Ardent Wolf RPG - Fenmyre


There are two sides to life. One must know darkness before they can appreciate the light.

Secretive. Forgotten. Secluded. A place of dark desires and actions. A place where one might beg entry to slake their lust, whether it be for blood or flesh. Ruled by a King whose throne is a pile of writhing bodies.


This is a place where those who may be ashamed of their dark desires, or perhaps those that don't have a proper outlet, may come and give in to those desires without repercussion.

Disclaimer: Fenmyre is a very adult-themed pack.

Those with delicate sensibilities should steer clear.

General Rules

— Obey the King and Queens in all things.

— Only the King may accept new members, but Queens may welcome outsiders into the territory.

— Don't bring war to our door.

— If you release your bloodlust outside of pack lands, you pay the price; not the pack.

— Slavery is very much allowed- but with a twist.

— If you can't control your slaves, they will be absorbed by the King.

— No children without express permission from the King. Those not receiving permission before conception run the risk off being expelled from the pack.

— Slaves do NOT procreate.

— All will contribute. All will hone their skills. (Each wolf is expected to steadily work on their skills and participate in each seasons activity check. Those that do not pass the check will be removed from the pack.)

Land Details

Once upon a time, The Forgotten Island was a ritzy tourist destination. Each structure was made of native wood and was build to last. The island is surrounded by a plethora of docks stretching out into the sea. Some of those docks still have ships, boats and yachts either floating or half submerged. The beaches are littered with still more vessels, battered by the elements or slowly being eaten by sand. The various structures of the island have gradually been reclaimed by the earth, though the larger buildings still remain mostly intact. The southeastern corner of the island holds a tall, multi-floored tower surrounded by dense jungle.

Many freshwater streams flow through the island, so water can be found in abundance. There are also several small but enjoyable waterfalls scattered throughout. Prey-wise, there are plenty of pigs on the island as well as some wild cattle. After painstaking relocation, a healthy population of island deer will eventually grow. The space is rarely quiet. With so many birds and night creatures taking residence in the tropical space, it tends to get rather loud sometimes.

On the northern edge of the island is a long structure that's mostly intact. The stone and wood rooms look as though they may have once housed livestock. These rooms have been reinforced with steel bars. These days, this is where the King keeps the slaves that others will come to utilize or purchase.

Klein Compound Layout

At the very heart of the island rests a wooden structure that was once a vast resort. Rustic elegance had been their aim. There is no glass in any of the windows, instead there are old, wooden shutters that have been repaired and restored. The structure is square in shape, with four wings in its entirety. In the center of this space is an atrium that was once very grand. The atrium is now overgrown with vines and other plants that will eventually be beaten back. At the center of the atrium is a gargantuan ficus tree; its huge, gnarled roots coil over the ground like massive, frozen snakes. The ground of the atrium is covered in a thick blanket of leaf litter, making the floor very soft and spongy.

The King of Fenmyre claims the largest room in the North Wing as his own. The space is heaped high with furs, cushions and all manner of comforts.

The East Wing is claimed by Siren and Dalila, two Queens of Fenmyre. Attached to this wing is a sprawling garden complete with an operational greenhouse.

The West Wing is claimed by the third Queen of Fenmyre, Aliana. This wing houses both flower and herb gardens as well as beehives.

The South Wing is used for storage and playrooms for the children. Once they hit one year old, the pups receive their own rooms in this wing.

White sand beach surrounds the thick, concealing jungle. As one heads away from the mainland and out to sea, there are a few tiny islands that are little more than sandbars. Upon the back beach is a massive fire pit that is often utilized. There is also a wide, wooden gazebo with hollow benches used for holding cushions and furs. All of these are free for the wolves of Fenmyre to use as they wish.

Aspen Dam Den

Situated beside the river is an old, abandoned beaver dam. The dam has been refurbished and turned into a lavish den with wooden slat flooring to keep one off of the dirt. This den is available to any wolf of Fenmyre that needs a break from the confines of the island.




KingRuling Fang and Iron Claw. The final word in all things.

QueensThe Ladies of the Isle. Second in command.

HeirThe Heir of Fenmyre.

CouncilWolves of import that hold a close bond with the king. A rank of honor and high responsibility.

HuntersThose that specialize in hunting as their primary skill.

WarriorsThose that specialize in fighting as their primary skill.

NavigatorsThose that specialize in navigation as their primary skill.

HealersThose that specialize in Healing as their primary skill.

IntellectualsThose that specialize in crafting and building as their primary skill.

YounglingsWolves between birth and one year of age.

ServantsSlaves. Servants. Those under the rule of another.