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Gabriel Morningstarfull name
Gabe, Gabbynicknames
6 Yearsage
Spring of birthdate
Dire wolfsize
True Neutralalignment
Asexual (homoromantic)sexuality

In a word: glorious. A creature of elegance and grace, Gabriel is something to admire. Biblical beauty has been trapped within an earthly vessel, barely contained by flesh and sinew. Something for which all should strive. Legs that seem to extend for aeons with each step- he is nothing short of a behemoth. Powerful thighs and shoulders propel him over the ground with unearthly ease. A slender form, with narrow shoulders and hips make the archangel appear impossibly delicate and frail by comparison to his siblings. A thick coat of long fur hides how slim his physique truly is, and accentuates his figure well. A long neck and well sculpted skull draw attention to his face, and nirvana exists. Crafted by the heavens, the man bears features nothing short of splendorous.

Shining gold covers the herald from head to toe. The singular, unwavering hue blends him with many landscapes. Each paw is dipped in ivory, reaching no further than his ankles. Gabriel's muzzle is dipped in that same shade, bleached of its divine pigments. Sweeping from his chin and over his snout, it arches across the top of his muzzle and tapers off in a fine point. Then, it can be found blanketing the top of his neck and shoulders, creeping over his ears. It ends in another point between his alabaster brows, a crown of purity.

Soft, sea foam green is the hue of his soul. Gabriel was born blind, and thus the colour claims his eyes in their entirety. Those eyes are pupil-less, and are often called unnerving. His gaze doesn't lock onto whoever he speaks with, and often he cannot be bothered to direct his face at them either. Gabriel is not ashamed of his disability, and embraces it. His father must have created him without sight for a reason, right?

Horrific scars have marred his divine countenance. Peeled from his left cheek is the splendorous golden pelt, revealing mutilated flesh. Stringy pink scars extend from the massacre upon his beauty, down the side of his neck and down his muzzle. One long slash has just missed his left eye- not that it matters much. A few slashes around the main centre of destruction allude to its creation, by the frenzied teeth of another. (Scar reference)


Diplomat - Violence is simply not his way. There is always a solution, and Gabriel will seek it out until his paws are bloody. This is one of his inherent traits, and paints him as weak in many circles. Reason and rationality are favourable to confrontation and war. He always hopes to solve a problem without harsh words or actions. Seeing both sides is paramount to any conflict.

Blunt - Life is short, there isn't any point in beating around the bush. If something needs to be said, Gabriel can be trusted to say it. This often makes him the bearer of bad news, and the one to break up fights within the family. A hard job, but someone had to pull the short straw. He won't pull punches or sugar-coat it. Because of this, he is often mistaken for rude. He doesn't really care.

Charming - In a shy, honest way, Gabriel is a sweet brute. Many fall victim to his timid smiles and awkward ways. He draws others in droves, and can't explain why. Perhaps growing up as a runt has created a monster- a wolf that begs to be loved by all that see him. An easy way of speaking, bordering on a drawl, makes him easy to be around.

Stubborn - Gabriel will not change himself. Nor will he change his ways. He is an immovable object. By the time an opinion has been formed, he is under the firm belief that it is right. The manner in which he lives his life is a routine that can't be altered without risk to his mental health. Change is not his strong suit. Many may attempt to sway him, but they will not succeed.

Driven - There is nothing he can't do. Once he sets his mind to it, Gabriel is determined to finish each task. Whether it is a mission given to him, or one he creates of his own will, he will complete it. It is likely a facet of his own stubbornness, in all actuality.

Gentle - Despite the size of him, Gabriel is hardly a danger. He loves his siblings, and rarely scuffles with them anymore. He can be found lavishing them with casual affection, and taking care of them when he gets a moment. This tenderness extends to most others, and he finds himself with the unofficial title of caregiver. When others are in distress, he is there to fix the problem. He guides lost pups home, and can be found fostering anyone out in a storm within the confines of his own den.

Feeling towards the Lord: His father is wise. All powerful, perhaps not, but they are definitely leagues above the average creature. They work in mysterious ways, and cannot always be predicted. Overall, Gabriel loves his father. He bears no ill will towards the deity, and follows his word without question.

