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Ithilielfull name
Ily, Ithilnicknames
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23 Inches | 50 lbs | Light | Short Fur

Ily is a creature of celestial beauty, much like her sibling, though she's pretty much the opposite of her sister. Where Arwen sports nothing but dark colors, Ily is the polar opposite and is nothing but lighter pastel colors. Her main base is an almost pearlescent white with a faint blue tinge to it in certain areas. Mostly along the bottom half of her face, neck, legs, and behind her shoulders, can this color be found. In sunlight her fur takes on a bright sheen and the blue is much more prominent in each individual hair.

The rest of her colors follow along the pastel color theme. A soft yet slightly darker blue coats the top of her snout and lavender covers the backs of her ears as well as her eyebrow dots. Purple and lavender coat all four paws up to the joint mixed in with spots that resemble the stars themselves. Her colors become more prominent as you reach her back and tail where a myriad of pink, purple, and blue all swirl together to make up a galaxy on the girl's back. The same starry markings cover the expanse of her colors and make her a unique little pup. Her eyes are a mixture of a few colors, violet and lavender, though the purple is barely noticeable. One of the most interesting things about her is that, instead of your typical gray/black nose and pawpads, hers are a grayish blue instead.

Her build makes it hard for anyone to take her seriously when she's older. As an adult she only comes to stand at 23 inches to the shoulder and weighs a measly 50 pounds on average. Her build is light, slim, and graceful, and yet up until after she's reached adult hood she remains fairly clumsy. Either way her appearance certainly doesn't match the attitude underneath. appearance

Ily looks rather dainty and helpless on the outside, but she's taken on the role of spitfire pretty nicely. After the death of their parents, and even before that really, she's seen herself as Arwen's protector. She's her mouth piece - the one wolf who understands her sibling better than anyone else and she's taken it upon herself to speak out for Arwen when her sister cannot. Even at a young age, she's fiercely protective of her sibling and has no problem trying to put someone in their place if they overstep their bounds. She and Arwen can be found practically attached to the hip. It'll be a wonder that they weren't born Siamese twins.

Even when she's not forced to bring out her temper because of Arwen, she's still a temperamental little creature. Despite her size the "fight me" reaction is strong within her. She's defensive and can get moody rather easily if someone pushes her buttons. She can be mouthy and once she gets going it takes a while to calm her down. Typically the only one who can rein her in is her sister.

Even despite the bravado of acting like she's bigger and tougher than she really is, she's got a few issues. She harbors a fear of losing her last living relative. Because of this she fears getting close of others, but at the same time (once she does become attached) it's a fierce kind of loyalty that turns into an obsessive attachment. In return, whoever's gained her favor, ears the same kind of fierce love from her just like the kind she has over her sister.

Idk, more stuff here, probably gonna wait until I thread her to fill this out more. personality


- Parents killed by bison leaving Arwen and her orphans.
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Ithiliel vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Small
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