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Ardat Lili Abraxasfull name
Lili, Alanicknames
1 Yearage
Winter of birthdate
Lawful Neutralalignment
Lilac, lavender, sand, cream and ash. The colors that shine upon this girls' pelt is anything but spectacular. Cream lace portions of her back, slash from her rear to her underside before hitting the base of her stomach. A tuft of chest fur, almost asterisk-shaped, is also cream. The rest of her body is laced in altering shades of lilac, lavender, sand, and ash. Most noticeable to her appearance is the star of pure cream on her forehead, like a beacon of light drawing ones' eyes into her. To any onlooker, this poison princess would merely be your average slightly smaller than medium sized wolf, with minty green eyes. Though, these beautiful orbs are usually as sharp as knives, and will send daggers into any who cross her, or her extensive family. Sugar and spice and everything nice; what else would anyone use to describe a flower as delicate as this? Only Ardat Lili Abraxas is anything but a delicate flower.

At first glance, the pup is anything but special; lengthy wobbly limbs, all skin and bones, and above all else she’s rather clumsy. Like all other puppies, Ardat will grow into her size and stride. She will be slim, slender, and built for speed and endurance, not entirely brute force. Of course, not all situations need to be handled with force and attack strength. With pride, the princess will walk with a purpose across the ground, almost gliding. Each step is assertive, and each move is fluid. Every glance is calm, and assertive; the windows to this soul are icy and cool. Upon this predator’s face is no expression, at least not usually. One could say she's brutally honest, diligent, and above all else, she respects and upholds family and traditions.

reference. height: 32" - build: medium - light green eyes - lilac, lavender, sand, cream and ash.appearance

Ardat is a challenge, that’s to say the least. This lass takes after her mother for the most part, her beauty is in the eye, but her strength lies deeper than the skin. Given her upbringing, focused mainly on being a diety above all else in the world, the female is rather odd. No, she’s not sunshine and rainbows, still far from that chapter of life, but she’s more refined in a dignified sense, not really an entitled sense. From the start, it’s obvious to all that the child is respectful; to elders, to kin, to any of those that are deemed worthy to her and her family name. Speaking when spoken to, obeying orders from those in higher ranks like a true subordinate, and maintaining a sense of dignity. Though not vain the girl is prideful, and rightfully so, I mean how can one be a god among men and not feel pride?

A rather quiet girl, so the voice is not what carries her, what some would call “arrogance,” it’s the way she holds herself and regards others. Generally, her expression is that of either blankness or distaste, usually the latter when dealing with anyone but family. Her head is held high, stance that of a statue, and her ears are constantly attuned to the world around her. Unless it’s someone of importance, Ardat is likely to maintain a regal stature. Like the rest of her family, she puts herself, and her family, on a pedestal of the highest honor, merit, and attention. Nothing comes between the blood in her veins and the blood of her kin, and for this one can sense the shrewd nature and self-importance that all others in her family have. Ardat rarely interacts with others, and when she does, it’s merely out of the gain she could acquire for herself, or for family.

Craft is her secret weapon, and it may not seem like an art that can be mastered by one so… serious. Knowing her strengths is part of what makes Ardat so dangerous, and as she grows she’ll learn that her skills as a hunter and fighter will fail compared to her other assets. While she is not big, or the strength of any operation, she does have brains, and her knowledge will carry a certain power. No, she’s not any sort of mind reader, or other silly method, Ardat is simply unnerving. To others, the cold demeanor and blank stare will open doors of interrogation that others cannot fathom. To be uncomfortable to others, is her gain, her power, but it’s not for everyone, or everything. Silence, can be deafening.

Above all else, Ardat is one of observation, watching, absorbing, and assessing all situations. In this sense, she can go by in life almost unnoticed or undetected. She’s got an uncanny knack for being able to bring out the truth, because who wouldn’t be uncomfortable by someone just staring at you as you weave a story, not moving, barely blinking, and completely silent? The wolf, even at a young age, can read others rather well, mainly because she doesn’t waste time with meager things. She goes for the meat of any situation, but with a bit of taste and flare. Brute force can only get one so far, but art can get anyone into any situation they desire.

Unknowingly to the child, she takes but one aspect of her core self from her father; lawful neutral. Despite being an Abraxas child, Ardat is far from your average self-absorbed idol, she is the gavel and the scale. The voice of lawfulness and all that follows; she is the truth bringer, and the one to sentence all others for their crimes and pay their dues. To live under the gods, is to repent for ones' actions. Her cold and calculated demeanor plays quite well into the enforcer roll, with all senses attune to the ways of the Abraxas brood. As she grows, the girl will be all but devoted to her family, her core and self will be bent around the will of those closest to her. For this, and this alone, she’s an excellent pawn in any scheme; fly under the radar, and be the voice of justice.personality

- Free Pup Slot (Ana x Dragon)misc


-Born to Anamalech Abraxas and Dragon Ancora December 25th, Winter Year 10
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parentsMother: Anamalech Abraxas Father: Dragon Ancora
Proserpina & Belial [full siblings]
Drake, Wyvern, & Wyrm [Half siblings by Dragon x Paradox]
Extended FamilyThe Abraxas Deity & Ancoras


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Ardat Lili Abraxas vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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