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She hated Winter. Not only did it bring on her heat, but it was often way too cold. And this Winter seemed determined to chill her to the bone this year. With Incendio gone and the exotic woman having left the pack life a while back, she had gotten used to fending for herself again rather quickly. After all, she had been forced to do it since she was a kid...she supposed old habits died hard, but this was one particular habit that she didn't want to kill. She moved across the ground at a steady pace, or as fast as the snowdrifts would allow. The wind picked up and swept across the valley, picking up the snow and throwing it around. Glancing up at the sky, she realized it had gotten a lot darker than she thought, though since she had been traveling since morning and it was now near evening, she should have kept better track of time. She didn't want to get caught up in a storm or a blizzard, but with the skies looking so dark and foreboding lately...she doubted she'd find shelter in time. As she picked up her pace, she started to feel the first drops of cold rain and she sighed with exasperation and annoyance as she tried to hurry on.

She hadn't been in these parts for a long time, and she was finding it a little difficult to trek through the snow, let alone find shelter on the flat, open valley. Her ears pressed back against her skull as the weather quickly gave way to both rain and sleet. "That's just great!" She muttered. She tried to hurry her way through the driving elements, but she didn't really have much of anywhere to go. There was scarcely any shelter, and with the rain starting to drive down on her, it was getting harder to see. She hated when her fur was wet, and with this weather, she was getting soaked pretty quickly. She narrowed her eyes against the elements as the wind tugged at her fur which only made it more difficult for her to travel. This winter was a difficult one, and she wasn't sure that she'd be able to survive the remainder of it on her own. While yes, she had been used to fending for herself before Tyranis and the had been a couple of years since she had to do that again.

She'd been sitting comfortably within the safety of a pack, but she didn't have that luxury anymore. She cursed herself under her breath. She shouldn't have let herself get so comfortable. What a fool she was to have let herself grow complacent.

She tried to push the thoughts from her mind for now though. She'd let herself get angry about it later. For now, she needed to focus on getting herself out of the elements and it seemed a small break in the storm would allow that chance. The rain slowed for a few moments but it was just enough for her to see she wasn't too far from a rock overhang. Good, she could use that for shelter at least. Changing her course a bit, she moved through the snow in short bounds in an effort to get there just a little faster, and when she did, it was a welcome respite from the driving rain.

She shook the water from her pelt and sat huddled as far back against the stone and ground as she could, though she was freezing. There wasn't much she could do at the moment though. She'd have to wait until morning when hopefully, the rain would stop. For now, she peered out across the valley and listened to nothing but her thoughts and the rain against the ground. The clouds were thick and heavy, and she knew it was late evening. She had hoped to maybe find some food, but with the storm coming on, obviously, she wouldn't get that chance. As her gaze wandered to the ground, she thought it lucky she hadn't twisted her ankles in a gopher hole hidden in the snow or something, though she supposed she was always lucky, wasn't she? Maybe not so much when it came to finding someone to stay and love her, but she figured maybe she ought to just give up in that endeavor. She had her kids, and that was enough for now.

Taking a deep breath as she shivered in her temporary, shallow den, she curled in on herself while keeping one ear on the world outside. She didn't think anyone would be coming around at this time, but she could never be too cautious. "I. Hate. Winter. Whatever powers thought this sort of thing was a good idea must've been drunk!" She exclaimed before turning to mumbles and grumbles of displeasure.

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