Calliopefull name
Cal, Callienicknames
Autumn of Year 19birthdate
Dire wolfsize
Chaotic Evilalignment
Raiders Hollowpack

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Calliope's base coat starts at the points with a beautiful indigo that shifts into purple, orange, and magenta over the rest of her body. On top of the gentle shifting of her vibrant colors are large splotches of white that appear on the tips of her ears, over most of her face and cheeks, chest, hips, and parts of her legs. Laying over the top of all of that are black bird catcher freckles that will appear more clustered as she grows older and matures.

She will stand tall at a full 44" with sleek legs, a thin body with supple curves, and an always well-groomed and shining coat. Not only will her appearance and shape catch your attention, but so will her piercing blue eyes.

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Calliope is all things nasty. Taking no positive traits from her parents, she will be acidic and testy from birth. A true antagonistic character who has no want to follow the rules. It will be rare if the girl ever smiles or laughs. Rather, she will have a permanent resting bitch face that radiates hatred. Practically stuck in a scowl, Cal will not know what compliments are or how to give them.

Blood will excite her. Feelings and commitment will terrify her. Preferring one-night stands to relationships, she will wander and waver from place to place. Even her parent's own pack will not feel like home to her. Nowhere will. Unless she can find someone just as toxic as she is, she will be forever alone. Will most likely lead a life of violence, habitual lying, and causing absolute mayhem.

Basically, interacting with her will be unpredictable and dangerous.


Inventory listing
Icon Name Description Details Quantity
Height (In Inches) Height (In Inches) Allows an extra inch of height over 36", max of 42" allowed via purchase. n/a 2
Open Character Pass Open Character Pass Allows creation of a character free of charge, including all markings and colorations (height not included). n/a n/a
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