Feelings towards Samael's Fall: Samael was a beloved brother, who Gabriel cherished deeply. They got along like peas in a pod, and Samael may even have looked up to him. Having raised him partially, Gabriel feels deep guilt over what happened to him. He cannot let go of the notion that the boy's Fall is somewhat on his shoulders. The taste of his blood in his mouth, the sound of his screaming as he was maimed by the father haunt him. Hindsight is 20/20, and to a blind man that is all the worse. He regrets agreeing to their father's demand. Being a soft-hearted caretaker for the whole group, harming Samael was horrific.

Feelings towards his Nieces and Nephews: Children cannot be expected to bear the weight of their parents' sins. Something born into a world that they cannot change the past of shouldn't be expected to understand the intricacies of it all. Of course, this belief is not spoken. Gabriel knows better than to risk incurring the wrath of his father.

Feelings towards his siblings: LITTERMATES: Those with whom he shared a womb are the most trusted of Gabriel's family. Granted, he believes they were simultaneously created from nothing, but we all know the truth. They are those with whom he airs his grievances with the world, confides in, and serve as his soft place to fall. He would readily protect them with his life and mortal vessel. YOUNGER: Warmth floods his chest when he remembers the tiny forms of the younger siblings as they emerged from their den. He and his brothers raised the younger children, as their father was too busy with his divine duties. To this day, he will tell them tales, sing them to sleep, and protect them from harm. Despite many of them being bigger and stronger than he himself, he is extremely protective.

The teachings of Abba the Lord are as follows:

One does not take more than one wife, and does not breed until they are wed.

To say the name Abba is to invoke bad luck, he is instead called my Lord or Father.

To say the name of a Fallen is considered to take on the sins of the Fallen one, they are instead given an alias which they are then called by.

One must not take more than their share. To do so is stealing from those less fortunate.

To kill is to sin. Punishments will instead be given, though for some, to be killed is to be purified.

Rape is highly frowned upon, as is incestuous relationships. The demons that come from such events must be purged.

Respect one another and yourselves. Each creature shall be loved as if they are a brother or sister.

Cannibalism is a heinous act, it is both revolting and demonic in nature. Those found doing so shall be purified in the harshest of ways.

To commune with the unholy ones is to turn your back upon the father, this will result in being cast out until you repent your sins before the father and his guardians.

Defend those that cannot defend themselves from the evils of the world. Shelter them from it.

The father's word is law and is what is right, questioning it is taboo.



(Spring - Year 6)

In the beginning, it was only silent. Then, a deity emerged. Lonesome amidst the world, they drew unto themself all the power they could muster. Three young boys emerged. Gifted with the names Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, they were fostered under the care of their new father. The deity raised them to be righteous and good, warriors for purity. Michael became a warrior for justice, a shining beacon of peace amidst the chaos of life. Gabriel arose as a peacemaker, and a protector of the weak. Raphael (TBA when he's adopted -shrug-). They protected each other, and emerged from their first year as saints of their Lord, for all to admire and strive towards.

(Spring - Year 7) One fine day, five new faces revealed themselves to the saints. Their father had brought them into existence, and delivered them to the holy house to meet their brethren. Without thought, the elder children took them into the fold and collaborated on their rearing. The Lord was constantly busy with their holy business, and couldn't raise the children as best he wanted.

Here, Gabriel found himself caring for the children most often. He lathered them in love, taught them the tales and legends. Brought them up with the same stories of glory and valiance that their father had inscribed within his mind. They would become icons of holiness, just as he and his brothers had.

(Summer - Year 9) Tragedy struck. An unruly boy, Samael, found himself ensnared by sin. He fell under the spell of two sisters, and couldn't bear to ignore his love for them. Both women bore him children, and he valiantly fought to keep them a secret. He failed.

The Lord struck them down, amidst the cacophony of children's cries. The den of inequity was not yet purged, however. Samael returned, to his smote wives. His sobbing whelps begged for their father's protection. The deity summoned the saints, who were to bear witness to their brother's Fall. Solemn of expression, but unable to truly bear witness, Gabriel listened to their Lord.

He dared not speak up, nor speak out. The Lord would smite him where he stood, rend him of his ascension. He watched Samael defend his children, as Gabriel would have done. Just as the herald had taught him, Samael stood fast in the face of the unjust. Killing infants was abominable. He said nothing. Instead, he took Samael's scruff in his teeth and lowered his head to the bloodied dirt beneath their feet. He listened to his baby brother scream.

