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05-28-2022, 08:12 PM
Tell a friend!
Wow, that never gets old. Anyway, there are a ton of new folks since 2019 so I wanted to introduce myself properly. My name is Lackadaisy or Daisy, and I am a returning member of Ardent. I used to RP many, many characters. Some I don't have their designs anymore, selling them off, even. The point is; that I'm back and raring to go. Discord works best to contact me. I am also on the Ardent Server. I consider myself neutral and friendly, like Canada. Heck, I am Canadian. Toronto born and raised. I am 31 years old going on 32 this June. Yes, I am an old lady. Yes, I will shake my cane at you. I also play video games (Genshin Impact, Rune Factory, Pokemon, many many farm sims and RPGs) in my spare time.

RP Policy;
Due to personal triggers, please keep incest plots/ships and non-consent plots/ships AWAY from me. Please be kind, and keep the characters heavily into this far away. That includes joining my AW threads. Just be courteous of my triggers and I will be courteous to you! I have no other triggers but I just ask you are upfront. I have had many, many RP partners turn wishy-washy. They do not tell me what's going on. I have to find out through the grapevine. I've had people come to me telling me of my partners' intentions. Please do not do this; it's rude and underhanded. I won't trust you again.

Ships are great and I love ships. I come from animanga (anime/manga face claim sites) where people usually 'claim' your character for their own. While this is amusing, I do like organic plots. If you do happen to have an interest in a meet-and-greet date-like/flirt thread, DM me. As long as the character isn't involved with someone else (mates, boy/girlfriend etc) I have no qualms about this. I prefer it, considering my RP history. If you want to ship with me, tell me. I tend to favor active, friendly and quality writers. I give much more WC to a post when I am shipping.

Anything else?
Sorry for the ramble, but I thought to just be upfront about intentions and triggers before hand. I currently have one character going on many more. Hit me up, and I reply within a week (if not an hour or two). If I take longer, something is wrong Out of Character. It isn't you unless I tell you. I am so happy to be back, and I look forward to RPing with you all!

Lots of love, Daisy.