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10-30-2022, 04:43 AM

Watching her children grow gave Zee such fondness and joy and as each tiny body shuffled out of their round potato phase and into something unique, her pride swelled. Some of her children were born to be warriors - like their father and many of their aunts and uncles, too - while others leaned toward the craft of healing. Few so far out of her whopping sixteen kids had developed the interest and the talent for exploration like she had, and when the beginnings of that interest started to bloom... well, Zee jumped on it.

She plucked Charlie out of his group of siblings early in the day, requesting his presence on a secret adventure just the two of them. Her plan was to take him to the neighbouring mist-shrouded isle, a place she had always been fond of and that to even find made one feel a grand explorer. Seeing something through a puppies eyes for a parent might as well be seeing it again for the first time themself, and Zee was eager to watch the boy's eyes light up as the path in the mist opened and the two walked the long strip of bridge.

As the two neared, she reminded him of the rules. "You have to stay close while you're on the bridge, ahead of me and not behind, so I can see you clearly. And once we are on the island too, because the fog can hang low in places and I don't want to lose you in there." Up ahead the strip of sands that led to the island were slowly rising out from the mists, Zee's timing perfect to ensure they arrived in time to watch the the strange island's revealing. "You see that? That's where we're headed."


Sirius as her husband may crash any of Zee's threads.

Zee has a rough scaled bush viper companion as well as a toucan, who unless otherwise stated can assume to not be present.
During combat, Zee wears a wrapping of thorns around her kudu horns.



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11-05-2022, 02:25 AM

His mother had grabbed him earlier in the day for an adventure and, eager to both see the world and spend time with her, Charlie had jumped on the opportunity. He kept close to his mother as they traveled out of the Armada’s lands, even if his blue eyes were sweeping across everything in the wide, open world around them. He was happy, ears twitching as he glanced back to his mother. He didn’t say anything yet, but there was warmth radiating from him as he looked upon the woman. Sometimes words weren’t needed, just being together was enough. For Charlie that was a truth - he was happy so long as he was in the company of his family.

They had finally made it to a stretch of land and before them, the island loomed. Though Charlton could not see the far bits of the island it was a bowl-like shape and, rising from the very center, was a mountain of sorts. It was huge, stretching even further into the sky than the caves of the Col, or at least Charlie assumed it did. The whole place seemed huge, bigger than the strip of sand that was on the way that would lead them there. His mother spoke, warning of the fog that could swallow him up if he wasn’t careful and separate the two of them.

“I’ll be careful, Mom.” Charlie promised. “I don’t want to lose you either.” He smiled back at her, a youthful innocence in his gaze. “So far this place looks really neat! And big!” He turned his gaze back to the island. “Are there wolves living in that mountain too? What is this place called?” He asked, watching as more of the mists moved and parted ways, revealing more and more of the island to him.

"Speech," 'Thought.'

Charlton has two companions - a great gray shrike and a fisher. Unless otherwise mentioned IC, assume that they are close by.