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Adrian Aurelius Imperatoriafull name
He goes by Adrian more than as Adrianusnicknames
2 Yearsage
Winter of Year 12birthdate
Extra largesize
Neutral Evilalignment
herepost log

40IN and 190lb

Adrian is somene to admire. With an embracing 40 inches tall,he is taller than most of wolves but even if not the tallest it is still one to consider around a crowd.His well constructed frame is also something to take no of.He is muscular and athletic,with his limbs .neck,chest and head broad and well formed.This was because of the training and education he got from his father back into the empire. His coat is messy,being colored in a dark brown hue,with lighter portions under hus neck,belly and tail. His paws are broad and he always walks with a sense of pride and confidence.His eyes are in the color of the firs,with a mixture of orange and red.


Adrian is someone others shouldn't play with, playing a game with him is dangerous as the boy doesn't have tolerance for bullshit. He can explode easily upon being seen a fool, rage is something he can contract quickly and those who dare to test him further could find themselves screwed or dead in the worst of cases. But even with this temper of fire, he tries to avoid anger null his judgment and the way he does things. Only if he sees one as his equal or friend will be more lenient with jokes addressed to him.

A boy with an attitude of being more powerful that he really is. He seems himself as a jewel, as a wolf unlike any other. His value is placed over others around him. He keeps his coat clean and groomed, not wanting to have the appearance of a mutt. He sees others as lesser and talking to someone as if they were mere insects isn't rare on him. He believes that the powerful and more capable is destined to prevail among those who can't.

He carries himself with pride, like if he was a king of name and blood. His walk and how he speaks are ways he can make others feel bad or sometimes unworthy of his presence.

His mouth can be quite gross sometimes. Swearing is common , mostly when pissed off. And he won't feel any remorse of who could be hearing his profanities. He would set his speech free whenever he wants with whoever he wishes.

Lastly, he hates sharing his stuff with others. His things are his, and once something is claimed by him, it remains his forever and always. Helping others is likely to be seen the same. Their problem not his. The only way he may will help would be if there would be any reward , any benefit he could use should he give a paw or share something to someone.

Cowards and weak are pests upon his eyes, he sees them as pieces of shit that would never have a chance with him, those he would never see as his equals .He is cunning despite his explosive behavior,he will use his mind to get what he wants.And he will go far if that will help.He doesn't do anything without a careful thinking beforehead.He will manipulate,lie,kill or even cheat to get what he wants. He has no real emphaty for others and only if he sees benefits he will help.personality
height x4 and slot number 8misc


parentsDominic Imperatoria(Sire)

Trinia Imperatoria(Dame)

siblingsFaust Imperatoria(M) , Vanya Imperatoria(F)


Novice Fighter (15)
Beginner Intellectual (5)
FIGHTING: 8/7/20

+15 - Fought a large predator(Alligator)


+5 - Meet someone new

Fight Form

Adrian Aurelius Imperatoria vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Heavy
Defensive Battle Accessory: Oryx skull helmet
Skills: Novice Fighter & Beginner Intellectual
Specialty: N/A
Adrian Aurelius Imperatoria vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Heavy
Defensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Oryx skull helmet</a>
Skills: Novice Fighter & Beginner Intellectual
Specialty: N/A


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