(Autumn - Year 9) Things settled after Samael Lucifer was cast out of the family with his children. Life resumed, souls were purged of sin and accepted into the fold. The saints were sent on a holy mission, to distant lands. They would help the world learn of their ways, cleanse them of their darkness.

(Spring - Year 10) The herald arrives in the lands of Ardent surrounded by family, trepidation lingering in each step. A stale scent, detected only by his sensitive nostrils, lays upon the heathen earth.

It does not take long for the herald to stumble unwittingly upon his fallen brother. Within the confines of a cavern, deep underground, he comes across Samael Lucifer. The sharp blade of the guillotine does not fall here, and end the story. The fallen one expresses interest in Gabriel. Love. It goes unnoticed.

Samael Lucifer trails after Gabriel for weeks, months after this encounter. Feeds him, when he dares come close. Over time, he goes so far as to invade his space while he sleeps. Cover him in the scent of his unholy presence. The herald is weary now, he has not reunited with the rest of the Lord's children. They are absent, and he longs for their comforting presence. Perhaps, it wouldn't be so bad to settle for a fallen brother's company for now.

(Autumn - Year 10)

Michael is found. Relief comes to the herald in the form of answered prayers. Reunited with his brother, things can only improve. Until Michael expresses rage at the notion that Gabriel could be hiding their fallen brother from him, and could have possibly refrained from slaying him. Samael Lucifer arrives, unbidden, to avert a brutal fight between the holy brothers. Between the fallen and the guardian, a battle to the death is only just avoided. Samael Lucifer's throat is torn but not fatally. Michael is horrifically scarred. The holy guardian vows to slay both of them, before he departs.

Uriel is found soon after. She is delighted to reunite with her brother, and the two share a short moment apart from the trials and tribulations of the world. She expresses doubt in regard to their ways, and the same love for Samael Lucifer that Gabriel keeps close to his chest.

Raphael arrives not long after this, and the two of them speak about the events that occurred in the guardian's absence. Raphael assures him that he will speak with Michael about his unnecessary aggression towards Gabriel. The two leave this on good terms.

Samael Lucifer finds him upon a cliffside overlooking the sea. The younger sibling offers up his heart on a shining dais. Gabriel can only be horrified at the notion. They are brothers. He declines as righteously as he can, and hurts his brother in the process. He cannot deny that he loves his brother, but not in the manner that Samael does. The two separate, making a point not to reunite in the future.

A scent on the wind, and a bad feeling in his gut. Gabriel finds Michael at the Algoma Prairie, with only parts of another wolf. One of Samael's children. Before any dialogue can be opened between them, Michael attacks. Tears into the right side of Gabriel's face, and mutilates him. "I will purge the demons from you. You will no longer know lust for that which taints you." He vows. "You are cleansed of the sin." He promises, before he departs.

Gabriel turns to a friend he has made along the way, by the name of Spider. A healer, who taught him about his trade. The timid man nurses him back to health.

(Winter - Year 10)

Summons from Samael comes. With his face mostly healed, he ventures to the north. Finds his sister Uriel at the Wall. A hard conversation is ahead. Samael blames him for the death of his son Belphegor, who Michael murdered. Gabriel defends himself, albeit pitifully, and begs penance for his sins. In the midst of all of this, Raphael arrives. Decrees that it is all lies brought forth by the serpent, and that Samael should be abandoned.

Gabriel and Samael sneak off from the cacophony to speak in private. Gabriel cannot bear the kindness that his fallen brother offers. Samael offers to introduce him to someone, and brings Gabriel to the Dreamer's Col to meet his daughter, Dominika.

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parentsAbba Jehovah (by "creation")
siblingsLittermates: Michael, Raphael

Second Litter: Uriel, Selaphiel, Samael, Barachiel, Jegudiel

Extended FamilyNieces, Nephews, and Otherwise:

By Samael

Mammon, Sathanus, Leviathan (Hadraniel)

Beelzebub, Asmodeum, Belphegor, (Lailah)

Darya, Divo (Marvel), Dominika (Lirika Lunashka-Bane)

Micah, Forfax (Daffodil)


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Gabriel Morningstar vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Dire wolf
Build: Light
Skills: Beginner Intellectual & Beginner Healer


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