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Ronovae Shiva Abraxasfull name
Vae, Novanicknames
3 Yearsage
Winter of birthdate
Dire wolfsize
Lawful Evilalignment

45" | 200 lbs | Muscular | Thick/Coarse Fur

Ronovae resembles her father in so many ways, but her appearance is easily the most noticeable. In many ways she bears the same markings as her father, but they are inverted and lighter. She's like a storm cloud with lighter and darker hues intertwined in the typical markings that seem to surround her and her siblings. It is unmistakable who she is related to and she wastes no time in taking pride in it.

She's made up of monochromatic colors and absolutely nothing else except for her intense fiery colored eyes. Most of her is a medium colored gray which encompasses her face, upper legs, stomach, and the under side of her tail. A lighter gray bathes the backs of her ears, around her neck, the lower parts of her legs, haunches, and the upper side of her tail. The rest of her body is swathed in a myriad of different shades of gray. There's no particular placement for her markings, at least not in a way that's easily explained, but there are clumps of hairs of varying hues of gray.

Her size, much like her appearance, is nothing to scoff at either. She's a brutish looking woman with very little feminine features about her. She's 45" tall and a giant in her own right. In seasons where prey isn't scarce her weight averages out at around 200 pounds, but there is very little fat about her. She's trained since as long as she can remember and has hardened her body so that is nothing but muscle. She has very little feminine curves so she often gets mistaken as rather masculine, but she doesn't mind - in fact she considers it a strength. appearance

Ronovae is a force to be reckoned with. Her personality is something akin to storm. Of course if you asked her she'd say something along the lines of "I'm not the storm, I'm a damn hurricane." She's bold, she can be arrogant, but most of all she wants to be recognized. Anywhere she goes she aims to make a statement where she can. She is an Abraxas, a child of Amon, and she wants the world to know her name as well as her family's. She's there to make a name for herself and make the world fall on its knees and bow to her like the royalty she is. She's not all spoiled, bratty princess either. While she has that arrogant air about her it's because she feels like she's done something to earn it. She carries it because she deserves to be recognized and seen as that all powerful force that could turn your world upside down. The vibes that surround her are toned down in the presence of her family, but that same fierceness burns just the same anywhere she goes.

She's loyal, as many are within the family, but she's blindly so. Her devotion to the Abraxas, and their cause, knows no limits. While she'll make exceptions to those outside the family those bonds aren't as strong as those within. The minute someone turns on her or her family she'll unleash a fury worse than hell itself. This also extends to those her father dislikes or distrusts. It doesn't matter if she knows your or not - she's going to share those same feelings.

She's still fairly young so she can be brash at times, but only in times of high stress. She does her best to be more militant and reserved, like Amon, but it's still a flaw she's working on. There are times where her emotions get the best of her and its rip faces off ask questions later. More times than not though she tries her hardest to ignore that part of her and slow down to make the best decision possible before she acts on it.

In the same sense she has a bit of a temper on her. After all she wants to be the destroyer of the mortal realm, the reaper of souls, so it doesn't take much to push her buttons if you know exactly how to push. As mentioned before her love for her family is a weakness just as much as it is a strength. She's fiercely protective of them, even if they don't need protecting, and that's something that won't ever change. She's also quite stubborn and often won't change her mind once its made. Arguing with her is near impossible as she's determined to win every single time, even if she's wrong. She accepts her faults though and in due time she plans on working on them to make herself the perfect example of an Abraxas.personality


- Born to Amon and Kori

- Gathered in Auster at a year as Amon called the family together.

- Left to go off on her own for a while to learn more and become the perfect daughter.

- Returns at the age of three.

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parentsAmon (m) x Kori (f)
siblingsAmon x Kori

Malleus (m), Archon (m), Astaroth (f), Lilith (f)

Amon x Naamah

Gaios (m), Aailyah (f)

Extended FamilyAunts

Pyralis, Anamalech, Razi, Kasdeya


Andras, Adramalech, Apollo, Phenex


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Ronovae Shiva Abraxas vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Dire wolf
Build: Heavy
Skills: ----- & -----


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