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The girl looks like a demon, she is a being of raw brutality swathed in the marks of a devil. As an adult Darya will stand 45" tall, a towering giantess of pure muscle she will look the part of a conquering god. She is a tank, a monster that boasts of unadulterated power much in the same way her father does. Perhaps it is a bit counter intuitive then that she holds herself with little to no malice, indeed she moves as softly as a mouse and as delicately as a cat, making as little impact as possible.

Her imposing form is swathed in a cloak of dread, the very skin beneath her fur an unnatural blue, tinting her nose and paw pads a brilliant cerulean. Her long thick pelt is slate grey, though it will be broken by white on her paws, curving to just above her ankles on her for legs and above her hocks on her hind legs. Her other defining markings are as black as pitch and mark her as a true child of the sinner, along her face she bears a mask in the striking resemblance of a skull, complete with small teeth markings just above her gums. Though the marking is not as atomically correct as a true wolf skull would be as instead of graceful curves along the back edges it spikes dramatically around her ears. The mask covers the whole of the top of her head and it's dark coloration flows down the back of her neck almost like a main, fading out just past her shoulders.

Sitting within that mask of hers bubbles the very pits of hell, her eyes are a brilliant spectrum of color. The flow of color from inside to outside is yellow to orange to red in an elegant fade.

Counter to her fearsome appearance the girl is one of the meekest wolves one will ever meet. The girl is shy and quiet and kind to a fault. She is more likely to hide behind her mother or siblings when faced with a stranger than to greet them in any manor, in fact she will prefer the company of her family and a select few close friends than to be around others. That is not to say the girl isn't friendly, she is but it is hidden behind a wall of almost debilitating shyness, she simply doesn't know how to be around strangers and this awkwardness will only grow when she learns of how her size and build affects others. She will be almost afraid of breaking those that are smaller than herself.

Darya will also be almost viscerally empathetic, the notion of another wolf hurting in anyway makes her deeply uncomfortable and as she grows she will seek out the healing arts to do what she can to alleviate the suffering of any wolf she may come across. In fact violence will always make the girl upset, when she is young even the notion of hunting will upset her though as she grows she will understand it to be a necessary evil though she will never enjoy it.

Despite her apprehension Darya like many pups will be incurably inquisitive about the world around her, she will constantly seek to explore every nook and cranny she can shove her tiny body into and as she grows her curious nature may often see her ranging far from home as she seeks to know as much as she can about the physical world she lives in as she possibly can. The girl will keep in her mother's faith, and her view of the world will be taken through the eyes of her belief.




Full Blooded Siblings:

Litter mates:

Divo/Marvel and Dominika Lunashka-Morningstar

Half Siblings:

Samael Morningstar x Hadraniel:

Mammon, Leviathan and Anabiel "Sathanus" Morningstar

Samael Morningstar x Lailah:

Asmodeum, Beelzebub and Belphegor Morningstar

Samael Morningstar x Daffodil:

Forfax and Miach Morningstar


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Fight Form

Darya Ilari Lunashka-Morningstar vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Dire wolf
Build: Heavy
Skills: Beginner Healer & Beginner Navigator
Specialty: N/A
Darya Ilari Lunashka-Morningstar vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Dire wolf
Build: Heavy
Skills: Beginner Healer & Beginner Navigator
Specialty: N/A


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