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01-21-2023, 01:21 AM

Morticia had made some friends, one of which had been slithering near the tar pits when she started to collect bits of bone. She was a snake, Skua was her name, and now that she was friends with the young pup she rode around on the girl by weaving around her neck. Morticia didn’t seem to mind, excited for the company. And then, as if by an even bigger stroke of luck, the girl had made friends with one of the birds near the den. He wasn’t with her right now, but Dagg was pretty cool! Morticia liked him a lot. He was pretty. But today she wandered into the tar pits in search of bits of bone. She had seen the bones her mama had worn, and she wanted to make something she could wear with bones too!

The rainbow-marked girl was cautious as she moved into the neighboring lands, the smell of the tar making her nose wrinkle a little. She was getting more and more used to the smell. She just wanted to find some bones, then she’d be back with the lady that her mama had watch them sometimes. Her name was Widow, her mama had said, one of the ones from the previous pack Habari. That was about all Morticia knew about the lady, but that was okay. She didn’t need to know everything about everyone, did she? If she did, then what would they have to talk about?

Poking around near the tar, she found the skeletal remains of some beast that had slipped in near the edge and starved. It’s neck bones and skull seemed to be mostly intact, and the girl set to trying to pull them away from the tar. The bits that were covered would be harder to clear, but she could definitely use the other ones. Her bi-colored gaze shown with glee. At this rate she’d be back before Widow even noticed she was gone, right? Right! Her tail wagged behind her as she worked, and Skua observed with her beady gaze, curious as to what the pup might make.


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