Hidaka Toshiakifull name
3 Yearsage
Spring of Year 15birthdate
True Neutralalignment
Kunai was born as the middle child and so he wasn't blessed with either great height or great muscle, but instead quite average. A bit on the leaner side of things, Kunai is better with speed than brute strength but it hadn't stopped or hindered him in his prior trainings and duties. His body is well toned with lean muscle from continued effort to remain fit despite his family exilement.

An interesting sight indeed, Kunai looks like two halves of two wolves put together and made to look like one. His left side covered in a sooty dark grey and his right in a rusty orange, freckles of the opposite color reside on either side dotting his coat all over. The heaviest freckling is seen underneath each equally mismatched eye, his right surrounded by orange with black freckles being sky blue and his left surrounded by dark grey with orange freckles being an apple green. Above his left eye is a small scar, tearing the lid up into his brow. White separates the colors on his face and covers the front of his muzzle and chin, reaching downwards to cover his undersides and the backs of each limb. The white on his face reaches up towards opposite mismatched ears, ending just before them. Like the rest of his body, his tail is split between black and orange with a white underside.
Since his time as a Samurai in training, Kunai hasn't changed much. He is still athletic and prefers to spend his free time training or exercising in some way, though perhaps that is because it was how he was taught to spend his free time. He prefers to stick to a schedule and works well under orders and leadership, though tends to struggle when he isn't given a job or a task he feels is adequate to his skills or when given none at all.

Due to being exiled by his family, he is hesitant towards other wolves of his heritage but that doesn't stop his naturally polite and orderly demeanor. He's chosen to find a new life for himself or make one, though longs for some sort of companionship that understands although is too fearful to speak out about it. He chooses instead to keep his past a secret from others and instead identifies as someone else entirely, considering his name was stripped from him anyway.

Inventory listing
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Battle Accessory - Defensive Battle Accessory - Defensive A defensive battle accessory. Foreleg bracers with a holster. n/a
Battle Accessory - Offensive Battle Accessory - Offensive An offensive battle accessory. Kunai holstered in one of the foreleg bracers. n/a
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