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Dire wolf
01-02-2021, 09:56 PM
Ardyn Cadeyrn Aodhán Phoenix Adravendi

The chill seemed to invade even through the heavy polar bear skin blocking the entrance of the cave. He tucked himself more tightly to his smaller siblings and his parents with a shudder. He hadn’t realized winter was supposed to be cold like this. Sure, both his parents had said it was a cold month, but still.

Eventually he extricated himself from the pile, using his mother’s light to step over limbs and paws and tails before ducking through the second Polar Bear skin that hung over their alcove entrance. Occasionally he shook out his coat to light his way, until he was slipping past the bear skin and out into the pre-dawn darkness.

The air smelled… icy. And, as he snagged a quick drink from the spring pool, he had to stomp through the ice at the edge to reach the water. It was only when he made it down the ravine that he really saw it. White. It was everywhere! And it was cold.

Ardyn stared wide-eyed at the snow, then a vibration trembled from head to toe. The energy exploded in a yap that didn’t match the over-sized pup’s height as he broke loose, tearing through the woods and leaping at snow flakes with snaps of his teeth.

The real fun started when he realized he could pack the stuff into balls with his hand-like front paws.

Walk ---- "Speak" ---- "Labhair an Sean-Teanga." ---- "Hear" ---- Think

Ardyn's family (Red, Aurielle, Siblings, Valhalla) are allowed to crash threads, regardless of private tags.

Ardyn at first glance is as black as can be imagined with a raven sheen.

Closer inspection proves that he shimmers in fire tones in every hair on his hide right down to his lashes.

More obviously, he glows like a bed of coals and flames with every movement and brush of fur. His tail is usually wagging, so blazes like a torch.

His adult teeth are in and his saber canines have grown past his chin by now. His mane and tail hair have grown to a noticeable length, with still more length to grow to, as well as being lightweight and easily buffeted by breezes.

A look at his front paws will give the impression of hands, with his dew claw dropped low and lengthened into a functioning thumb, and his toes elongated into fingers. He has retractable, solid black cat-like claws on every paw.