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Kaizer Adravendifull name
3 Yearsage
Summer of Year 12birthdate
Lawful Evilalignment
36" | Heavy build
Kaizer acts and looks very much like a male as far as she is concerned. Masculine to her core she sports strong muscles and a heavier body type. While she may not be a huge wolf she does seem to sport a sense of dominance in herself. She is confident in her gait and often keeps her head and her tail held up high.

Her base coat is the same gray as her mothers, as well as the tan arch that sits on the bridge of her nose and over her eyes. Her limbs are splashed with white, three of them on her paws and her left front leg the white spreads nearly to the elbow. This same white claims the tip of her tail as well. Lastly is Kaizer's eyes an emerald green color shining in the dark. Often she's seen wearing a smirk or a grin.

"The will of the strong is the will of the world, it's everyone for themselves, but we still try our best for ourselves and for everyone else we love"

Kaizer from an outside perspective seems like a generally optimistic kind of wolf. She tries to see the best in life and survival seems to be what's on her mind most of the time. Survival and making sure she's distracting herself from the cruel world around her. She's very protective of her family, her brother and sisters. Kaizer tries to keep the illusion that she's sure of herself and what she's doing. However she is quiet the selfish wolf. If something doesn't benefit her or her goals she tends to undermind it and ignore it. Coming off as callous and cold in some occasions.

Death is something of common to her, she doesn't mourn nor feel bad for the dead and she doesn't see anything wrong with owning slaves or being cruel to others as long as there is reason for it. Kaizer isn't one to hide her intentions nor her views either and is very open about her opinions. She believes that a pack structure is needed to live a fruitful life and that a life of a loner is one doomed to die. However loner life is temporary, because Kaizer is very peculair on how she interacts with others and how she does things. Especially if it's concerning her siblings of course.

Despite her flaws though Kaizer is fairly kind. She doesn't try to cause uneeded harm and she often cracks jokes about life. This is her coping mechanism she makes light of things and tries to lift the spirits of others. Loyalty means a lot to her and the only way to serously piss her off is to break promises and loyalty present. Overall she is an ever changing wolf still young in her years. One thing is for sure is she takes no nonesense from anyone.

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Kaizer has a very different memory of how her childhood went in the pack of Montra. From the night she was born to the moment they left for Boreas every moment counted. As a pup she was rambunctious and her father saw this as a strength pushing her to train and train hard. She was often the young pup always gaining fighting training alongside her brother. When her father would often undermind them, verbally tell them they were useless, she would turn a blind eye considering it normal just as the blood that they witnessed was.

She did however love her mother undyingly. Often jealous of how her mother would tell Tara the most stories about Boreas a land that Kaizer longed for. When the war arrived to their home Kaizer was ready for it as a young wolf. Despite her age she excelled able to protect and to conquer. So when her mother was kidnapped Kaizer was broken. She had failed the ultimate mission to protect her family. When Mark and Liz returned that night, she blamed herself even more for not being there for her father and mother.

Despite this Kaizer is determined to move on, with her siblings and to the world of Boreas. She has idea's of her own but knows that it is important that they pass the news of Heathers passing to their relatives. After that well... Kaizer doesn't know. But the journey to Boreas has only just begun.

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parentsHeather Adravendi(Mother) x Krystal(Father)
siblingsElizabeth Adravendi(Sister), Mark Adravendi(Brother), Tara Adravendi(Sister)
Extended FamilyAll adravendi


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Fighting: 04/14/2020

Hunting: 04/14/2020

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Kaizer Adravendi vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Large
Build: Heavy
Skills: Beginner Fighter & Beginner Hunter
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