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This stunningly handsome male takes after his father rather than his lithe mother. His frame is sturdy, with strong legs and a deep chest capable of both fluid movements and striking blows. His fur is a rich blend of golds and creams with an ebony patch along his scruff and above his shoulders. His back is decorated with russet and tan ticking in gentle sways that follow the curve of his ribs. His tail is a solid black matching the patch on his upper shoulders, a pleasant contrast to the near solid cream hue on his legs.

Pegasus’s face is pleasant with an overall rounded shape and almond shaped eyes. The majority of his face is a gentle light gold but is framed by a deeper shade along his neck that ends in a sharp peak between his ears. His ears are wider than most wolves but remain proportionate to his head, tipped in black. A brief blaze of russet brown cuts over the top of his muzzle reminiscent of his father although the soft fleece-like curls of his fathers coat are absent. He inherited his mother’s sparkling blue eyes

-Height and Weight-

45 in. 150lbs


Saffron and rose

-Voice Reference-

Chris Evans



Pegasus is a gentle soul in spite of his size, he feels emotions very strongly both in himself and in others and does what he can to offer comfort to those who might need it. He has become skilled in sensing the emotions of others, in particular with his siblings.


With an adventurous heart, Pegasus often finds himself in danger. Although he is large enough to look out for himself it isn't uncommon to find him fleeing a disaster he had a hand in causing. He isn't bothered by the thought that the trouble he might cause might make him a burden, mostly because he takes matters into his own hands and prefers to deal with issues head on and by himself.


Unlike his stoic father, Peg has a sense of humour that has been known to get him in trouble. He is better known for being sassy and sarcastic and could be accused of never taking anything seriously. He hides his warring thoughts and inner turmoil with humor making him appear carefree and nonchalant.


One trait the male did inherit from his father is the man's stubbornness. Pegasus is steadfast in his beliefs and his religion. Although he may seem carefree he keeps Ley in his heart at all times. Trying to convince him of anything he disagrees with is an uphill battle and speaking out against the religious doctrine he and his siblings were raised on is tantamount to attacking him personally. personality

Direwolf Pass-


Worship no other gods those that do have forgotten the face of Ley


Other species are unclean do not mingle with them he who mixes with the unclean has forgotten the face of Ley


Honor thy father and thy wife, see no other man as father and no other woman as wife. He who abandons their father and wife has forgotten the face of Ley


Speak only the truth as it is known, he who speaks lies has forgotten the face of Ley


Rise in the morning to meet the sun, he who shirks the responsibility of worship has forgotten the face of Ley


Be as a mortal and be humble, he who places himself on the seat next to Ley has forgotten the face of Ley


Follow the will of Ley as has been made known to you by the anointed to fail the will of Ley is to forget his face.


Defend the weak from the wicked, the slave from their master, the younger from their older. He who favors the strong to the weak has forgotten the face of Ley


Condemn the thief, the adulterer, he who kills without cause, he who lays with the young, he who lays with the unclean and he who refuses to take a wife. To let the sinful walk the earth free of volition is to forget the face of Ley


The responsibility of the wife is the husband's. No child shall take this responsibility from their father. A child who steps in the place of their father has forgotten the face of Ley



Pegasus was born in the distant nation of Theodebes in the country Aytepios and is the legitimate first born son of Yale Beaufort and lady Helena. Lady Helena, although she is the eldest child of Odysseus (The Senatari of Thedobes) she is forbidden by the laws of Aytepios to inherit his role after his passing and the rank will instead be passed to her brother and his sons after him.

Although it is all but impossible that Pegasus or his siblings will inherit the role of Senatari they were still given formal schooling and were taught in the ways of chivalry and etiquette. Because of Yale's upbringing as a Templar Yale's children were also schooled in the church of Ley, an already widely accepted religion in Aytepios, although Pegasus never cared much for the righteous god or piety.

When he turned one year old his father determined that he and his siblings were adults and shared with them the ghastly secret of his time in Boreas and Auster; he had fled the continent after being taken as a slave and tortured by the Abraxas family.

Pegasus, horrified, swore that he would take vengeance for his father and fled his home to seek and destroy the Abraxas family.


parentsYale Beaufort and the Lady Helena
siblingsTriton [Half Brother], Medea, Sphinx, Orthos

Fight Form

Pegasus Beaufort vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Dire wolf
Build: Medium
Companion 1: Cottonmouth, Female - Battle
Skills: Expert Intellectual & Expert Navigator
Specialty: N/A
Pegasus Beaufort vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Dire wolf
Build: Medium
Companion 1: <a href="">Cottonmouth, Female - Battle</a>
Skills: Expert Intellectual & Expert Navigator
Specialty: N/A


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