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Elysium Festival Feast!



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Duchess had traveled happily alongside Noir to the Elysium festival. Originally she would have come just for the sake of Ricin but she had grown to like the company of the Alphaess and her mate as well. They didn't send her off disappointed at least. Life had been just a little different since making herself Noir's, and even if she was still hurting down deep inside she could put on a smile and seem at least joyed by her presence beside him. It became easier once they were in amongst the other wolves of the festival. She liked to be more public about it even if she knew almost none of the wolves here.

Her paws were careful beside him to keep him just there at her side but she did take the lead into the crowds that had gathered. She stayed more off to the side though, rather than heading off right into the center of attention. She would not be expecting to see Indigo here, and he stuck out like a sore thumb to her. With her eyes meeting his form, they stuck for only a few seconds before she quickly turned into Noir, her paw moving to reach around his own and just be very obvious who she was with whether Indigo noticed her or not. She wouldn't move to jump on Noir though, but the thoughts were there. Suddenly it wasn't the crowds she wanted the attention of, it was Indigo even while she was now avoiding looking at him. Her soft and heated eyes looked up at Noir without saying anything. She'd wait for any announcements before moving in for the feast. Right now all of her attention was on him.

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