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Kefka Abraxas
(Kah-ef-kah Ah-Bruh-ax-us)

Size: Kefka is an extra large wolf standing at 40 inches tall and weighing 162 pounds.

Build: Kefka is a pretty slim wolf for his size but has worked hard to gain a large amount of muscle which can be intimidating.

Stance: Kefka is very relaxed and laid back, though he can easily change to overpowering in the blink of an eye if he feels like it. He is just never cowering or submissive.

Expressions: Kefka, like his mother, is very exaggerative when it comes to expressions and it is easy to tell how he is feeling. If it's true or not is the question.

Coat: Kefka's coat looks shiny from afar but if you are close enough it looks a little more fluffy and can appear shaggy in some places.

Color: Kefka is a many pallet of colors. His most noticeable is the pink bridling across his back and sides. His legs are mostly white other than his front legs that have two dark shades of brown on the front of his forelegs. A space between his hindquarters and back legs and also his under belly are a very light sandy color. His tail and also his chest and neck are a solid black. His head is a base coat of white, with brown ears, and a black snip and circle right in the center of his face. Another odd feature, he has these thing red marks that point up just above his eyes, go over his eyelids, and down to his muzzle aligning with the bone of his nose and giving him the mark of lipstick like his mother.
Please Excuse my horrible art skills (I will update with a new ref when ever I can get one) but Kefka's main color holds a bridling of dark pink (almost purple), pink of his mother, and white to resemble Kaine.

Eyes: Aside from Kefka's colored pelt, his most demeaning feature are is solid black eyes. The only bit that isn't a pit of darkness is the shine from whatever light is around him. A menacing look for a menacing wolf. His vision is however completely intact.

Hex Codes: Black #2f2f2f Brindling #562a40 Pink #a44473 Red #9e2627 Tan #8a766b Sand #cec5c0 White #ffffff Eyes #000000

Voice: Unknown For Now
Scent: Unknown For Now
Theme Song: None
Agria currently has reins on Kefka and his demonic um-merciful thoughts and feelings are hidden under the surface. Because of his mother raising him he keeps these thoughts generally inside but there's no telling when he will explode with his superior feelings.


Kefka can be delusional even, when reacting to anything. Good news, Bad news, just a simple "Hello" can send him off the deep end seeing as an admiration towards him. None of these feelings could be true but he still acts this way. Sometimes it's like a game to him.


Much like his mother, Kefka can have outbursts for no reason. He takes things out of proportion and just hollers crazy things and doesn't care who's standing in front of him. He can usually make up monsters and crazy stories just to scare others and gets a kick out of it. He's even more over-the-top than his mother.


Kefka has a zero tolerance for anyone who simply annoys him. A voice, a face, a color, if something pisses him off he won't hesitate to tell you and lash out. Better stay away if he tells you to buzz off!


Kefka thinks himself an all-superior being and wants everyone to kiss the ground he walks on. He is a KING. He is a GOD. He is EVERYTHING. If you don't respect his high and mighty self, he will make you bow down to him.

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Wolves I've Met and How I Feel About Them
Tag Wolf Title Description
Agria Nadia Chimeriad Mother Agria took Kefka out from his pack and family at a young age and raised him on her own. He barely remembers the pack or his father on his only real childhood memories are with his brother. Agria taught him using physical force and he began starting to envy her very early in his life. He see's himself as superior over her but is saving his rage and internal hatred for the right time.
Kaine Poe Abraxas Father Kefka doesn't remember anything about his birth father and Agria avoided telling him anything about him. The only thing he knows is that he reminds Agria of him in terms of physically and occasionally some of his thoughts and opinions.
Mephistopheles Aman Abraxas Brother Kefka had a good bond with his brother when they were young and together as a family. But now that he has grown he wants to forget being young and fragile and childish. Even though he is still super childish as an adult. If he ever met his brother again there would be no hard feelings towards him.
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Kefka Abraxas vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Medium
Skills: Novice Fighter & Beginner Navigator
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