A failed hunt



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12-03-2020, 03:03 AM

She’d been trying to concentrate on her fighting training that she had neglected to pay attention to her hunting skills. The plains on pack territory actually seemed to be a perfect place teeming with life. Though fall obviously had its own drawbacks. Kaizer was used to hunting rabbits and smaller animals due to the harsh deserts of her homeland. She didn’t think she would ever get used to the life that was teeming here. Boreas was a wonderland compared to her childhood. The guard hunkered down as she took in a deep breath trying to drag in any scents she could. Never had she tracked down nor hunted a large prey item but she was convinced today would be that day. Kaizer could smell it, an elk. She had seen them a few times across the territory. They normally lived in herds and this was no different. They were probably migrating, during the fall most other prey was scarce and the pack was just lucky to see passing herds.

Judging from the scent, the herd was at least in the distance. The wind was what dragged the scent over to her. The plains provided enough cover, her paws dragging her forward Kaizer stayed close to the ground remembering her training as a pup and applying herself to the task at hand. Once the herd came into view she stopped, the key to this would be to pick out a slow or injured Elk. Despite the odds being stacked against her she fully believed that this would be a successful event. Her paws scraped against the moist ground excitement bubbling up inside of her. Each Elk ate the grass underneath them from the plains. Only one held antlers from what she assumed was a male. Hanging back from the herd seemed to be a more elderly animal. That was her target.

Kaizer made sure the wind was still blowing against her face. That way her scent would not be carried to the herd. The gray wolf blended in at least a little, except Elk like this or any prey animal for that manner had exceptional eyesight to look out for predators. Her tail kept level, making sure to keep her balance while she moved forward just inch by inch. How was she going to take this animal down on her own? She needed to cut it off from the herd and then be able to get close enough to deal a final blow. It seemed more difficult than she had originally anticipated in her head. Perhaps she should have asked one of her fellow pack mates to help, but she wanted to do this on her own.

She felt as if she was a few feet away, having her eye on her target she lifted her lips. Not a noise escaped her throat even with how badly she simply wanted to growl at her prey. In a few moments then she took off, her back legs pushing her aggressively forward. The Elks became alert immidiately. Throwing Kaizer off when they turned around and began running her way. She was forced to move out of the way, while keeping an eye on the old elk that was her target. The animal sat to her right, running just behind the rest of the herd as they sped past her. Kaizer growled now, trying to pick up speed to cut the old Elk off.

If she had another wolf with her, this would’ve been easier but the old Elk simply dodged right and began to run past her. The wolf’s frustration grew, making anger bubble up in her chest. Shooting forward Kaizer made an attempt again cutting the Elf from the group. The creature reared up on its legs, turning to run in a different direction. Good, if she could keep it on this path for just a little bit longer than she would definitely have a chance at taking the animal down.

Hope burst through her body, pressing on she made the leap forward to catch her teeth on the leg of the Elk. The animal screeched out in pain nearly kicking her in the face. She held on for a few minutes more until a hoove came close to her muzzle.  Kaizer had no choice but to let go before she ended up with an injury. She barked in frustration. Her endurance was running out watching as the Elk turned suddenly and ran off in the direction of the herd. The hunter stopped in her track lifting a lip trying to catch her breath from the run. The prey had gotten away, that was her fault for underestimating Elk’s. Next time she would make sure to employ her fellow pack mates in order for a successful hunt. Hopefully, none of her packmates had been watching her through this ordeal. Sitting down she rested trying to accept the failure that had come over her.

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