme violence and occasionally murderous rampages.  While these rampages are often done in secret and usually go unfound he is perfectly capable of bringing them into battles and all out fights. The temptation to outright kill is always present in his mind although unless the situation calls for it, is rarely acted upon.



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Andras Abraxas vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Dire wolf
Build: Heavy
Skills: Beginner Navigator & Beginner Fighter
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