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Priscilla Rosaire Adravendi
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As far as Priscilla’s build goes she is more like her father’s side of her family -- a tall yet stocky figure is filled out with pure muscle, aiding her when it comes to battle in being durable yet, on the downside, not at all fast. She stands at forty inches though her muscle is more on the lean side that helps her keep her curves. Things that definitely stand out about Priscilla’s physique can begin right with her fur; A smattering of spotted marking and striped markings are splashed across her dorsal half. These markings are not all natural in color either, giving the girl some obvious coloration that comes from her mother’s side.

Warm brown and off-white make up the base color of Priscilla’s coat. For the most warm the brown is on the front half of her body and the off-white makes up the back end, though the off-white also slips under her belly and down to her elbows. Her front toes, as well her face as throat, bear this off-white color. This same color also marks her inner ears and makesup the base of the striped and spotted markings upon her shoulder back, and neck. A blend of blue and green makes up the remaining spotting and stripes on the back and neck as well as near her belly and towards the fronts of her thighs.

Priscilla’s eyes are bright and doe-like, though they are also the part of the child that hints at her sire’s blood. Her right eye is a bright orange whereas her left eye is dull sky blue giving her heterochromia. Her skin is also a different shade than usual, being more of a liver brown color.

At a glance Priscilla is probably a more standard Neutral Good character. She is a naive girl, especially when she is young. Being one of the children of Jewell this is probably an unsurprising fact. She looks upon the world with innocence, though not quite the same naivety that her mother once held. Priscilla understands that there are dangers in this world, particularly in strangers, but once she’s told someone is a friend she will blindly believe this fact, leading her to a vulnerable state all the same. But luckily for Priscilla, despite this more trusting nature she does have the body and build to back herself up in a fight if it comes down to it.

Priscilla will strive to do good -- while she doesn’t like to hurt others she will do so if it is necessary for her protection or the protection of her loved ones. She is built like a powerhouse, ready to slam and sit on her opponents rather than chase them all over the place. She is more like a great wall, or shield, rather than a sword. She’d much rather protect her family than be a fighter at the front lines. She doesn’t want to cause pain… but she will do what she must for the sake of her family and pack. In doing what she has been taught is good Priscilla is also merciful, despising the idea of maiming or killing another, especially without just cause.

Overall Priscilla is kind-hearted and compassionate. She smiles, she runs, she plays… she’s a little ball of sunshine who views the positives of the world. She can be a little on the clingy side too, especially with mother. This will become less intense as she ages and she’ll become more adventurous and hard working. She’ll also know the value of manners and being polite, as well as being one to mind what she says. You won’t hear any swears coming out of this girlie’s mouth!



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Priscilla Rosaire Adravendi
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Priscilla Rosaire Adravendi
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Heavy
Skills: Beginner Navigator & Beginner Hunter
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