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09-19-2022, 08:59 PM

The woman had spent a good bit of time traveling across Boreas and Auster and now, before she made the rest of her trek home to the North, the woman wanted to make one last stop in the battlefield for another go round. Fighting was in her blood, even if she had started to show that she was carrying, and so long as she was mindful of her belly during any potential spars, she would be fine. Wolves tended to be mindful of these types of things, however, so Bellamy wasn’t too worried about something happening. Spars weren’t normally meant to draw blood, or at least not much, anyway. The woman smiled a little to herself, knowing that she had both Ears and Whiskers to back her up as well.

The two companions had been with Bellamy her whole life and, perhaps, she might one day pass them down to one of her children. It wasn’t unheard of for a wolf to do just that with their children, allowing them to inherit companions, armor, weapons, and even kingdoms. Bellamy drew in a breath. It would be interesting to see which child would be able to carry a pack on their shoulders… and she wasn’t ruling Saga out of being a pack leader either. The cub was her daughter just the same as the pups she carried in her belly and would be given a fair chance.

The femme drew in a breath as she walked over the dry earth of the battlefield, her mind set on the battle that she was going to fight. Who would it be against though? Would it be against an opponent type she was used to fighting, or would the creature be one that was new? Would they bear a weapon she was unfamiliar with, and give her a challenge when fighting them? Or would they be a sparring partner she was easily able to conquer? That was the beauty of a spar - you could meet wolves from all walks and strengths, those stronger and weaker than you, and they could challenge who you were, and what you were capable of.

Once Bellamy arrived at a spot she felt comfortable with the woman came to a stop. She glanced at Ears and Whiskers, taking note that, as usual, the Tasmanian devil was ready to get down to business. She moved her head back, calling to those who would listen and inviting them to answer her challenge for a spar. Last time a yearling had shown… but who would come this time? Would it be someone older? Just as young? Time would tell.


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