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10-20-2022, 04:34 PM

After venturing through the east of Boreas the male concluded it was rather too congested. There was so much claimed territory it was hard to maintain a good amount of distance from borders so he decided to head south. Incubus didn't have much of an agenda other then to avoid any sort of pack mumbo jumbo for the time being. He had been a rogue for such a long time now he really learned the enticing nature of freedom. No forced conversations, obligations, or suffocating rules. The opportunities loner life offered him were truly delicious. But, there was something deep within the Klein that didn't want to settle. To settle for nothing but one night stands and fleeting conversation. At the age of three with nothing truly meaningful to his name Incubus knew he needed to strive for more.

Large paws carried the male through the sweeping pathways of the Hot Springs. Humidity swept upwards from the sweet water to lick at his inky pelt. The air was heavy and hot but not unwelcomed. The male decided he was far enough from the eastern kingdoms to allow himself a short break. His shadowy form slowly laid rest aside one of the pools. Inc allowed one of his front paws to delved into the hot water idly as his mismatch gaze took in the picturesque landscape. The silence brought back thoughts of his growing ambitions. As he had to decide if he wished to present himself to his family or not. Incubus did have a wish to find his mother, if she was still around, and maybe Siren. But, he also did not desire the lashings of their disappointed tongues and anger sneers. He knew the longer he waited the worse off it would be but that didn't drive him to begin the search. Perhaps he would just wander and see what opportunities fell into his grasp. A few spars and exchanging of words could be present him the spark he needs.

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