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Acciona takes after her mother in many ways. Short, and with a slender build, her body is built more for speed and agility rather than brute strength. Though not built for strength, she has trained hard from a young age to build lean muscles that at least give her a good foundation. Running from her muzzle, down her chest, and across her underbelly while the rest of her body is made up of a brighter russet and a rich, chocolaty brown. Her movements are graceful, though she seems to constantly be looking over her shoulder. She tries to make herself smaller, to not draw any attention to herself in the hopes that she’ll survive another day.


Fear has been bred into Acciona, from the horror stories she grew up hearing from her mother, to the nightmare she herself lived when her mother’s demons returned. She is unsure if everything she does, constantly second guessing her own actions and afraid it will lead to her recapture. As someone who has been taught to only speak when spoken to, that any misstep is met with violence, she tends to try and fade into the background as much as possible. She does not like to call attention to herself, as it opens to many doors that could led her to harm.

While she tends to be fearful, she is also amazed by the world around her. She was enslaved at a young age and was unable to experience the world or its many wonders as she grew. Her life was spent primarily locked away in a den, or enduring harsh, rigorous training. Being away from the constant oppression and the looming sense of imminent danger, she is finally able to enjoy the beauty around her. Despite her fear, she can get lost in her own world, fascinated by the things around her and can easily lose track of what is happening around her.



Acciona’s history begins with her mother Lenci. A woman who was kidnapped from her home by a king named Kyros who named her his queen but gave her no more rights than a common slave. She was confined in a den, almost never allowed to leave, and she bore the king two sons. One was named Enno, and he was made Kyros’ heir. The second son was named Mikko, and he was shunned for he was small and weak. At two years old, Arion found a way to help his mother escape, and escape she did. She left both sons behind, and Mikko was left to pay the price for betraying his father.

Lenci then met a man who took her into the pack he belonged to, promising to protect her, and love quickly blossomed between the two. She birthed to him two daughters; Elia with snowy and cream colors and mismatched blue and gold eyes which resembled her father, and Acciona with rich earthy tones and bright green eyes who took more after her mother. The leadership within the pack was incredibly unstable, one leader replacing the last with each change of season it seemed, but the family was happy enough in the beginning. As the girls got a little older, though, their father seemed to disappear. They were nine months old when Kyros came, and as if he sensed the weakness within the pack they were apart of, he challenged the leader. The alpha submitted after only a single blow, and Kyros was once again king.

Acciona, her mother, and her sister were cast down to the rank of slaves, but once more, Lenci found a way to escape, leaving her children behind to fend for themselves. Angered by Lenci’s numerous betrayals against him, Kyros named Acciona his new bride. He put her through brutal training to build her strength and stamina, but taught her nothing of self defense or combat. Instead she was trained in the art of pleasing men, taught of her wifely duties. She was taught to hunt meals to keep her husband's belly full, taught to heal so she could tend to his wounds, but more than anything she was taught to be submissive. They would call her queen, but she was just as much of a prisoner as her mother had been.

Before she could be forced to birth his children, she met with her sister in the dead of night and the two of them escaped together. Elia was quick to run off in search of their parents, but Acciona knew she could not trust them to protect her anymore. She hid out near the territory for days, unsure of where to go, but when her brother Enno was sent to hunt her down and bring her back, she knew she couldn’t stay. She fled, never settling for long in one place, until she reached Boreas.

She was quickly taken into the Ashen Armada by Sirius, who offered her shelter and protection as long as she remained a useful member of the pack. Of course she agreed, and worked diligently to try and prove herself worthy of the aid he had given her. She had been warned to stay close, not to leave without supervision. She never intended to break that promise, and why would she? When her half brother could be lurking around any corner waiting to capture her. Her desperation to prove herself was her downfall though. The normally cautious girl had been tracking prey and had crossed the border without realizing. She’d been too far when she came face to face with Enno and was recaptured.

Luckily for Acciona, she was not immediately returned to Kyros. Enno was on a new mission, with a horribly injured Mikko on his heel. From what she gathered, Kyros had abandoned his pack lands after diseased rouges attacked, and Enno had been trying to find his new location. Before they could be reunited with the cruel king, though, Mikko helped Acciona to escape. They struggled and barely made it due to their injuries, but fate seemed to favor them one more time. A healer named Shiba found them and nursed them back to health. Acciona’s condition was mild, but Mikko had been on the brink of death, and she couldn’t bring herself to leave. She helped to hunt for him and the woman, and assisted in any way she could until he was recovered enough to travel, and once he was, they all returned to Boreas together

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Lenci Romanov x Devadas Sloan
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Acciona Sloan vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Small
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