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Montagué Carlisle Adravendi full name
1 Yearage
Spring of birthdate
Lawful Goodalignment
Flowers in Chania

scent: Sweet, juicy and edible. Tropical fruits, peaches, pears and orchard fresh summer apples

A mythical creature, brought to life by mere thought and whim. A piece of creation woven from meticulous desire, twisted and wrong. Yet so very right. His most dominating trait would be that of his dense cloak, woven together with hairs of purest violet. A child of the universe, a nebula, his pelt is that of the violet, deepening towards his limbs and shoulders, heavy, trapping heat just beneath its surface, a boiling furnace in an otherwise frigid world. Though pale with ivory around his visage and tail, he is a lunar creature, he takes on an almost, falring hue in just the right setting, gold overtaking his flanks, riding the sloping muscle of his back and front legs, rippling like undercurrents around the face, back of his neck and tail. His ears, wedged spires with perpetual gossamer coverings, are held in constant interest, heights against the angular structure of his head however the most spectacular tapestry would not be completed with a elongated tail that flows like water, touching the ground behind him as he walks (at a young age tripping over it many times). What makes this galaxy even more unique is the tendrils of fine hair that grows from above his cheeks, conturing his slim face into a alluring handsomness.

Cautious, easily frightened, and suspicious, this young man already seems to be tumbling down a path of destruction. A scardy-cat, always keeping his pelt clean and groomed he dislikes tremendously to have any dirt on him. He has a thirst for knowledge and a desire to learn everything there is to know about anything. Adept at retaining random facts that have little to no context, he is constantly slurring out the information to anyone who will listen to his ramblings. A boy who loves to babble, Montagué will go on and on about the things he has learned, but when someone has an interesting tidbit of information to tell him, this one is all ears. Knowledge is a necessity to his life, a desired habit that he has no will to break, and that is the reason he takes the path of herbs and shows even from a young age talents in healing. He always listens to his mother and never would go beyond her word unless invited or initiated by his siblings however her is usually the "rat" that always announce his mother of their whereabouts.

Montagué as an adult is eloquent and considers himself a wielder of words. He is practiced in several languages, including english, french and italian. Because of this he finds word play to be an art and enjoys a thoughtful conversation as much as a good riddle. As a consequence of his love for words, Montagué can come off as a bit vague and can be a bit sanctimonious with his vocabulary at times. Montagué is also a lover of poetry and often finds himself quoting lines and even whole stanzas of poems that he find relevant to his current situation or emotions. He is openly warm to everyone he meets and is notoriously polite even when angered, often desperate to keep his temper in control, especially in the face of a tormenter. He is not generally formal, but is very conscious of his body language. This causes him to come off as a bit stiff at times. Regardless, Montagué is charming and poised, a proud man with a quiet confidence. He tends to smile crookedly, something that can been taken as endearing, though it is often just a nervous tick. True to the nature he bore as a child, the man retains his healing talents into adulthood. Now a more refined trait, age has made him a perfect master of herbs, a shaman and a priest, a medic, the man finds pleasure into helping others and swore to never hurt a living creature, this is the reason why he is mostly a vegetarian.



He will be born on February 9th and be playable on 23rd February.
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Montagué Carlisle Adravendi vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Montagué Carlisle Adravendi vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Small
Build: Light
Skills: Beginner Fighter & Beginner Intellectual


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