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Caoimhe "Legacy" Ancorafull name
Legacy, Kee-va, Asters, LegsFlowernicknames
3 Yearsage
Summer of Year 15birthdate
Lawful Goodalignment
Leigheas Sóisearachrank
With her pale base and black markings, and her eyes, the small, elegant woman is every bit a legacy of her father and his father and mother before him. Blessed with parents of monochrome coloring on both sides, Legacy is a painting of sparkling white, starting at her front end, and fading into a rich, cool silver over her hind end, beginning with a faint gradient over her scruff and fading back to encompass her hips, the backs of her thighs, and the underside of her tail.

White, and silver mingle, however, with subtle tendrils of snow fading into the silver of her hind end.

Black harnesses her hind legs and lower abdomen, with both hind legs dipped to just over the hocks and running up the fronts of her back legs to join the black on her underbelly. The top of her tail up to a couple hand-widths above its base is draped in the same black, and a bar deviates from the fronts of her hind legs at mid-point to drape over her thighs and connect with her rump at the pelvis. The harnessing echoes the marks of Crusade Ancora.

The same black adorns her toes upon both front paws, but it’s her face that truly harks to her Ancoran heritage of children descended from the joining of Crusade and Cifer.

Her vibrant eyes are wreathed in black, covering her brow-points and sweeping down each cheek in her father’s unmistakable tear markings, passed down by her grandfather Creed Ancora, who inherited his from Cifer. A further stripe flows forward from the inner corners of each eye to arc down her muzzle on each side to the end of her jowl, just above her canines where they hide beneath her lips. The end of her muzzle is dipped in black, like her sire’s reversed blaze, dipping her chin as well and stopping an inch and a half before the point between her eyes.

The black markings make themselves known twice more, with an oval-shaped spot at the center of her forehead, and painting the back of each ear.

Her eyes are an echo of her father and his mother Kavdaya. Based in deep sapphire, they are flecked with vibrant amethyst purple and touches of pink. They shine with intelligence and curiosity, and bear a wide, almond shape.

In build, Legacy is a light, elegant woman, with a slim waist and deep chest meant to cover ground at speed. Her legs are long and slender and she moves with the brisk, smooth grace of a wolf already well-practiced in healer’s work.

Her features are elegant, verging on delicate and almost elfin – or as elfin as a wolf can get – with large eyes and ears, and slim muzzle. She often has a small smile touching her lips, and those vibrant eyes have a twinkle of mischief to them if you look closely enough.

Her tail carries the family fluffiness from Kavdaya’s side, hairs long, though nothing to that of Aurielle or Ardyn, and her neck is wreathed in plush fur, though the majority of her body’s coat is sleek and silky, from her mother’s side.

Her scent is herbal, rich with Rosemary, Peppermint, and Honey. Her voice is husky and sweet, touched with laughter, though she can be utterly severe and cold, given the right situations.

Like her father, her accent is a heavy, richly educated Irish Brogue, but fully intelligible as she tends to enunciate herself well, even when excited. appearance

Legacy, having grown up during the first year of her life with her mother, Eramaya, among the Nomads, is no stranger to travel and healer’s work. While not a prodigy like her father, she is deft and dedicated to her learning, and yearns for her second year and the completion of her early basic training, and to receive her first Nomad’s mark.

She wants to master the healing arts, and become wise enough to teach others. Having not grown up with her father, she also craves a connection with him, for all that her existence was a complete surprise borne of a little too much drink.

Her mother, having been from another Chapter of the Nomads that had joined in on the Valhallan festival of Year 15, was unable to track him down once she realized she was pregnant, as her Chapter had moved on to other continents and lands on their long, winding route through the world.

Only now, a year after her birth, is she finally getting to meet her father, and hopefully make him proud.

At her core, Legacy is confident in herself, and what she wants out of life. In time, she desires to be a mother, with a steady father figure for her children, reflective of her own circumstances. She loves singing and performing the dances of her people, and can be openly affectionate and friendly, even with strangers.

She seeks to teach and build others up, finding those who tear others down to build themselves up to be a disappointment.

More to come. She was kind of a spur of the moment character because daddyo is getting old. Will continue when I feel her out IC more. personality


Legacy Ancora

Her conception was borne of a night of laughter and drink at a festival, feasting and trading and music and dancing, intrigues and bartering. Her father, Paladin Ancora, has no memory of the night’s saucier details beyond passing through a tent flap and into a blackout, but we can assume that what happened was pleasant for both parties involved.

At the end of the festival, one held at mid-spring of the Year 15 by the Valhallan Queen, Aurielle, Eramaya left with her Chapter of Nomads for distant lands, with sweet, fun memories, and a surprise that wouldn’t make herself known until later down the road.

Eramaya found herself pregnant, not an upsetting revelation considering the only possible father, but a bit saddening, as her Chapter would not be due to cross into Ardent until at least a year later.

Despite the lack of her father, Legacy was born into love and care. She was the only child her mother brought into the world by her father, and while her mother has now found her own husband and now borne a second litter of half-siblings, Legacy was only more thrilled by her young siblings.

She was brought up to be intelligent, innovative and shrewd in her work, and to have great compassion for others. It was no small wonder that she was attracted to the healing arts, with her upbringing.

In time, with the great cold clinging to the world, Legacy’s Chapter began the journey back toward Ardent’s soil. As a yearling, she’s old enough to choose her own way, and she has chosen to meet her father, with her mother at her side, and to take the path of joining a pack to become a healer there.

To Be Continued

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parentsPaladin Ancora x Eramaya
siblingsHalf-Siblings: Eramoros, Revamaya, Shinamos, Chrysavaya.
Extended FamilyAncorans and Erani's Adravendi line.

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