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While not a totally hulking beast Célestin is visibly more Abraxas than he is Adravendi, he will stand an impressive 41 inches tall and when fully grown he will be quite the tank, his form will be weighted down by all of his bulky muscle which will be clearly visible beneath his short, coarse pelt.

As for his pelt that is where his mixed heritage will shine through, while the base of his coat will be a deep chocolate brown reminiscent of his father most of his markings are clearly directly from his mother. A brilliant spectrum of color: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet and Pink in that order running along along his spine, with the red starting at the crown of his skull and the pink at the tip of his tail. A few flecks of these rainbows sneak down the sides of his body as well, the orange and yellow, on his upper foreleg; blue and green just slightly below where they run along his back and violet and magenta just above the hock of his left back leg. The rest of his markings are more natural in coloration. A light grey cream color feathers the whole length of the underside of his tail, runs up from his nose to between his eyes in a blaze and marks his back left paw. A pure, clean white marks the underside of his eyes, running just past the outsider corner, the rainbow on his back is also marked by six splotches of white along his back. The same white marks his toes and just slightly up his back left paw, flecked up slightly beyond that.

His gaze is eerily familiar to one of his adoptive family, the center of his iris is a orange close to the orange of his father's eye and the outer part of the iris is a brilliant blue like his mother's eyes.

Accessories: A large blue rose, preserved by unknown means so it won't wilt or die, woven into the fur behind his left ear.appearance

The boy is nearly the opposite of who his mother is now. He is more akin to who she was before, he is endlessly friendly and as he grows will be a little charmer. Célestin loves meeting new wolves and he will always approach strangers with the intention of making them his friend. Not that he will have the naivete of his mother, he is clever and grasps that the world won't always be kind but he is what can be called an optimist, believing there is good in all and hoping to bring it out in those he meets. As he grows and matures Célestin will be a bit of a flirt, he doesn't appear to have much of a filter when it comes to expressing his earnest feelings.

The boy while determined to do his best to protect those he cares about is really a pacifist, he prefers not to use his strength against anyone else though will do his best to remain well trained just in case.

Célestin is also wildly competitive in most other ways than fighting, he is determined to be the best he can and especially with his family will often find himself pitting himself against them. That aside he is strongly attached to his family; they are the few wolves he'd willing fight for and while he may not always get along with them will always love them. personality


Born in the Spring of Year 11 on the content of Boreas Célestin was the biproduct of not love like many wolves but an act of hatred, one that left his mother Jewell broken irreperably. Célestin didn't know that however and he was a kind and overly happy child. Born into the pack of Lirim he quickly grew close to his adoptive uncle and alpha of the pack Torin.

A year into his life he'd find his whole world would change, a young man by the name of Pegasus would join Lirim, and while it wasn't love at first sight the pair quickly grew close and Célestin couldn't deny his growing feelings for his friend but after some awkward interactions he learned not to act on those feelings even as they continued to grow with no end in sight. A spat between Cel's brother Blaise and their mother ended up drudging up the truth of the circumstances of their birth. Their mother had been raped, they were the children born of that. Shortly afterwards Célestin's sister Naeva was found den in her own den. Both of these situations drove Célestin down and her leaned heavily on Pegasus for support and his feelings grew even stronger.

Pegasus had his own mission however and in order to fulfil his goals he ended up leaving Lirim, and for a time Célestin felt he had to stay, his mother was getting worse since the death of her daughter and he felt obligated to stay to help her. But eventually he realized he had to live for himself and when Pegasus returned to Lirim a short while later Célestin left with his friend. For a while the pair were inseperable, and Pegasus would eventually raise his own pack, Olympia. Célestin committed himself to Pegasus as a knight to his kingdom and promised to protect him and everything he loved. Things were slow but blissful for a few seasons. Word of Jewell's death reached him and with Pegasus Célestin visited Lirim to say his goodbyes, while there he finally revealed his feelings for Pegasus, feelings that were returned. After some discussion, particularly around the worry Pegasus had for his family's approval of their same sex relationship the two entered into an official relationship.

But the bliss was short lived, not long after returning to Olympia calamity struck Boreas, the local volcano that had been dormant for as long as living memory errupted. The pack was scattered and when Célestin finally found his way back he realized something had happened. Pegasus was gone. In his place Célestin found a woman by the name of Phillomena, she had just given birth, two of her children dying almost immediatly and their little corpses left outside her den. Célestin knew immediatly from looking at them they were Pegasus' children, the heirs he'd felt he needed.

Since then Célestin has been keeping an eye on Philomena and her single surviving daughter Memento Mori, whom he has pretty much adopted as his own, determined to keep his last promise to Pegasus, to protect what was important to him.

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Pegasus Beaufort

By Adoption:

Memento Mori

Full blooded siblings:

Bastyan, Priscilla, Naeva and Blaise Adravendi


Kaine Abraxas x Agria Chimeriad:

Kefka Abraxas and Mephistopheles Abraxas

Extended Family

The Adravendi's by adoption and the Abraxas by blood


Intermediate Intellectual (35)
Novice Fighter (20)

Fight Form

Célestin Brice Adravendi vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Heavy
Skills: Intermediate Intellectual & Novice Fighter
Specialty: N/A
Célestin Brice Adravendi vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Heavy
Skills: Intermediate Intellectual & Novice Fighter
Specialty: N/A


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